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You need juice, this provides that juice

I recently had a look at the Seidio Innocell 4800mAh extended battery for the Note 3. While I can't say exactly how much it extends the life of a charge, I can tell you it makes a notable difference. If you need moar juice, you'll love it. It's a little bulky, and the cover loses the faux leather, but you get a good bit more oompf in the battery department.

We sell it on ShopAndroid, but here's your chance to get one for free.

  • Make sure the email you used to register at AC is valid. I need to get in touch with the winner, and will use that address to do so.
  • You need to be in the U.S. Sorry, but this one is U.S. only. Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico are good, too.
  • Leave one comment below saying you want to win it. Just one.

I'll close things down at midnight PT, and we'll contact the winner. Good luck!

Edit: Letting this one run until Saturday March 8 at 11:59PM PT, because we had some site hiccups.


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Friday Freebie: Win a Seidio Innocell extended battery for the Galaxy Note 3


First, gimmie

Just kidding thanks ac
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you


Would love to win this for my wife, she never makes it through the day on her regular battery. Thanks!

Would be nice to have some extra battery power I suppose. Thanks guys!

Posted using my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

With the amount of time I spend reading AC, I need a extended battery to keep my phone going all day!

Me! I would llllooooooovvvvvveeeee to win the extended battery kit for my Note 3! Need more juice! Juice me baby! ;)

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I've owned Seidio batteries for every device but this one. Need one for my Note 3! Great product.

Posted via Android Central App

Hello, AC! I don't own a Note 3, but my stepdad does. He would love this

Posted via Android Central App

This is just what I need. I love the battery life of the standard battery, but this would keep me from having to carry an extra battery for all those late nights.

Posted via Android Central App

This is very kind of AC.... If I were to be the one who was chosen, I would be very grateful.

Would very much like to win this. My Note 3 is a constant companion and I usually have to recharge it during the day. This would alleviate that issue.

This would be fantastic for me. I use my note for what it's made for. I'm in 3d design for hospitals and medical units, I draw out the cabinets and carpentry requirements, and as I sketch all day when out of the office it can be a drain, especially as my note is my office from my office lol, this would be perfect, I was going to buy one but hopefully I can save some cash!

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Could really use one...seeing I have 3 kids at home and I wotk 16 hrs days it would be nice to have the ability to video chat with them on my breaks and not worry about my phone being dead ...hope I get it

My wife just got a note 3 today. This would be awesome since its hard to run to an outlet with a toddler.

I would love to have this! I can't even make it an entire day with how much I have to use my Note 3!!!

I post this while looking at a sad 4% battery on my note 3 after a long drive home dashcamming :-)

Nice! My girlfriend sometimes runs out of juice on her Galaxy Note 3 and this would be a perfect gift for her! Would be awesome to win so I can give it to her!

I wanna win!!! Love my Note! I bet I could get 4 days on that beast of a battery.

Would like to win this would come in very useful while working. I'm always using my phone and even though the battery's life is great in the note 3 there is days I could really use the extra battery life. Thanks AC!!

Posted via T Mobile NOTE 3

This would be perfect for my new Note 3 running Kit Kat on T-Mobile! Beast of a phone. And a beast of a battery to go with it. Perfect!!!!

Free battery for my new phone? Yes please.

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Sign me up... I will drive across the border to pick it up!

Posted via Android Central App

I love you Android Central.
From your note 3 user

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I want to win so I can use it while on drill each month. The middle of nowhere really eats up juice!
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I would love to win this for my Note 3!!! Thanks AC!

Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 3
"Size does matter!"

Ohmagosh! I have to charge my Note 3 periodically to keep me going through the day, this would be AWESOME!!

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3

I desperately need it! I work in the field and use my phone for everything with no access to charger!

I want to win more than anyone!!!!! I love my Note 3!!!!!

Posted via Android Central App

I would love to win! Thank you, AC, for the opportunity. Best of luck to everyone!

Posted via Android Central App

Me please. Really need a better battery so I don't have to worry about my phone dying when on call.

Hey Jerry!
I would love to win the big battery.

Thanks for your consideration!!
Cole Jennings

I want one I want one I want one. Read about it last night and it is on my wish list! I love my Note 3 and this would really be the icing on the cake --- I do run through the battery on mine each and every day.

I want to win it for my friend's upcoming birthday. He is always on the go working outside and sometimes has to camp out for a few days. This would help him out not being around a power source.

This would be amazing to have. I spend lots of time out in the field playing Ingress and that battery could help save the world from shapers. Viva La Resistance!!

Thanks for the look Jerry! Just need a miracle.

It has to be me,I'm on the side of the road,in the rain guessed it...a dead battery! Thanks in advance!

I'm in, I love my Note 3 and this will give much more time in between charges. You guys are amazing.

Posted via Android Central App

That would be great for camping! I wanna win it!

Posted via Android Central App

I need this! It would not be wasted. Thanks in advance lol love you guys

Posted via Android Central App

I want to win. But, I'll keep reading and watching if I don't.

Posted via Android Central App

Love my note 3 and since KK the battery could use a pick-me-up so send it this way please.

Posted via Android Central App

I don't just want one, I NEED one. My Note is a workhorse. I use up a lot of battery just showing people the S-pen features! Ha.

Posted via Android Central App

I want it.
Seriously. Would be awesome for those random road trips that I forget my charger. Please?

I more than want this..... I need I think I would be the perfect person for this giveaway to go to ..given that I need it.

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I could really put that to good use. Me and my little kiddos could listen to music on our long evening's at the park.

Posted via Android Central App

Go ahead, ..... Make my day, punk.
Recently acquired a note 3, new level of OCD! I really neeed this battery. Don't make me....come down there. :)

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Really need the extra battery power when working missing persons searches! Jim Walters, KlaasKIDS Search team.

I'd love to write something cheeky, off the cuff and so enamoring that you couldn't say no but my battery is going.......

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Hours of ingress and I wore my charging port out from plugging in and out and had to get a refurb! So nice of you to offer and this will let me stay connected longer as I use well over 13 go to 40 a month! Extended battery would be great as don't have to always plug in and worse get a refurbished device to reinstall. Thanks! ヽ(´∀`)ノ

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Show an extended battery for my Note 3 would be outstanding.

Posted via Android Central App

i want to win it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

Just got a Note 3 and would love this! Thanks guys!

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My daughter wants to win. She uses up the little battery life I have left at the end of the workday and wonders why it 'no work'.

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