HAL9000 Hextiles Wallpaper

By pixelsyndicate | Category: Colors & Patterns, TV & Movies, Techy Stuff
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Wallpaper Description

Modification on a HexTile theme. Added the HAL9000 'eye' and retouched the glowing break-up to match the color scheme. Use Circle Launcher widgets using a HAL9000 'eye' as the icon(s) on this desktop and you get something that says "I'm sorry Dave".

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BigLouiz says:

I can't describe how awesome this wallpaper is, but when I set it on my razr the image gets a little bad.

Cold you folks upload in a higher resolution?
Or there's another way to fix it?


TBolt says:

Looks great on a DInc. Thank you.

Here is a link to the full size version:


pedro_sland says:

Thanks for that link. It looks much better without artefacts. Can you guys (android central) replace the original with that link?

Galaxy Nexus