Everybody loves the option of choosing their own carrier. And the Dell Streak is now available for purchase factory unlocked. The half-tablet-computer-half-phone Dell Streak packs a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 5-inch display capable of taking quite a beating, along with a number of other goodies. The Streak shipped with Android 1.6 but will be updated to 2.2, as promised by Dell, sometime this year. The phone is currently only available in the UK but will be available in the U.S. next month for the reasonable price of $500. [via Engadget]


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Dell Streak available factory unlocked for £449


I told myself if I ever win an Ipad or something like that, I'd use it mostly for gaming...
Same with the Dell Streak. However, the Snapdragons aren't that great for gaming right now. (apparently the 1.3ghz ones are)

And I'd wait a bit and see how the tablet thing goes for Android. To me this looks like a big Evo, lol.

No 5" is just fine. You have to remember so many companies have been competing with Apple trying to out iPhone an iPhone. Android is now re-defining the mobile space and the definition of smartphones and their capabilities. With units that range from 2.8" all the way to 5" and the processing power comparable to some low end laptops and netbooks the smartphone, rather Android smartphones, will become the replacement for most folks. Think of the upcoming generation of Androids, 2 Ghz from Motorola, dual core 800 Mhz HTC beast on T-Mobile and who knows what Sprint is going to pull out of its' hat. That's just THIS YEAR. This time next summer devices will be even more powerful.

"And the Dell Streak is now available unlocked for sends that wall crashing down with the option of purchasing it factory unlocked."

My head hurts. What?

With a 5" screen, the device must be close to 1/2 foot corner to corner. Yes that is getting a bit large for a pocketable phone type device.