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Tired of quickly snagging a game only to learn you still have another 200MB (or worse) to go in a separate download? Following through on a promise made at its 2011 developer conference, Google's just made the Android Market a whole lot more friendly to oversized applications, upping the maximum file size from 50 megabytes to 4 gigabytes -- a 7,900 percent increase.

Most Android apps are far smaller than even the previous 50MB limit, though, so there's a good chance you'll never notice the difference. For more intensive applications -- 3D games, for example -- the extra downloads will be able to come from Google's servers, which is good for devs. Users won't actually have to (or be able to, for that matter) download a full 4 gigabytes in one sitting, as the extra downloads will be broken up into 2GB chunks, but the total size will be reflected in the Android Market.

The updated code is available now in the Android SDK Manager, so look for this to start hitting the Market any day.

Source: Android Developer Blog


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Google opens Android Market to oversized apps – 50MB limit upped to 4GB


I imagine they are a big part of the reason for the change and can't see why they wouldn't, as it would save significant costs on their part.

About damn time! I wanna know exactly how much space an app will take since those big ones add up on the app storage very quickly and my SD card is full of music. I don't get why wouldn't Google have this in the first place?...bandwidth problems?

I don't see what's the point? Not all phones are alloted that much space for apps alone and even if you save it on SD.

Well, apps are getting and will continue to get more complex. Also with the way game graphics are advancing they are going to get bigger and bigger. At least they didn't just put a limit on the app size like Apple just did and use the lame excuse of "saving battery by limiting the time the phone utilizes connected to 3G". Just one more restriction to the app store and another plus in the Android column.

Whoa, if this takes off a whole bunch of phones are going down the same memory starvation death march my ageing Nexus One is on.

With App2SD not available in ICS (as far as I can tell) it could get ugly.

There would be no difference between this and the current method of downloading larger apps, such as games. Before this change, larger apps would download from the market but then require a separate download once the app is launched. This was highly annoying and many times the devs servers are just simply crap. With this new way of downloading apps, a dev could upload the entire app (up to 4GB) to Google's servers. This would lower the costs for devs as well as increase download reliability for the end user. I'm all for this change!

you can move apps to your sd card in ICS.
Just go to the app in app management n select move to sd card.

Large apps using these extreme size limits should automatically install to your sd.

Your (and my) aging Nexus One only had 512MB of internal storage to begin with, and even then you weren't allowed to use all of it. Phones with 16GB or more shouldn't have to worry about what they install.

I would think that Google servers are faster and more reliable than servers belonging to random devs. It still blows my mind that they went from 50MB to 4GB lol. I can't even think what apps are even half that size... Even on my 16MB connection I wouldn't like to DL a 4GB app.

Thier goes everyonce monthly data alotment.
YAY for tiered data instead of unlimited data.....

YAY for the new trend for phones and their non upgradable storage options

YAYyyyyyy o_O

Oh good god, most phones don't even have that much space. Even tablets have only so much room for that much storage. Sure, some tablets like the ASUS Transformer Pad lines can hold 2 SD cards (one microSD in the tablet, one full size SD in the keyboard dock), but even those have a limit to a certain point.

It's good to see it being upped from 50 MB, but 4 GB? Maybe a bit too much at this time, even 2 GB limit sounds a bit over the top.

Then you need to get a new phone or a tablet. As hardware technology gets better, it will lead to better apps. Better apps are bigger.

Not sure why all the confusion?

Good news is that it fixes the refund window problem as the refund window would only start after the expansion files are downloaded. No more worrying about apps taking too long to download if it doesn't work, etc.

And we will all know the real size before we buy.

everyone needs to stop acting like little girls about this!!! It's not gonna kill your internal storage any more than it used to!!! it ONLY Means the app will all come from one place. The data that used to get stored on your sd card will still go to your sd card, and the app can still be installed either on internal storage or the sd card. NONE OF THAT WILL CHANGE!!!!! The only change is that you don't have to download the files from a crappy slow server anymore.

For those complaining about small internal storage....shut up!!! Stop being cheap and buy a damn SD card already!! You can install the app to internal and the extra sd data to the sd card, just like always...that will not change!

The best part about this, IMO, is that we now have the same file size limits xbox live has.....damn they suck lol It's sad when a cellphone can download games as big in filesize as the top current generation game console hahahah

My Evo 4G is feeling quite inadequate right now... any chance this opens up Market to the purchase of full length movies in HD?