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We came away with a positive impression of HTC's 7-inch Flyer tablet when it launched back in late May, however, one thing we weren't fans of was the Flyer's UK pricing. At £480 for Wifi-only and £600 for Wifi and 3G, it was significantly more expensive than the dual-core, Honeycomb-powered competition, and that made us sad. Fortunately, Best Buy UK has now gone some way towards remedying that, with today's price reduction to £329.99 for the Wifi-only 16GB version.

The Flyer is a great little device, despite the fact that it runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than the tablet-centric Honeycomb. Best Buy will surely be hoping to shift some extra units at this more reasonable price, so let us know in the comments if you're tempted. And, of course, you can hit up our full Flyer review to find out more.

Source: Best Buy UK; via: Eurodroid


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HTC Flyer falls to £329.99 at Best Buy UK


I see tablets in general as having one major problem - and it's a problem for the product companies, not the consumers.

I don't think people will "update" their tablets as often as they do their phones. Or have as many in a house hold (everyone in the house has a cell phone - but they are more likely to share a tablet)

It's a lot easier to saturate the market (like it is now) with tablets and most of them will just sit on the store shelves.

I use a 2.2 Archos70-250Gb now. The 7 inch form factor works well for me, but a bit more speed and resolution would help. The real question is IceCream; if this device runs it, I think its may be worth a look, otherwise not.

The Stylus and associated software are very interesting, but it really needs better integration to make it a anything goes input device, in parallel with the capacitive screen.

The original price was madness. Perhaps this offer means that new kit is on the way. IMHO 2012 will be the year tablets get cheaper and much better