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You may have noticed that Instagram pictures in your Twitter stream look worse than usual lately, with portions of the images cropped out or improperly scaled. This isn't a new hipster filter -- it seems that Instagram has decided not to follow the rules and they have stopped using the "Twitter cards" integration. Twitter cards is the name for the fancy way Twitter has been rendering multimedia since their visual refresh, and when services (like Instagram) don't use it, things get a little ugly. Or uglier in this case.

Officially a part of Facebook, a few weeks back Instagram updated their web presence with a clear eye on keeping people engaged on their own site. Millions and millions use Instagram to share pictures, so it's a natural progression. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom stated at the LeWeb conference in Paris, 

We want to direct users to where the content lives originally. Where do you go to interact with [an Instagram] image? We want that to be because that’s a better user experience.

The timing isn't all bad for Twitter either, who has been rumored to be building their own set of photo enhancements and filters. This would negate the need for any third party program to make pictures look horrible, as all the tools would be a part of Twitter. I can see this being a feature that only the "official" Twitter app can use, further locking folks into the official offering.

I've no idea how this will play out, but it's interesting to sit back and watch the drama unfold from an outsider position. I'll keep sharing my pictures on Google+ and watch these two slug it out.

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Warning -- video NSFW. 


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The Instagram - Twitter love affair looks like it's on the rocks


I'm not the biggest supporter of Instagram as a person I was following had just horrible photos no matter the rendering. I don't care if it goes or stays on Twitter. I just hope images from whatever source they come from can be seen WITHOUT extra clicks and taps and himmms and haaaaaaws. Some Instagram users photos do not show up at all and now I know why. Or at least I think so. Some of it seems to be how it is placed in the tweet too. Clueless.

'This would negate the need for any third party program to make pictures look horrible, as all the tools would be a part of Twitter


That's funny Jerry!

4.2 introduced a number of basic filters which was kind of nice. I always just tweeted images right from my phone, never got into Instragram personally.

I don't suppose you could make that an HTML5 video, could you? After all, Chrome for Android does not support this plugin.

Aww baby no like Instagram photos on Twitter? Maybe baby should go to friggen Instagram for that instead then...don't even get me started on tweets showing up in my bloody news feed. Bah Humbug!

Personally, I've never understood the whole Instagram fad. Manufacturers keep trying to get cell phone cameras to produce better quality images, and people just keep applying filters to make their photos look like crap.

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