Facebook beta

The beta track for the Facebook app got an update tonight. 

New in Version 3.6 is the ability to cancel a photo upload while it's in progress, and you'll like and comment on Pages recommendations.

You'll need to join Facebook's beta group if you've not done so already — and be sure to follow the instructions. (By the way, that's the same process you have to go through to take part in the beta track for our app, too.)


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Facebook beta updated, adds a couple new options


Im losing hope for a great facebook app. Seems like they are building on a very old build of android. Very limited options it seems and just doesn't run smoothly.

I agree.....It so surprises me that with all the revenue Facebook is generating from mobile ads, why can't we get decent app. I really like my Galaxy S3 but I see my buddy's Facebook interface on the Windows Nokia and that is how this should look. It seems like they are hiring college interns to develop this app. Completely sub-par.

The G+ app and even the Android Central app put the Facebook app to shame. You think with mobile devices obviously being the future, Facebook would have one of the best apps for their billion users.

Posted via Android Central App

Considering the web implementation was originally done with pure PHP, then sent to a C compiler, converted to a C++ compiler, and then when that didn't work, to a JIT compiler through a VM, it's not any wonder they're having problems with their mobile apps.

It's kind of a joke how they seem to spend the majority of their effort on the web version, when now over half of Facebook's users come from mobile devices. They'll refresh the web version every year, but the mobile app still lacks core functionality and is generally unstable and slow.

LOL I'm still using Version 1.6.4 !!! I keep the APK backed up on my sd. Only use the app for quick uploading of pics/videos and mostly use the mobile site...

The native android Facebook app has been nothing better than an atrocious experience. Even now, I have times where Facebook news feed and profiles fail to produce my photos or any of my news feed photos.

It's amazing the Zuck has this whole emphasis to push a great android app, and yet only the initial release of the non HTML5 app was suffice. Then it went downhill after that.

Ranting aside, I found a new app that functions as my new Facebook interface, and it is updated with HOLO (Jelly Bean UI) interface. It's called Klyph for Facebook. Check it out, there is a paid version which I bought, and haven't looked back since. Does pretty much everything that native app does, but more elegantly and cleaner: