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Later today we'll be kicking off our live coverage of the second day of the Samsung Developers Conference, but until then there's still time to get caught up on all the news, interview segments and discussion from day one. The place to find all our coverage of the conference, including keynote news, the day one podcast and interviews with developers, journalists and Samsung people, is our fancy SDC portal page. So hit up the link below and scroll down to see all the content.

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Get caught up on Android Central Live ahead of Samsung devcon day two!

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Hey AC crew I just want to thank you all for the AC/Samsung coverage. Personally I think this kind of event is excellent for the Android Community.
The interviews are awesome! Possibly the best coverage on Android I've seen on this site.

I would live to see this kind of partnership with other companies or include them in a device convention.

One area that is sorely missing in the Android Community is large developer conventions for the Android platform. There is Google I/O but that is Google convention that focuses on Google.

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