If you're looking to pick up a Fatboy Qi charging pillow on the cheap and live in an area which AT&T will ship to, you're in luck. In addition to their $5 deal on the Nokia DT-900 Qi charging plate, AT&T has now added the Fatboy Qi charging pillow to the mix and are also offering it for only $5.

Sadly, it seems the red and black ones are all sold out as of right now but there's still cyan left and that's one heck of a deal. We're in no position to complain about the color at that price. You'll probably want to act fast if you want to grab one. Can't imagine they'll be available for too much longer after this.

Source: AT&T

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mstrblueskys says:

In for two! 10% off of each.

Fatboy? ???? I'm telling the real fatboys on you.

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Dperks17 says:

Got one thanks!

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mathyus says:

if you order 3 or more they are 25% off on top of being on sale for $5 so they are $3.75 each. i ordered 8 and 2 other guys at the office each ordered 4 so now almost every desk can have one

Ordered my 4, $15.90 all in, not bad. Don't know what I'm going to do with 6 QI chargers but it cant hurt to have them laying around (I hope).

prediscover says:

Not available in California??

codeda says:

Yeah I got a message like that too here in CA. I wonder if they are just sold out?

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bawboh86 says:

I'm still forced full price thanks to it not being available in Colorado. >_>

Michigan also a no go.

Con_Valian says:

I'm in Denver and got 3 of them for $12.25 total. Maybe try again.

bawboh86 says:

I've tried a few times since seeing the deal. :( Maybe I'll try with Lakewood or Longmont zip codes, or something. (I, too, live in Denver, it's nice to see someone else from the area on the site :))

bawboh86 says:

Turns out it has to do with the color. Black and red are the only colors I can buy here, but they're all out of stock now (in store and online). >_<

EvanJ18 says:

Can someone confirm it works with Nexus 5? I know there was an issue with it not playing well with the Nexus 4.

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codeda says:

It works with our nexus 5s. Boyfriend has one at the office.

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EvanJ18 says:

Thanks. Not available in my area (Rhode Island) anyway. Womp womp.
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DJCBS says:

Rejoyce people. These things still cost us over 50€ (over US$70) in Europe.

flavius13 says:

None available in my area too. I assume they sold out. No charging plates either.

NickLippert says:

Where are they actually available? I'm in Washington and says not available.

gvaldes says:

"The device you've selected is not available in your area." Buh for Texas...

nldr says:

Yep, same... At least I managed to get a couple of the dt-900s a couple days back tho..

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eahinrichsen says:

Not available in Pennsylvania, either. Disappointing.

bm13084 says:

Folks, it's actually just all sold out... it's not your state being a butt

troshs says:

Haha, one comment to rule them all.

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droid5 says:

Web only deal?

cowboys2000 says:

Not available in Houston!

not available in south florida

artnoc310 says:

Odd. I was able to get one I North Florida.

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patstar5 says:

When att had the refurbished phone sell I got a galaxy s4 for $180 off contract. Gave my iphone 5 away, battery isn't that good and it gets really hot. Looking at the oneplus one as replacement. With att new plans make more sense just to pay full retail price and sell it later on ebay.

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Funny story, Bought two Nokia Black Wireless Charging Plates (Columbus, OH) sold out so I said ship/pick up from my home town (BFE, Ohio) had my cousin go pick them up. Listed Cousin as Authorized on my account, but store refused to let him pick them up. They did sell him the only two (Technically the ones *I* bought online) they had in stock sans the 10% off.

I called AT&T and raised hell about the ignorance of the store - they refunded my money.

tldr - I got two, and as an added bonus a bit of drama!

evostudios says:

Yes! Just got 3 of the white ones, thanks for the tip.

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twolastnames says:

Thanks for this link, got me some ordered.

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Quasar says:

Yes! I didn't know they were selling the Nokia charging plates online. I figured it was only in stores while supplies last. I was able to get one of the white ones. Unfortunately black was all sold out but I'll take a white one for $5!

zero3187 says:

red and black were out of stock and the other colors weren't available in my area. I did, however, pick up some of the DT-900s in white.

ead-fishing says:

Hey m

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Impulses says:

Is it me or does the site just redirect you to the main page or a dead end whenever you click the link for the cyan? I can actually get to the product page for the red one (despite being out of stock) but it's like the cyan link is broken... Do I have to be logged into an AT&T account? Wanted to check availability nearby to then use my sister's/parent's account.

zero3187 says:

The first time I clicked the link it brought me to a page for the cyan that said it was unavailable in my area. Any time after that I was getting what you're getting. Just the main page.

This article should win the prize for causing the most disappointment.

ecols33 says:

The site URL redirects to the homepage when you click on Fatboy!

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flip805 says:

Snagged the last one at my local at&t store in cali. Score!

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MosesJ19 says:

Is the Fatboy the dt-900 just with the added pillow?

thaphoenix2 says:

Looks like I'm too late to the game. Sold out on the line, and none in local stores

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s2weden2000 says:

"not for aijphoney users"

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

Jacques says:

I didn't get to get the pillow, but I did get the regular Nokia wireless charger (in white) for $5. :-)

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mathyus says:

i had placed an order for these, and paid, then today got an Email that they cancelled my order because the product was discontinued...