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Really wanted a tablet for Christmas but the high prices put you off? Well Dixons online in the UK could well have come to the rescue by dropping the price of the HTC Flyer to £199 for the wifi only version. 

While shipping with Gingerbread, it's important to remember before dismissing the idea that the wifi version of the Flyer will be getting a Honeycomb update like it's 3G brother. That's quite a lot of tablet for £199. Hit the source link below for more info. 

Source: Dixons

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Dave4321 says:

Will it be $199 in the USA?

icebike says:

199 British pounds sterling = 310.74 US dollars

rkn5555 says:

it was 199$ in the USA about two months or so back at best buy. No longer carrying them though.

HalizDad says:

It was $299.00...I bought one. Then they listed it with a typo and sold a few before correcting the price.