Ari with the Nexus One

If you caught Sunday's season premiere of HBO's hit-show "Entourage," you might have noticed uber-agent Ari Gold sporting the Nexus One. Balancing form and function, the phone meets every expectation and serves every purpose necessary for someone of Ari's profession. The Nexus One preforms a wide variety of tasks from managing Ari's immense social network to keeping in touch with his clients, made all the more easy with the beautiful 3.7-inch AMOLED screen. Should he feel the need to snap a picture with Vince, the Nexus One offers a 5-megapixel camera and now features high-definition recording in 720p. All in all, the Nexus One is truly "something Ari Gold might be interested in." [via @kmobs]


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Let's hug it out: 'Entourage's' Ari Gold using Android's Nexus One


I noticed this too. I like how they showed love to all three big dogs though. (Android [Ari], iPhone [Vince], & BB[E & Ari])

I noticed that too. However, he was also juggling a BlackBerry Bold in his other had in almost every scene he was in.

Was nice seeing some android devices on the show, but if you watch the show you'll know he still has his BB in the other hand. The nexus one he was using was one of his assistants.