Grab a first-generation Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for $300 on eBay

If you happen to be in the market for a cheap but big Android tablet and don't mind if it's a model that's two years old, then oh do we have a deal for you. Following up on last week's Nexus 10 sale, Ebay is now selling the 16GB version of the 2012 model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (not the newer, better Galaxy Note 10.1 — 2014 Edition) for just $299.99, with free shipping.

That's a reduction of $200 off the list price, though considering it's an older tablet that's not a huge surprise. The sale is also $80 less than you can grab the same tablet off Amazon, though if you want more storage, Amazon has the 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for just $50 more than eBay's 16GB sale. And yes, that's $30 less than Amazon's 16GB listing. Nobody said it had to make sense.

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Grab a first-generation Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for $300 on eBay


This is a "Classic"... One of the few Samsung products that was done *Correctly*..
***On Screen Buttons AND Front Facing Speakers***
This is from an era when Samsung's design philosophy made sense.
Don't hesitate.. Buy It.
And Frame It..

I'll tell you this, if you want the latest Android updates, you aren't getting them with this tablet and probably not for the 2014 version either. I am still on Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (the first and only update for the tablet) with my Note 10.1 original. I'm willing to bet that a similar situation will happen with the 2014 version (one update, no more for that tablet)

That said, the Note 10.1 is still useful for me. Bought the thing years ago and it still works great for note taking, drawing stuff up, and other things. Just...don't expect to run the latest version of Android with these for more than a year.

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2014 N10.1 was has already been updated to Kit Kat... which is a shame. Updates aren't all their cracked up to be,

Updates are fantastic when they bring cool features like lock screen widgets and such, but I will say this. Based on Samsung's history, the 2014 version will be updated maybe 1 more time before it is abandoned. That said, with Samsung, Touchwiz is pretty much its own beast anyway.

I'm typing this message from my original Note 10.1, and it still works dang good. It can just be a little upsetting knowing that a feature available in an Android update that would be cool have wont be available for a big named Android tablet. It's even worse seeing their smartphones getting more updates and faster than their tablets (at least at the time). I remember seeing the Note 2 getting udates to Kitkat while the origjnal 10.1 is still on 4.1.2.

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Oh.. My.. Gawd.
Do you know how many Custom ROM's are available for the 2012 10.1???

Learn to Root.. And you will have your 4.4.2..
Here's a little secret.. 4.1 runs just as smooth as 4.4...

If you place it next to the 2014 version with MUCH better screen, you wont' even want to pay $199.

The original Note 10.1 screen will look fuzzy.

Again, that's only when you placed it next to the 2014 version.