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6 years ago

Gaming on the Droid X


Droid X gaming

Sure, you could use the Motorola Droid X's 4.3-inch screen to be productive and all, but let's get down to what we really want: Games. Fast, smooth, immersive games. And in our demonstration at the Motorola event in New York, that's exactly what we saw. Don't worry so much about specs, just know this: That 1GHz processor and dedicated GPU scream. It's fast. Real fast. We'll show you after the break.

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6 years ago

Preorder the Droid X now at Best Buy


Motorola Droid X

Looking to preorder the Motorola Droid X? Best Buy's taking them now -- in stores --  in advance of the July 15 launch on Verizon. The good news is that Best Buy's doing its usual thing where you don't have to deal with any pesky mail-in rebate, so you get the $199 price up front. So they got that going for them, which is nice. [Engadget]

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6 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 18


Audio-only stream below

Phil's back from the Motorola Droid X event in New York, with the phone in hand! Plus, a bunch of your e-mails and voicemails. And vuvuzelas!

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6 years ago

Sprint says 'Us, too!' when it comes to Froyo


Not wanting to be left out, Sprint announced this morning that it's working on the Android 2.2 update, and that the Evo 4G will get it.

As work on finalizing the software is under way, Sprint expects to launch Android 2.2 in the near future. It also will be available as an upgrade on the recently launched HTC EVO 4G.

With the Android 2.2 upgrade, customers can expect improvements to include the following benefits: updates to user interface, improved EAS Support, improved browser performance, including Flash 10x Support, voice dialing over Bluetooth and application storage on external memory.

No exact date on when we'll start seeing  updates roll out -- they say "in the near future -- so we'll all have to sit patiently and wait. Let us know how that works out for ya. [Sprint]

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6 years ago

U.S. Cellular to boast 4 Android phones


We've known for some time that U.S. Cellular was getting the HTC Desire, thanks to it being on the regional carrier's rebate form. And now we've got a launch window. The Desire will be available in "early August."

Oh, but wait. There's more. Another Samsung Android phone -- to go along with the Acclaim, which is coming July 9 -- is on the way, and LG will have an Android phone, too. That'll give U.S. Cellular four Android phones -- twice as many as AT&T. Who said the little guys can't play big? Full presser after the break.

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6 years ago

Droid X torn down, splayed for all to see


Motorola Droid X teardown

What do you get when you rip open a Droid X? Besides a creamy caramel center, you get what you see above. Not sure we want to try this ourselves just yet, but there's video after the break of it being done, so if you really get the urge ... Oh, and do note that you don't actually need a screwdriver to remove the battery. As Max notes, he forgot to put the pull tab back on after a previous disassembly. [ via Engadget]

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6 years ago

New BlueAnt apps for Android provide message reading assist


BlueAnt, the maker of innovative Bluetooth peripheral devices, has just announced the availability of new Android apps that work with the S4 True Handsfree Car Speakerphone and the T1 Rugged Bluetooth Headset -- enabling users to hear incoming text messages read aloud automatically.

BlueAnt already considers T1 and S4 to be groundbreaking devices. The T1 provides the excellent wind noise reduction, delivering clear audio in wind speeds up to 22 mph, and the S4 is the world’s first true handsfree car speakerphone, allowing drivers to communicate on the road using just their voice AND without needing to touch their phone or car speakerphone at all. 

Key features of both applications:

  • Listen to your text messages – When you receive a text message your BlueAnt device will automatically read out the full message using Text To Speech technology.
  • Help and Support – The BlueAnt Android apps provide a direct connection to BlueAnt’s customer service center to help users with any product need.
  • User Manual – Both apps also feature a user-friendly searchable manual that has been customized and formatted to fit the phone’s screen.

The apps work with any Android handset running Android OS 2.0 or above, and are available as a free download for all S4 and T1 owners.  Users can download them from the Android Market.   For more information about all BlueAnt’s hands-free device, see

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6 years ago

Swype expects to be on 50 devices by 2011 -- but this is not one of them


Swype Droid X WinMo

There's a Reuters story going 'round today in which Swype CEO Mike McSherry (hey, Mike!) expects his keyboard -- which we're big fans of, by the way -- to be on 50 phones by year's end. It's currently on 10 (including the just-announced Motorola Droid X), so there's a bit of catching up to do, but no reason it can't be done. And we've love to see it happen.

That said (and we're just having a little fun here) one phone you won't see it on is the one above. That's right, Swype will not be on a Windows Mobile-powered Motorola Droid X. Photoshop blunder or not, we can think of a few people who would love to see this happen, though. And knowing the enterprising Android developers out there, it just might. And if you haven't tried Swype yet, you should. Get it at Thanks, Justin!

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid X system dump available; hackers already hard at it


moto Droid X

What happens when a pre-released phone gets into the hands of someone who knows their way around the Android system is a beautiful thing.  Late last night we got a system dump from the brand spanking new Droid X out in the Android Central forums, and things are already springing up.

  • Android Central member mothy can hook you up with all the new static wallpapers HERE
  • The all new drrrroooooiiiidddd sounds can be found HERE
  • The Eclair Tips Widget (tested only on the HTC Evo) can be found HERE
  • You can find the multitouch keyboard HERE at droid-life
  • Kellen reported in that they now have the boot animation ported over to the Droid Incredible, check it out HERE at droid-life
  • And last, but not least, you can get the whole system dump and play until your heart's content right HERE

With over 500 downloads so far of the system dump, we expect big things out of the hacking community, and we can experience a little bit of the Droid X while waiting for it to hit the shelves.  Thanks heartagram616 for the keyboard tip!

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S live wallpapers hacked onto other phones


Galaxy S live wallpapers

Things like this is why I love Android.  Hacker extraordinaire persiansown has ripped the new live wallpapers out of the Samsung Galaxy S and ported them to other devices.  They all make a very nice subtle background, and with 4 to choose from there's probably something there to tickle your fancy.  As for me, I really like the Blue Sea one.  Hit the break to see some images and a short video of them in action, and you can find the download (tested on the Nexus, Moto Droid, HTC Evo, but should work on any Android 2.1 HVGA device) at the source link. [xda-developers]

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6 years ago

Another Evo 4G update said to be coming June 28


Another update for the Evo 4G coming soon from Sprint and HTC?

Sprint may be getting ready to push out another maintenance release for the Evo 4G, set for June 28 according to inside sources. Three things are rumored for the update:

  • WiFi signal reporting
  • Exchange ActiveSync policy improvements
  • Social networking improvements to address battery life issues

Sounds like a good update all in all, and touches on what we've already heard as far as the WiFi fix goes. Still not hearing anything on the 30 FPS issue, so we'll just keep our fingers crossed. [BGR]

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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for June 23 2010



The amount of developer support that the Android has been getting is rather amazing, and the applications have made great strides since even six months ago. Sometimes it can be a bit rough to find a new application to try out so we try to simplify it for you and bring you some choices that we use daily. Check them out after the jump.

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6 years ago

Google remotely wipes app from a few phones, explains why


If you didn't know, Google has the ability to remotely delete applications from your phone that may be malicious or otherwise violate the Android and Android Market Terms of Service. And it's a pretty big deal when that happens, and it's a testament to the platform and the developers that it doesn't often happen in this open community.

But Google recently took steps to remotely wipe an app from a small number of phones. And in the interest of full disclosure, they're telling us why:

Recently, we became aware of two free applications built by a security researcher for research purposes. These applications intentionally misrepresented their purpose in order to encourage user downloads, but they were not designed to be used maliciously, and did not have permission to access private data — or system resources beyond permission.INTERNET. As the applications were practically useless, most users uninstalled the applications shortly after downloading them.

After the researcher voluntarily removed these applications from Android Market, we decided to exercise our remote application removal feature on the remaining installed copies to complete the cleanup.

The remote application removal feature is one of many security controls Android possesses to help protect users from malicious applications. In case of an emergency, a dangerous application could be removed from active circulation in a rapid and scalable manner to prevent further exposure to users. While we hope to not have to use it, we know that we have the capability to take swift action on behalf of users’ safety when needed.

Good on Google for not wielding this sword unnecessarily, and good on them for explaining to us why it was done. Hit the source link for the full deets. [Android Developers Blog]

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6 years ago

Hands on (and unplugged) with the Logitech Revue Google TV box


Logitech Revue Google TV box

Sidled up to Logitech at the Digital Experience event in New York City, and lookie what we found -- the Logitech Revue Google TV set-top box. OK, so it's not plugged into a TV or anything, but it's still nice to actually pick up the device and get a feel for how it might look among our home-entertainment system. We'll worry about how it works -- and eventually how it runs Android apps -- later this year. Check it out, after the break.

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6 years ago

UnrEVOked releases reflash recovery tool for Desire, Evo, and Incredible



If you're in the middle of pulling sd cards, running scripts, or swearing profusely at your HTC phone while trying to flash a custom recovery image, stop now.  The good people at unrEVOked have released another easy tool that does all the hard work for you. 

We at unrEVOked have just released a tool for rooted Incredibles, EVOs, and
Desires that installs Koush's excellent ClockworkMod Recovery without making
you install an engineering bootloader.

For those on the fence, hopefully this helps the decision a bit.  I've already rooted everything the hard way, so I'd love to hear how it works out for any of you guys who give it a try. [unrEVOked]

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