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Good news for HTC Hero owners, sort of. HTC has announced on Plurk that they will be rolling out the Éclair goodness for Taiwanese users on April 26th. My own source at HTC America can’t confirm or deny any release date for other countries, but this is official word from HTC finally.

If you haven’t already hacked 2.1 onto your Hero, this should be some welcome news. Just don’t count on it too much, ask a Motorola Droid user about release times for updates and how they can change. [engadget]


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HTC Hero gets 2.1 upgrade April 26 – in Taiwan


At this point I'll believe it when I see it. I just hope that HTC knows that if this date falls through, it'll be pitchforks and torches time... :D

This process has all but sealed the deal for me. I'm not buying another sense device. It's outrageous that its taken this long to get update out. Release the damn thing without sense for those of us who don't care about or use sense.

I completely agree. As good as the EVO from Sprint appears to be I think I will be going with the NEXUS One. I am not going to wait 9 months for an update. By the time we get it for our Hero I am sure Google will have another update putting us right back were we are now.

This is what scares me too about the Evo. As good as it is I am really bothered by the fact that it takes so long to get updates out. I like that the nexus one gets them as google gets it done. I also don't see this as a google issue. They don't code Sense UI that is HTC. They make great phone for sure but the lack of updates worries me. But it would be nice if google put out some sort of way to just load the default android operating system.

Can you tell me what phones that do not have sense UI (other than the Nexus One) have 2.1 on them? I know the G1 does, but I thought it was just those two phones.

It has nothing to do with HTC or their Sense UI. It has everything to do with Google and the carriers. Think about it: If Google wanted you to have 2.1, why not make it available for download for any and all Android users, thereby wiping your phone and over-writing any HTC overlays? Where is Google's official offering of 2.1 for all Android phones? Where is it? It doesn't exist, and so your gripes should be focused on them and their fragmentation of the OS. HTC is at least distributing it at some point, but Google is not.

Ask yourself why not. Better yet, ask Google.

It's right here Google has done exactly what you're talking about, for free, and will boot on any phone. The problem is that the Carriers software (not junk like NFL or other forced apps...things like the radio interface) need to be made to work with the new OS. Sense 2.1 works pretty flawlessly, and has for a month or so. Sprint, Telus, O2 and the rest are the reason your upgrade is held up.

this is BS google sprint and or HTC need to release 2.1 hell i have had 2.1 on my hero for about 2 weeks . working 100% . idk what the hold up is .

hero is a great phone but the NO update is killing it . same thing with the moment

Slightly off topic, but why do sites use this pic of the Hero when the Sprint Hero looks different? Is the US the only country that got the no chin Hero or are people just too lazy to post a pic of the "updated" hardware?

It's not updated hardware. The chinless Hero is the CDMA Hero for the US networks, the with-chin Hero is the GSM Hero for the rest of the world. It's the same specs, but different body and radio. And the choice of picture is proper, HTC will be rolling out the update for the GSM Hero, the update for the CDMA Hero will come from the carriers.

Just don’t count on it too much, ask a Motorola Droid user about release times for updates and how they can change.

Are you taking the piss?! Us Hero owners have been waiting for an update since before your stinkin' phone was released, never mind anything about an update for it!

Seriously, first it was to be 1.6 in Autumn ("Fall"), then 2.0, now 2.1. I appreciate them releasing an update for the phone but HTC, guys, it's been nearly 6 months since an Android update was first rumoured for the Hero. We've had announcements and rumours putting release dates back again and again and it really is dragging on. Excuse me if I don't feel very sorry for you poor people on 2.0.