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The Dell Streak 7 may never have been the most popular tablet ever released, and it may also be discontinued officially. That doesn't stop British retailer Currys shipping them right now for an online only price of £99.97

The listing still shows the Streak as shipping with Froyo, but Dell began rolling out Honeycomb for the device a couple of months back. At the £100 price point we're in impulse buy territory, so if you want one hit the source link below. They might not be about for long. 

Source: Currys UK


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Dell Streak 7 for £100 right now for UK buyers


Great for gaming if you change the build prop on these so the market thinks its a lg p990 everything from gameloft runs on it all the up to Modern Combat 3.Battery sucks and screen isn't great but for the kids its pretty good

To be precise the worst battery life of any Android tablet to date, a super low resolution screen, and gingerbread at launch. I can't think of a crappier tablet, so of course this is in fire sale mode.

Its a bluff friends. They probably have a dozen or two pieces left. Its a ploy to get more eyeballs to their offers.

I live in Ireland. I checked for stock in all their stores in Northern Ireland (both PCWorld & Curry's since they're same group and both advertised the offer) and I can easily drive up on Boxing day. NOT ONE store in the country has them.

I started checking their branches in their London, Nottingham, Southampton stores (where I have friends/family who can pick it up for me). Not ONE store has them. And this for all the PCWorld and Curry's stores put together.

Spend a lot of time trying one postcode after the other (since their site sucks!)to check for them. Such an utter waste of time.

This is a marketing ploy. They knew that such a 'great bargain' would get enough traction and ensure more eyeballs and footfalls into their stores.

Its a top class CON job.

I used the curry's website to price match on John Lewis and it worked so getting this as a cheap play around tablet to pass the time till I am working and can afford a top end one, being a student and all.