If you are a Facebook lover who has yet to desert to magic of Google+, you will be happy to know that they are hard at work behind the scenes to continue to bring additional features to the mobile world. The application has been updated to version 1.6.1 which brings better pages support, tag pages in updates by using an "@" prior to the name, as well as viewing all pages that you like, and pages that you are an admin of. Be sure to check the market and ensure that you are on the latest update, as they also have implemented various bug fixes in this build as well as the other changes. Download links available after the break.


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Facebook for Android updated to v1.6.1


This one is not going to fail like the last update did?! Keep pushing links to the Mobile site.. so annoying... I will just wait and see what people have to say about it. Then maybe upgrade. Besides im having to much fun with Google+.


It baffles me that a small developer can make a better app than a multi-BILLION $ company. Every "upgrade" that the Facebook app has added for the last 6 months, FriendCaster Pro has been doing all the way back to when it was still named "f+". Not to mention that the Facebook app STILL can't do notifications right. I still end up getting notified by Gmail that I got a message before Facebook does!

The Facebook app is absolute garbage.

Thank you.. THe notifications dont even take you to the post. They dont refresh after you post... It is absolutely garbage! Small developer is putting in way more effort! I can even see all the people that like my post.. In the real fb app nothing... FAIL!

How do you post from a page you admin, I dont see this functionality anywhere. I see, under Friends, the list of pages I like and admin, but how do I post as that admin page?????

Did they fix it so event times show in the correct time zone? Never mind, I don't care I'm not on Facebook anymore.

What is the point of Google+? What incentive does it offer over Facebook?

I'm on it now and it looks like Facebook with different colors. Why should I go through all the trouble of moving all my photos and videos to Google+ and go through the time and effort of trying to get my friends to move to it? When it's the same exact thing as Facebook?

It's pointless. It's going to be another Google failure, and definitely the most publicized.

The Circles are a pretty compelling case, so you can actually say whatever you want and limit it to WHO you want to see it. Additionally, there's a free Chrome extension called Move Your Photos (formerly Move2Picasa) that will move all of your albums (or just ones you choose) from Facebook to Picasa.

But when Facebook adds that, then Google+ will have no distinguishing features and Facebook will still have 700 million more people than Google+.

I really want to use it, but I really think it will fail.

Facebook was a million times better done than MySpace, that's why people migrated. Google+ has 1 thing that's better than Facebook; the incentive to move is too small.

I do have to say, the mobile app for Google+ is awesome.

It will fail if many have your attitude. That is correct. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy thing.

There are a lot of people that are fed up with Facebook and think it sucks but it's the only game in town. Those are the people that Google+ will appeal to I think. I'm one of them. Hopefully, there will be enough early adopters to get momentum.

Facebook has already tried adding Lists and Groups, and the vast majority don't use those. Furthermore, as it stands now, Facebook doesn't allow for people to add someone without that person confirming the request. That totally goes against how Facebook works.

In order for Facebook to really implement a Circles-like approach, they'd have to completely overhaul the site and disrupt users by forcing them reconfigure their Friends lists. Plus they'd have to start allowing people to add friends somehow without needing the other person to confirm the friend request. Changing the site to allow for all of that is too big of a risk, especially considering that many people have hundreds or even thousands of "friends".

The point of google+ is it's not facebook.

Aside from the fact it looks nothing like FB, no one is forcing you to use it. If you're happy with FB that's fine, some of us like the ability to customize which FB lacks.

I far prefer to it FB myself, but will keep my FB page for those in my family technoligically challenged. It was a big deal when my 70 y/o Mom posted a pic on her own without having any help. :P

Still not able to install to tablet so I'm forced to use an older version for my Xoom. I posted the link on Facebook for Android's fb page awhile back in order to at least make them aware if they weren't that they stripped the posibility of installing this on a tablet. It makes no sense at all for them to do this even if the icons are pretty tiny on the version I have that is compatible. Shame on the devs who made this or updated this app as they must not have a clue what they're doing. There's no reason *NOT* to have it at least able to install on a honeycomb tablet at this point EVEN if they're working on a tablet version which they may be doing.

They cant get the phone version right so it would be painful to even watch them attempt to do a tablet version. This fb app is horrible.. If they do one for your tablet it may cause it to blow up!

LMAOOO I love to read these comments. After all it helps me to decide whether not to download or to download an "UPDATE".

It's still buggy as hell for me. Notifications no longer bring up the app when I click them from the notification bar. It's gone slower for me too.