Quickly becoming the standard by which all email clients are measured, Gmail was around long before Android. Starting in 2004 as a web-based email service with a fresh design and drastically more online storage than its competitors, Gmail took over as an email service with incredible mind share. With the launch of the HTC G1 in 2008, having a Gmail account took on new meaning as your window to connect to all services around Android and Google. We've come a long way since the G1, but Gmail is still an immensely integral part of the Google ecosystem.

Even as Google has branched out to include dozens of services to be tied to what is now a "Google Account", the popular vernacular of referring to "my Gmail account" remains. Google prides itself on making Android devices a fantastic platform for integrating and managing email that comes to your Gmail account, particularly by staying up-to-date with new design and features for the app as Android is updated. Shortly after each new version of Android is released, Gmail is one of the first apps to follow-up the OS update with a new design. In keeping with the times, Google has periodically added new features such as increased storage and integration with other Google apps.

Above you can see a video walkthrough of the latest major revision of the Gmail for Android app, version 4.5. You can also find more stories about Gmail below.

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Deke218 says:

It's been that long since I've use Gmail? Wow. I remember having to request an invite when it launched. The day I got it, yahoo was used no more. It really has come a long way.

Barton82 says:

You don't have to go to the web to enable categories. Just go to 'Settings', then your email address and then choose 'Inbox categories'. You even showed this screen on one of the pictures.

richard451 says:

I thought Wave was Google's take on the email system and Gmail was what they had to work with once Wave failed.

worknman says:

Question about Gmail and Google Now ...

If I set up Amazon and other services to send shipping confirmations to the Gmail address that is tied to my main Google account and had that forward to another POP3 account, would Google Now still keep up with tracking #s and such?

In other words, for Google Now to do its thing, does the mail have to be STORED in a Gmail account, or does it just have to 'pass through'?

jlschulz says:

Face it, theres only one good email client in existance, and thats the original outlook. It had everything in one place, easy to use ans share between the calendar tasks and email. If someone could duplicate that for android I would pay big bucks. Evrything out there now, including gmail is just useless and two dimentional.