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The New York Times is reporting that the original development team at Facebook responsible for the Facebook Home Android skin has been disbanded, but the company has since sent out a statement claiming that development of Home will continue.

The NYT, citing unnamed sources, claims that the Facebook Home team members have been reassigned to other mobile projects. For example, Joey Flynn, the lead designer for Facebook Home, is now working on the recently launched Slingshot app, according to the article.

Engadget claims that, according to what a Facebook spokesperson stated, there is still a team working on Facebook Home. However, the app itself had not been updated since January 13. Facebook launched the Home app with much fanfare over a year ago in a bid to create an Android skin that would basically take over from the normal version of Google's OS. However, poor reviews combined with a limited number of compatible Android phones didn't help it score many users in the long run.

What do you think of Facebook Home and should the company simply retire the app?

Source: New York Times; Engadget


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Facebook Home's original team disbanded but app still lives


Yup. The one good thing about having them make phones with Home as the selling point, is that you can buy the phones for dirt cheap after they flop within a short time. You just put another launcher over it and instant good phone. Of course that only counts on the phones they have manufactured for FB, not the ones that people download the app on. I'm hoping they keep putting them out for that reason alone.
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I remember working for technical support on att and people had the Facebook home phone and everyone had the custom skin gone

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Good. It was a decent phone when you got rid of the crappy Home.

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Facebook's pretty much had its head up its ass since it invented the Top Stories "feature." It just needs to do the opposite of everything it's done since then to stay relevant, like
Dump Facebook Home
Stay away from hardware (or don't lock it up with AT&T)
Shore up its overvalued stock (if it hasn't already)
Stop buying redundant services and apps
and for fuck's sake, get rid of top stories. I mean, seriously, how do people still put up with that shit? I haven't upgraded since they made that the default.
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Heh, I haven't had any of their apps installed on my phone since they came out with Home last year and coincidentally started elevating permission levels for bullshit reasons. As much as the vast majority of us would like to see Top Stories die a fiery death, I'm afraid the powers that be under the direction of Mr. Z will only continue to marginalize Most Recent because of where their priorities are (which is serving the wants and needs of their customers, which are clearly the advertisers and not the people who actually use the service as some would like to believe).

I understand Facebook's real customers are advertisers, but I don't see how an out of order newsfeed furthers their interests. Can't a few ads nestled in a most recent newsfeed work just as well or better?

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I haven't updated it bcuz of that either.. Nor will I ever unless I have to reset my phone for sum reason or get a new one.

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They thought they knew it better than Google and they have been proven wrong.

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Do you mean Kindle Fire or Fire Phone? I don't think either of those is compatible, lol.

That would be ironic though, someone using Facebook Home on the Amazon Fire Phone.

Its a good way to have zero privacy. I hope it fails completely and development stops. Just look at the permissions that Facebook requires for their regular app...

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Facebook home has a place in a very special hell - one reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theatre.

I got rid of all my Facebook accounts awhile ago. Best thing ever

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I would only stick to default launchers (stock Android or skinned touchwiz/sense) and prefer facebook home to be retired because I think the facebook home launcher is privacy invasive and useless, and I didn't want to download this launcher.

I've the app, simply because of the lock screen.
It allows me to add a camera shortcut despite having a pattern lock.

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