By now you should all know exactly why you want Instagram on Android so bad, and you are all probably dying to know when it will come. Well the folks at Instagram have opened up a sign up page for Android users to be notified about the progress and when it is available. While we aren't sure whether this is just to be made aware of when it is released, or to be part of the beta, but either way you won't want to miss out. The process is simple, click on the link below and then enter your email address. Just like that you will be registered to be notified of whatever Instagram has in the works for us. Here's to hoping for a release soon!

Sign up for Instagram for Android Information
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Instagram for Android: Sign up now to find out when you can get it



U mad, br0?

It's just an app...there are others out there that do the same thing, only better. Relax...have a beer or whatever calms you down. It's not the end of the world.

Agreed, but I'm not going to get all all-capsy about it. It took them this long to come to Android. I'm trying to convince as many people as I can to ignore this app. They didn't take Android serious and in return they should pay. Who needs another "social" app? Not me. Who needs more hipster filters? Not me. Who wants to look at a bunch of crappy cellphone pics? Not me.

I too hope this hipster app will fail.

You may not be getting "all-capsy" about it, but you're being just as childish. They didn't take android seriously, so now they must pay? I don't understand this mentality at all.

Also, I laugh when I try to picture someone actively telling the people they know not to download a free app. What do people that you try to convince say back to you? Do they give you a bro fist pump and say "Yeah! Fuck those people that ignored Android for so long!"

Grow up.

Apparently it doesn't like gmail. I just keep getting this error message over and over "It seems that something went wrong!
Did you enter a correct e-mail address?". I tried it with both of my gmail accounts and still get the same message. Go figure.

So, an app designed specifically to get around iOS' lack of quick photo sharing is coming to Android...even though Android has quick photo sharing...and we're supposed to be excited about it? Seriously?

I mean, I read the other article, but I feel like the use case on Android is limited to people who care a lot about looking at sepia-toned portraits of acquaintances' household pets.

It blows my mind that people still don't get it with Instagram. There is no social network on Android built solely around sharing pictures.

That is the draw to Instagram, not about cheesy photos filters or giving iOS shit about lack of functionality.

You guys are as bad as the iSheep.

EXACTLY. You can tell who here has actually used the app and who hasn't. No currently available app for Android or iOS (other than Instagram itself) has the humongous photo-sharing community that Instagram has.

Personally, I don't care about yet another social network. I'm not in the minority either. I don't care to see other people's "cool" pictures. I've given up on trying to convert my friends (the people I actually care about) to join another social network. It didn't work with Path, Diaspora or Google+. It ain't going to happen with this hipster app.

Who in the world needs a social network JUST for pics?? Photovine was different. There was actually a point behind it. This is just random pics with filters. And let's be real here. It was a fix for the lack of an easy way to share pics....not a social network itself.

I actually don't know what the big deal is about it, but I've heard a lot of talk about it, so I'd at least like to check it out.

For me, the big deal is this company ignored Android for too long. When I first heard about it I was very interested as were a lot of people. Well it's been too long as far as I'm concerned this app doesn't offer me anything at all, NOTHING. Some filters and another network to update? No thanks, I've got 15 other filter, photo editing and photo sharing apps to choose from. Who really needs another social network? I'm not trying to promote myself so I'll pass.

I haven't been excited or not, just been hearing a lot of people talk about it, so I'll check it out and see what I think. I already have camera's with filters and stuff on my phone though, and I use Facebook, so I can always just post those pic to FB if I really feel the need to promote myself. I can only recall one of my FB friends mentioning using Instagram, so I doubt I'll be using it much, but as I mentioned in another comment, I can't say until I try.

I refuse to be swayed into having interest into any of these types of apps just because they are so popular. no thx- and the people who are interested in it just because of the hype are iHole type losers
just my opinion and no offense to any particular person-

So don't be swayed then. Just because you tried something that a lot of other people like doesn't make you ihole. Continuing to use something that is inferior just because everyone else is using it makes someone an ihole. Instagram might be fun and cool, or it might not, but don't let your disdain for the masses using it keep you from trying it.

Now me, I've never used it, never even seen it in action, so I have no idea if I'll like it or not, can't say for sure until I've had the chance to use it. I just know that a lot of people are talking about it, so I want to try it and decide for myself.

@garfnodie I gather the reason it is so popular with the iphone crowd was because it allowed easy sharing on some social network, not FB, not G+ but one that was exclusive to iphone users. It seems a little redundant on Android, for a very long time we've been able to share with pretty much all the social networks easily. I don't see the need to join another network.

I'm getting tired of this ios only crap. I'm not a dev or a programmer, don't have the patience for it, but if I ever did develop an app, I'm going to try and get it on an many devices as I can at the same time. Hop on XDA and get some dev's there in on the project. There are tons of people there on all the major platforms that would probably help.

For the longest time, Android hasn't been able to share pics on the Instagram social network. Soon it will be able to. How is that a bad thing? So bad that you feel the need to crusade against it?

am i the only one who has an 8mp on a gs2 that doesnt give a f@#$k about pix? i must not be living on the "web" like everyone else

A social app just for sharing pictures? Tell me how in hell that's better than more popular social apps where you can share BOTH pictures and other content.

Thanks but no, thanks.

What is the big deal against social networks. Use them or not but surely don't bash people who do. To each is own. Get over it people and move on. Life changes daily and so will the world's interest. Try or don't! Goodness it's not that serious.

If you like it get it if ya don't pass .... it's not the end of the world iPhone and android people act like Republicans and Democrats ......why so much hate at the end of the day they are just phones ........Jesussssssss people! !!!!

If you like it get it if ya don't pass .... it's not the end of the world iPhone and android people act like Republicans and Democrats ......why so much hate at the end of the day they are just phones ........Jesussssssss people! !!!!

Although there are other photo filter programs in the play store none have an active network like instagram from a social networking purposes. I currently use lightbox and I'm impressed with the app overall, but there isn't nearly as many people using it. I'm excited for the release although the wait has made it lose some luster.

I can't get excited for yet another pic filter app.

I don't care that it has the social network tie in as I'm assuming most people that share their zomg! pics on that network are getting it onto another network as well. I typically scroll right past the filtered pic updates no matter which network they're on anyways so this is an easy skip for me.

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