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T-Mobile hopes paying nothing today will get you even more interested in a Note 3

T-Mobile is running another promotion on new phone financing, with zero up front costs for some pretty popular phones. Starting today, you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (preorder), the LG G2, the Galaxy S4, or one of a number of other phones without spending a penny today. There's even free shipping. 

There are some noticeable omissions, namely the HTC One, the Nexus 4 and the iPhone 5S. These all still require a down payment in addition to the monthly fee. It's also important to realize just what you're doing here when you sign a contract for T-Mobile to finance your phone.

Using the Note 3 as an example, you can have it shipped to your door without making the first payment or paying for shipping — though you may have to pay some taxes and activation fees — but you'll be liable for 24-months worth of payments at $29.50 per month. That adds up to the full retail cost of the Note 3, which is $708. While this is a separate contract aside from any service for the device, the payments are both due at the same time and any cancelations of service make the total balance of the phone's cost immediately due.

It can be a good way to wean yourself out of the subsidy trap, if (and that's a big if) you have good T-Mobile service where you need it. For all the details, visit the source link.

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Galaxy Note 3 and others available with no money down on T-Mobile


Not sure why. I bought the G2 at 99 down and am of course paying the balance of the 603.99 price over 2 years per what is typical with their new plans. So if I had waited to get the phone- having no idea they would do this zero down promotion- then I would have paid less up front. BUT that just means I have more to pay back over the 2 year period. Someone buying the phone now doesn't pay less, just less up front. I'm completely fine with that. It just means their monthly payments are a bit more. So. A resounding 'meh' from me.

This. Like you say, it's not like those paying $0 upfront are saving any actual money from taking advantage of this promotion.

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Only thing is you do pay more if you use there UP program and plan to upgrade after 6 months. You would have put more money in when you traded in.

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That isn't correct. By paying nothing up front, and spreading that saved down payment (say $200 for the Tmobile Note 3 before the zero down program) over 24 equal payments, it turns out that you will have paid noticeably _less_ in the first 6 months:

Without the zero down program: $200 up front + ~$21/month x 6 months) = ~$326

With the zero down program: $0 up front + ~$30/month x 6 months = ~$180

(These are approximate, rounded off to the nearest dollar per month)

So, big advantage to those who are going to upgrade early. The advantage of financing the former down payment at zero interest is substantial.

When loans have a long term and a significant interest rate, it's not good to finance the whole amount. But when the term is short, and particularly when the rate is _zero_, it works out great.

soooooo tempting. love that g2 and the note 3 as well. holding out for a nexus announcement though. really think im going to have to get it, whatever it may be.

That big IF he refers to isn't that big at all. T-Mobile is throwing up new towers faster than any other Carrier in the US. Not only are they putting up new towers but they are also refarming many to the ever so popular 1900 radio band. You can never get screwed, if you don't get good service you have 3 weeks to make up your mind and get a complete refund. What is there to loose, nothing. I have had T-Mobile service for a very long time. I also have had AT&T and Verizon. Gave up my AT&T because T-Mobile where I live just completely blows them away in Data speeds and all around better service. Kept Verizon and have them on a voluntary suspension without a monthly bill because I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan but their data speeds have gotten so slow it is pathetic. I just keep them on suspension hoping someday their data speeds will get better in my area and I will give my contract to a family member. T-Mobile in Boston (suburb) blows all other Carriers away. You have nothing to loose but plenty to gain, such as real unlimited everything including DATA, the best plans and great phones. GSM is the only way to go IMO. Try T-Mobile out, check their coverage map, as of late their maps are pretty accurate. If you get good service you will never change, I won't. I have nothing to gain but to share my great service with the members of this website. I have had service with all the Carriers and I can honestly say I have never been happier. Good Luck

They may be putting up new towers to handle load in huge cities, but they still suck just about everywhere else. No I do not live in the middle of nowhere... Service hasn't improved here in 5 years

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I went in this morning to pay full price for the Note 3 and walked out with all my money except for ~$50 in taxes. The thing that swayed me was true free financing.

Looks like they bump up the monthly installments to $25 instead of $21 for the G2. You end up paying $600 vs $604.99, $5 savings. Still a good incentive to iump ship to Tmo if you don't want to or can't fork out $99.99 down payment.

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So you can't just take the phone and run. It is not early termination fee, it's the remaining cost of the phone that you have to pay.

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What they don't tell you is that your credit has to be very good and not building credit such as my self or you will pay a premium for the phone you want. I tried to get a Z10 and they wanted me to pay $325. So I ended up staying with my RAZR M on Verizon. Sucks to be young sometimes.

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If you're trying to get a Z10, I would purchase online, vice a retail store. I've seen new and used Z10s, unlocked, for $300,sometimes less.

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I would be more cautious buying phones online. The phones may have been blacklisted on a carrier due to reasons such as lost or stolen. You could end up buying an expensive music player as you can't make phone calls or use data. Unless you're buying it from a reputable online store.

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I'd buy a phone thru "Craigslist" since I'm buying it in person, can insert my sim & test it before paying a dime. I once even called t-mobile to confirm that the phone would activate & isn't locked out. I'd never buy a phone thru Ebay unless it was brand new & never opened. Even then I'd pay for it via Paypal so I have the purchase insurance.

Excellent Job T-Mo.
The hottest Phones.. The Best Options for Purchase & 6 Month Upgrading..
I really feel somewhat sorry for those that don't receive coverage.

T-Mo.. Forever.

I can't wait until my Note 3 arrives but this back order stuff is killing me. No time frame on when it should ship. :(

Ok, how about a review. What are your initial thoughts.? I never thought I'd like a device that large but after seeing several hands on reviews I'm very, very interested in maybe replacing my Nexus with a Note 3.

ASSUMING and that's a big assumption(because i haven't looked at the network specs) that the T-MO note 3 has AT&T LTE bands then yes I guess you can.

Even if you pay full up front, you'd still have to unlock it, T-Mobile version may not work on all bands lte of other carriers.

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Thanks guys. Unfortunately it's turning out to be quite difficult to find exactly which frequencies/bands each version (AT&T or T-Mobile) of the device supports...

There's a thread on xda about this. Might be in the att note 3 section.

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I would definitely do this, except they won't let me keep my $30 walmart plan. They would force me to upgrade to one of their new value plans. The base option is $50, plus the additional monthly cost of the phone. Big jump. No thanks.

Also you can pay note monthly or pay to the phone to make the monthly payment period shorter

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Rushed in because of this today. I'll use Jump program anyway....and the first payment isn't even until December! Ok, so 4 payments then bump!

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I'm really surprised that the Nexus 4 still requires a down payment & T-Mobile is still charging $429 for it, even though Google sold the 16gb phone via Google Play For $249 last month.