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Upload, clip and selectively crop videos originally taken outside of Instagram.

Instagram has announced today that it is pushing out the first major update to its app since the release of Instagram Video back in June, putting the app to version 4.1 and adding new features and device compatibility. First up is a new feature that lets you upload any video from your device, rather than just limiting video to what you capture from within the app. When selecting a video from your gallery you can select just the part you want to share, as well as selectively square-crop the best area of the clip.

Additionally, Instagram is expanding video capabilities down to devices running Ice Cream Sandwich, which opens up the service's latest feature to millions more devices. One new feature, "Automatic Straightening", is hitting with this update on iOS but at this point hasn't been announced for the Android app.

The app update doesn't seem to be live in the Play Store just yet, but it slated to be available today. You can grab the latest version when it propagates in the store at the link above, and in the meantime see screenshots of the new video UI at the source link below.

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Instagram adds video uploads from gallery, Android 4.0 support for video


I wonder if we will be able to switch between front and rear facing cameras during videos in the Android version yet?

video didnt work on ice cream sandwich before. wish google would force manufactures to update old phones

Interesting. I thought that problem was specific to the Galaxy S4, since I get smooth images when I upload from my Nexus 7, but exactly the same jagged look when uploading from the S4. Like you, I've tried uploading the same photo from both devices.

So the good news is it's not all Android devices, but I guess the bad news is it's more than one.

And the other bad news is it's not fixed. I was hoping, when I saw this headline, that it would be.

The culprit has been already discovered and if you Googled around a bit you would find that you have to turn off "Advance image processing".
As to some phone it helps to some phones it doesn't and the thing is that this thing is on by Default. :/

I've got it...pretty dissapointed I can't upload my slow motion videos from my s4 they look so cool smh

Posted via Android Central App

No, I get "package file is invalid" every time it tries to update. Uninstalled to see if that would help, but it didn't. Restored from Titanium Backup. Not sure if that's what you're seeing or not. I'm on an HTC One with Sprint.

Record feature on SGS2X running 4.1.2 still not working on this update, anyone else experiencing the same issue?