Otterbox Defender for the HTC EVO 4G

You have a big, two-year investment in your HTC Evo 4G, and it makes perfect sense to protect it while you carry it day-to-day.  While some can get by with less protection, say from a silicon case or skin, others need serious armor for their phone.  Enter the Otterbox Defender series case for the HTC Evo 4G.

The Defender series case comes in three sections -- a tough polycarbonate shell (including a protective clear membrane for the screen), a thick silicon outer skin, and a face-in holster.  With everything assembled, the Evo 4G is ready for a duty belt, on an ALICE pack I.E.B., or a tool-belt.  It's also perfect for people who work in less stressful situations, but are a bit tough on their equipment. 

Even the screen is protected, and the touchscreen works better than expected under the clear shell.  The outer silicon layer wraps around all edges, and has well sealed rubber flaps over all ports and controls.  The only part of your Evo that isn't completely covered is the earpiece and the microphone, which has it's own deep tapered opening.  The trade-off of course is added thickness.  The Defender does add a good bit of bulk to an already large phone, but nothing unnecessary, and it's very tasteful in design.  If you need this level of protection for your expensive Evo 4G, you will understand and appreciate the way it is done here.  And of course, the Defender series case offers its own kickstand since it covers the original.

There are more pictures after the break, and the Otterbox Defender series case is available in the Android Central store for $47.95.

Packaging  case assembled

holster  case components

front  rear

bottom ports sealed  bottom ports, flap opened

top sealed  top opened



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HTC Evo 4G Case Review: Otterbox Defender


This case sucks. I have not had the case for two months and the rubber shell has already become useless. It doesnt fit the hard shell anymore because it has expanded. The plastic kickstand is really cheap, that piece broke during the first two weeks. I thought this would have been a great product from Otterbox because the other products the make. Huge disappoint.

kwilliams1906 get the ballistic hc evo case. its awesome and i highly reccommend it. there will never be any expanding or peeling. it really is an awesome case. i myself have the black on black one. youtube the case. i picked it up on ebay for 30bucks 23 after my ebay bucks.

I love it but I bought a 3500 battery from androidcentral and can't find a case for it. I absolutely love the battery! I get a full day and a half out of it facebooking, gaming, androidcentral, internet etc and have to stretch my silicon case around it and looks like sh*t. Any suggestions?

I bought both Seido case "packages" - the normal one and the one for the extended battery. Both work just like this and both are great cases. I used the one for the extended battery all the time.

I just got mine last week. So, admittedly, haven't had it for too long.
But, so far, I really like it a lot. (I also have the Trident Cyclops, which isn't quite as sturdy as the Otterbox.)
I haven't tried the Ballistic, but if the silicone doesn't loosen up too much on the Otterbox, I'll be pleased.
The kickstand is lame, and apparently breaks early and easily. But, I dont' really use mine on the EVO, anyhow, so I don't think it'll really affect me much. And, Otterbox will replace the case if it does break within the year warranty.

I bought it for my evo on Xmas n its one of the best investments I've made...I do flooring for a living n since then I haven't had a scratch

Okay, all I have to say on the otter box is the biggest waste of your money. I got mine at Christmas and with in the week the crap of a kickstands broke off. So no biggie, just use the holsters kickstands. Oh wait a week after using it the lock piece on it broke also. The rubber doesn't fit very well. I have always respected ottoerbox until they dissed the evo and took forever to get us the case. Come on they made the iCrap 4's case first. Then they make this piece of crap they they call a case. Heck the iCrap and Blackberry stuff they put out is way more robust then what they wasted their time and my time on. I strongly suggest finding a better case. I will have to check into the one mentioned above.

I really hope otterbox or should I say ottercrap reads these posts.

I got my wife this case for her Evo for Christmas. The case is great, it's held up well. She loves it and the added bulk doesn't bother her since she carries it in her purse (not pocket). The built in screen protector works really well. She said it's almost like it's not there.

The only compliant is the built in kickstand is extremely fragile. She's barely had the case a month, never used the kickstand and it's already broken off. It started cracking and eventually just feel apart.

Aside from the kickstand the case seems solid though.

Big two year investment in the Evo?

The Evo is on Sprint and that means new customer pricing every 12 months!! Now, there had better be something crazy good drop on June 1st to upgrade to.

deparson, I guess you haven't seen that Sprint is changing the Premier plan and **most** people will **not** be getting yearly upgrades anymore!

The case provides good protection, but as others have commented the kickstand is poorly designed. I am on my second case in 2 months and the kickstand has broken in exactly the same spot on both. The material is to thin in the center top of the kickstand and when it is pulled out and pushed in. My cracks appeared after the first use and it was fully broken after only a few more uses.

Otterbox was good enough to replace my first case, but I don't know if I want them to replace it yet again and have this happen a third time.

The Otterbox Defender for the Samsung Captivate was particularly badly engineered. The bottom of the case made use of the bottom capacitive buttons very difficult, which of course complicates the entire interface.

Otterbox is now rushing the accessories for non-big-ticket items to market with haphazard and incomplete engineering.

In my experience, Seidio is a much better bet these days.

See I thought i was the only person having problems with the case. I'm not trying to bab mouth Otterbox, but they really need to do research on their products before releasing them. I really had high hopes for this case but i guess it was not meant be.

No you don't, it'll break. Just get the OB Commuter case, it's 10 time the case that this is.

Someone definitely dropped the ball on the Defender line here, but their Commuter is still solid as can be. Love mine, and I put it through the ringer as a Millwright.

"Silicon" is a discrete element. "Silicone" is a rubbery compound. They're not the same thing.

Androidcentreal tries to present itself as expert yet makes 9th-grade mistakes. Stop screwing up, guys. It makes you look stupid to the people who actually know better.

The case works as it says, if you drop it you really don't half to worry about it, but there is a huge flaw with the kickstand. Otterbox needs to pay the extra money to get metal kickstands, and get rid of the cheap hard plastic kickstands, I am on my 2nd Otterbox because of the kickstand( and the one I currently have is also has a cracked kickstand). My wife is also on her second Evo Otterbox, because of the kickstand. We decided just to stop using the kickstands. The size of the case (1/8 of an inch above the screen) also makes it harder to pull notifications from the top of the screen. And they need to work on the belt clip; something that doesn't jab you in the side would be nice. Other than those 3 things, I really like the case.

My only gripe with this case is that the hole for the speaker allows crap to get behind the membrane. I have taken it off probly 5 times a day to clean the screen because there is no foam sealing the top of it. Good case but some foam around the speaker hole woulda been nice. I could give a rip about the kickstand on the case because I could give a rip about the one on the phone, I have a hi def tv for that and Sprint's 3g sucks in my area and no 4g.

I have the otterbox defender- love it....warts and all. It protects my Evo period. Sure the stand is a mess... (here's a fix for the stand- get crazy glue put it in the crack- and wipe it in with a piece of paper... stronger than new...) The stand is a manufacturing defect- but crazy glue fixes it just fine (with an hour set time)...
The otterbox defender makes the evo much bigger- but I bought it to protect my Evo...
Of course the slip grace and chocolate style of the Evo 4g is eye candy- but I dropped my evo gently at least 3 times b4 I got the otter box and freaked each time- the otter box takes all that away- nothing is gonna happen to your evo unless it gets run over by a truck in the otterbox defender.
Its a great case.