Galaxy Tab S

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy Tab S series will be available in the UK starting July 4. The tablet lineup, which was unveiled earlier this month, will be available online and at several high street retailers including John Lewis, Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Group, along with Samsung Experience Stores and the Samsung Store at Westfield Stratford City.

The 8.4-inch Wi-Fi only variant is priced at £319, while the 10.1-inch version will set you back £399. Initially, the Wi-Fi only editions will be available, with Samsung stating that the LTE variants will be hitting store shelves in the near future. Pre-orders for the tablet have already begun on Samsung's eStore, Currys, PC World and Carphone Warehouse.

Interested in picking up a Galaxy Tab S tablet? Check out our review before you take the plunge.


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Galaxy Tab S tablets launching in the UK on July 4


"Interested in picking up a Galaxy Tab S tablet?" Nope
Nexus Tablet next for me, Samsung tabs are really awful

Posted From My Awesome Moto G

Haha I'm replacing my nexus 10 with GTS8.4. Why? Bc I can't take washed out display and light bleed from LCD. Also I don't think nexus tablets are that great anyway. This is coming from a guy using Nexus 10 right now. I'm glad I preorded mine.

The displays are gorgeous. That said, I don't need a tablet and won't get one, but these things keep getting better and better.

Posted via Android Central App

I really do not need another tablet, but the Tab S is so tempting. The screen is simply amazing in its clarity. They have a display unit at the Best Buy near my home.

What sets this apart from the PRO series for me, in addition to the screen, is the ultra power saving mode (I think that one feature alone is incredible), the multi-user fingerprint scanner, and I want to try out SideSync with my Note 3.

The only downside for me, and the reason to be hesitant, is the lack of an s-pen. I really wish Sammy would have baked all the features of the Tab S into the PRO series instead of making another tablet. For one it would have made the initial selling price of the PRO series more justifiable, and the unique features I like in each tablet would have been available in a single device.

I'm pretty confident that I will pick one up on Friday here in the US. I'll just wait and see if the feature set is enough of a "must have" to convince me to keep it alongside my other tablets.

I couldnt agree more with you. Why Samsung, why? I think we all thought that the PRO line was supposed to be the flag ship, but now it seems that the PRO line is more for productivity, and the TabS is for consumption, to go against the ipad air line. The bizarre thing is they both, including the ipad, can do both well. Nothing does beat the S Pen though. Im trying to not even see a demo unit....trying anyway....