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See 12 minutes of the new HTC M8 in this video [Update: video pulled]

See 12 minutes of the new HTC M8 in this video [Update: video pulled]

Recent prototype of AT&T branded unit detailed on video Update: The video has been pulled. We figured this would happen, and hope everyone got a good look. Insert sad trombone sounds right about here. Looking for information about HTC's upcoming HTC One successor (no, it's not the "All New...
HTC Watch

HTC killing its HTC Watch movie service March 31

Customers urged to download their paid content before March 31 closure HTC is culling their HTC Watch movie sales and rental store, effective March 31, 2014. The service had seen closures outside the states last year, and nobody is really surprised by this move. As a user of the HTC Watch...
Peter Chou

HTC seeks Spanish biker who helped Peter Chou to timely MWC arrival

Heroic Timely Cyclist What do you do if you're stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting on day one of Mobile World Congress? If you're HTC CEO Peter Chou, you might think on your feet and seek help from a local motorcyclist. According to the company's official blog, the HTC boss found...
HTC: Quick on the troll, perhaps too quick

HTC: Quick on the troll, perhaps too quick

Or: Lessons in speaking before you know all the details #TweetersRemorse In the midst of today's Samsung Galaxy S5 announcements at MWC (right around when Samsung was talking about the Gear 2 and Gear Fit), HTC decided to fire a social media shot across Samsung's bow. You might call it an...
HTC Desire 816

HTC aims to make mid-range phones exciting again, starts with the Desire 816

The first in a 'new breed' of beautifully designed phones, with powerful performance and a low cost We all want a phone that will blow the barn doors off when it comes to doing the things we love to do with our Androids. We want a phone that plays games well, surfs the web with ease, delivers...
Peter Chou

HTC didn't say a new HTC One is coming on March 25, except they kind of did

The best is getting better next month HTC just threw a little shindig here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and while we didn't hear about the supposed M8, we kind of did. The event launched the new Desire 816 mid-range smartphone but excitement was directed elsewhere. Both HTC...
HTC Desire 610

HTC announces the Desire 610 for the European market

Boomsound and a 'stunning' screen make the Desire 610 a powerful entertainment hub HTC has taken the wraps off the mid-range Desire 610 today in Barcelona. The device is squarely aimed at buyers who value consuming multimedia content, and HTC says it will offer an "incredible mobile audio and...
Donate idle CPU time for a cause

Put your idle CPU to work with HTC Power To Give program

A billion Androids could provide PetaFLOPs of computing power Here's a novel idea from HTC. They have started a program that will allow you to "donate" idle CPU time to research through distributed computing.  For some of us, this idea isn't new, but for the rest here's a quick and dirty...
holoistic technology company?

HTC-funded research shows that beautiful things make people happier

Functional, but utilitarian designs said to increase gloominess and depression Did you know that apparently, pretty things make us happier? HTC has announced the resuts of a study that shows well-designed objects make people not only happier, but actually can reduce negative thoughts and...
HTC at Mobile World Congress liveblog!

HTC at Mobile World Congress liveblog!

We're on the ground at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona and about ready to go live for HTC! We're expecting word on the M8, aka the next-generation HTC One and perhaps more. The event is underway now, so grab a drink, some snacks, and share your thoughts as the news unfolds!
SquareTrade Breakability Chart

HTC One, One Max ranked highest in durability by SquareTrade

HTC One found to be just as durable as the all-plastic Moto X Following the announcement by HTC that it will start offering free broken screen replacements, the folks at SquareTrade decided to take a complete look at durability on HTC's most recent devices. Going through a testing system that...
HTC One 2014

New HTC One (M8) leaks out in gray and silver [Updated]

Update: @evleaks has followed up with another M8 render, this time showing the device in silver. You'll find it after the break. Original story: Following yesterday's leak of the 2014 HTC One — also known by the codename "M8" — in gold, leaker @evleaks has today published a render of the device...
HTC logo

HTC working on three wearables including Toq-based model and Google Now watch, report claims

Prototype of HTC watch based on Qualcomm Toq to be shown to carriers at MWC, reports Bloomberg As HTC continues to face tough times in the smartphone market, the Taiwanese manufacturer has said it's looking to other product categories to boost revenues in 2014, including wearables. This morning...

HTC M8 leaks out in full render form, looks like an HTC One

Dual cameras seen again, metal appears to extend round the sides Just 24 hours removed from the announcement of its launch event, we're seeing a full leaked render of the HTC M8 courtesy of @evleaks. If you're thinking it looks a little familiar, then you're absolutely right. Oh, and this...

Can fast updates and free screen replacements boost a slumping HTC?

HTC's 'Advantage' is peace of mind for both nerds and normals — but is it enough? HTC this morning announced its “Advantage” program for American HTC One customers, a series of promises targeting some of the main pain points of Android smartphone ownership. Timely updates for the One, One Mini...

HTC M8 leaked in case shot

Dark grey handset with on-screen buttons pictured in latest leak Just as we're hearing news of the launch events for HTC's next flagship smartphone, Twitter leaker @evleaks has posted an purporting to show the successor to the HTC One contained in a case of some kind. As expected, the "M8"...
HTC's next big thing is coming March 25

HTC's next big thing is coming March 25

New York and London events for 'M8' unveiling Here we go! HTC has confirmed that its next flagship phone (the rumored "M8") will be arriving at events in London and New York on Mar. 25, with "save the date" invites now going out. The "M8" will be the successor to last year's HTC One, and is...
HTC FootballFeed

HTC FootballFeed app updated ahead of UEFA knockout stages

A major UEFA partner, HTC launched its FootballFeed app for Android on Google Play last November, allowing fans to keep track of European leagues on their smartphones in a BlinkFeed-ike grid. Today, in anticipation of the Champions League and Europa League knockout stages, the app's been given...

KitKat update pushing out to HTC One Max and One Mini in India

As yet unseen update pushing out alongside the dual-sim version of the HTC One Indian HTC One owners are in for a treat, as HTC India has announced that Android 4.4 KitKat is pushing out from now to the dual-sim variant. Not only that, but the HTC One Max and One Mini are also seeing the update...
HTC's either about to do something really smart, or really dumb

HTC's either about to do something really smart, or really dumb

We're leaning toward the former. We'll find out on Tuesday, it seems.