In its latest Galaxy Note devices, Samsung has expanded upon the ability to cut out snippets from the screen and save them for later viewing. The Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 Edition come with the new Scrapbook app, which saves not only the area you encircle with the stylus, but also associated metadata. It's also able to provide context for your various clippings by harvesting data from the surrounding app or web page.

All that content is then arranged in the Scrapbook app, which can be tagged and categorized. Check out our quick video demo of Scrapbook on the Galaxy Note 3 above.


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Hands-on with Scrapbook on the Galaxy Note 3


Looks like a handy feature, although imprecise. Seemed like he would capture a part of the page and it would end up capturing at least double what was intended.

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I have same problem..when I select area in scrapbook to be exported ..area appx 4 times of my selected area is exported....pl let me know if anyone have solution to this.

Totally had a moment today where this would have been extremely handy. Now I'm really wanting this phone!

Seems like a samsung only version of much of what is done via evernote, springboard, and/or pinterest. Does it sync across Samsung devices?

Cool feature and handy at times but it seems it would be better to put it into a cross-platform app like one of the above.

If you watch the Samsung video, it shows you can do both pictures and videos using scrap booker. But when you try it only does pictures no videos.