If you're using the official Facebook application for Android, you'll want to head to Google Play and grab the latest version, as it's just been updated with "improved performance and various bug fixes." No word on exactly what these entail, but anything that brings a better, faster Facebooking experience on our phones has to be a good thing.

If you've noticed any changes in the latest version, be sure to drop by the comments and let us know. And if you've yet to install the official Facebook app, you can find it on Google Play over at this here Internet hyperlink.


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Facebook for Android gets performance and bug fixes in minor update


Facebook was becoming ridiculously slow to start on my Razr Maxx, sometimes taking up to a minute. I think this update solved that problem. Still trying to convince more of my friends to start using Google+, but I think it's not going to happen. Pity, because the Google+ app is pretty nice.

That wasn't necessary at all Dick! The app is slow as all hell on my galaxy nexus! Nothing to do with his phone. The app plain sucks. Let's try and grow up a little my friend

No matter how many performance & bug fixes the fb app gets it's still a slow,
slow app to load content!!!

The big redesign a month or two ago rendered the app useless on my Rezound except on 3G. This one's finally working normally on WiFi, but I've yet to check on 4G.

It's a shame. The poor performance was getting me to use FB slightly less and less each day.

Strange, I don't have any problem talking to people on Google Plus. As far as people complaining about free stuff...none of it is truly free.

I use the Facebook app as little as possible. It's slow and buggy and actually visually boring. In contrast the G+ app now has a nice look. Besides, I prefer the G+ environment over FB's anyday.

A ton of people love the concept of facebook, but a growing number of people don't like facebook. The interface has issues, the android app sucks, not a fan of their advertising methods or timeline, and the general company direction seems to have some big issues.

I think someone at facebook just hits "copy" "Paste" in the mod log. every "performance enhancement" has made this app almost unusable. I'm about 1 or 2 more updates away from just using the mobile site on Chrome beta.....

still Loading Loading and Loading...

I just got a Razr Maxx and have problem in Facebook Messenger. When there is a web link in the conversation, scroll there and Messenger will crash. No problem on my Atrix, Xoom and Nexus S, but just RAZR Maxx.

Updated and now i cant see pic or can i post comments.i have a epic 4g touch.Guess i will continue to enjoy G+.Thanks facebook for making another piece of crap update.......Google plus has there stuff together.

Has anyone noticed the app notifications now bring you to the right place (source of the notification) instead of the notifications list?

Who are you kidding?? That piece of shit will never work right!! I'm convinced that they just hire a bunch of interns who don't know shit yet to do their updates for them so that they don't actually have to spend money! I've been using Friendcaster because the FB app is ridiculously slow and stupid.

Here are the improvements I've seen:
1) Still slow to load
2) Still slow to refresh
3) Still can't post pics to specific albums.
4) NEW! - items in my news feed after the first 5-10 are text only.. no pics, no comments, no likes, etc. It's like facebook meets the VAX dumb terminal - retro is so sexy these days!

Wonderful upgrade... keep up the good work!

I'm seeing #4 as well now. The initial news feed entries that load when the app loads are fine. When I get past that, and it says it's loading more entries, those are text only.


Was very slow on the EVO 3D. The new version "fixes" that...now it doesn't work at all. Can't open photos. Can't click "like" or make comments. The news feed comes up but only after a minute.

Take a good look at the comments posted on Play. Numerous are negative reporting the same thing. I wish I read them before doing the upgrade.

I am never going to use the Facebook app for Android. After running it for a few weeks on my GSM Galaxy Nexus, I found it was using up to 27% of the battery. When I dived into the process further, it showed it keeping the phone awake. For whatever reason, Facebook was keeping my phone from sleeping. Since removing the Facebook app, I've seen slightly better battery life (though that may be in my head) and my phone shows it not being awake the whole time.

I agree, it still is slow..
Then again, I just use the mobile site and keep the app logged in with no refresh rate, only if I ever wanna update my status or upload a picture

The mobile site, for whatever reason, is incredibly faster than the app. The only benefit of having the app is if I want to upload a pic or share an article or something.

They always say "performance" but it's still the same piece of ****. I was done with Facebook (app) a few months ago. The browser version is decent enough when I absolutely need to check it.