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Samsung Epic, Galaxy Tab, and Transform OTA's coming from Sprint March 21


Sprint's Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab, and Samsung Transform will all be receiving OTA updates starting March 21 according to documents leaked to us by an anonymous tipster(s).  The above picture was sent to us, as well as the full text by a duo of tipsters, so we're almost certain this will pan out. 

The Epic 4G will be updated OTA to EC05, which is Android 2.2.1 (Froyo), and according to the docs will add Sprint ID.

The Galaxy Tab will be updated to EB28 which is also Android 2.2.  This update will add Sprint ID and the ability to check usage numbers.

The Samsung Transform will also be updated to EB28 which will add Swype, upgrade the Sprint Zone to version 2.5, and provide various bug fixes in search, mobile hotspot, and Google sync issues.

These updates are all scheduled to begin Monday, and it may take up to four days to complete the rollout.  Thanks to both of our tipsters!

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3 years ago

ClockworkMod recovery now available for the Dell Streak 7


Dell Streak 7 developer graffixnyc and his band of co-horts (check the source link to see just who to thank) have successfully built ClockworkMod recovery for the Dell Streak 7.  With some help from Koush the build seems to be able to handle everything successfully except mounting the boot and recovery partitions, because Dell is using non standard partitions.

One thing to note -- read the source link carefully before attempting to install.  There are currently (at the time of this writing) issues when flashing recovery from Rom Manager.  The developer goes over the correct (and simple) process of flashing this manually via fastboot very well, so read his instructions.  Now we can add one more reason to want the Honeycomb AOSP code. [XDA-Developers] Thanks Patrick, bogdi1988, and Josh!

Update: bogdi1988 got back in touch with us to let us know the Rom Manager issues have been sorted out, and recovery can be flashed direct.  Even awesomer.

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3 years ago

Fring updated to support the Motorola Atrix and the Dell Streak


The developers at Fring have updated their video calling application to support the Motorola Atrix and the Dell Streak.  The application isn't yet available in the Market, but a quick trip over the the Fring blog (source link) will give you an email address to request the updated version before it gets uploaded to the Android Market.

This creates a sticky situation with the AT&T devices -- sideloading is blocked by default.  There's no need to fret though, you can use the Sideload Wonder Machine to get past that one.  You'll be chatting face-to-face with friends and family in no time.  [Fring] Thanks, Jeremy!

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3 years ago

Staples pre-order begins for the Wi-Fi Xoom, shipping 3/25


If you are looking to pick up a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom, Staples has opened their pre-order form online, and they are showing a ship date of 3/25. While the estimated delivery dates are showing 3/28, the day after it will be available in retail locations, the good thing is that you will be guaranteed a device, and won't even have to leave your home. So, if interested in doing it all online, and not worried about having to wait an extra day, be sure to check out the Staples site. [Staples] Thanks, Danny!

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3 years ago

Hungry MonstR brings minutes, or hours of fun to your Android device


When looking for new games for my device I have not only myself in mind, but also games to keep the little man busy when we get stuck somewhere unexpectedly. Hungry MonstR is a great, easy to learn game that can be used to keep you extremely entertained, whether it be for the three minute quick game, or the unlimited time mode. The idea behind the game is simple, you have to fling the monsters to the appropriate corner, which is determined by the color of the monster, and if your fingers flick the wrong way, the corner does remain blocked for a period of time.

While the concept is very simple, and there is nothing too crazy about the game, it is certainly entertaining, and is sure to provide some great entertainment. For only 99 cents in the Android market, this game is definitely one you will want to try out for yourself. Download links, and video sample available after the break.

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3 years ago

Winner of the free HTC ThunderBolt from Android Central announced


Around here we like to give away new devices as they come out, especially highly anticipated ones. As such, we set up a forum thread not that long ago where you all could drop your name to possibly win yourself a fancy, LTE 4G packing HTC Thunderbolt. In keeping with that promise to our readers we have gone ahead and chose a winner for the device -- and that winner is:


Big congrats to Hand_O_Death for winning, and many thanks to you all who signed up for the forums. All we can really say is we're glad that Hand_O_Death has plans to give the device to his wife while he holds out for the Bionic. Something about giving a device to a guy named Hand_O_Death kind of scares us. Don't forget folks, we also have a contest for a Thunderbolt Innocase II Surface Case happening now as well. Get in while you still can.

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3 years ago

Android at PAX East 2011


This past weekend, 70,000 gamers gathered in Boston for one of gaming's largest conventions, PAX East. That's a whole lot of people in one place -- trust us, we were there. Among all the console games, computer games, tabletop games, LARPing, and cosplay, Android was along for the fun, too.

Android and iOS developer, Halfbrick, was there showing off Fruit Ninja HD and was even selling some pretty adorable Fruit Ninja swag. Sprint was also there, sponsoring the IGN booth. The booth was filled with booth babes rocking Samsung Epics and Galaxy Tabs. The ladies were dressed in very yellow attire (refer to pics below). NVIDIA was also there, showing off some Xoom tablet action, as well as highlighting NVIDIA's Tegra Zone

While it was nice to see Android at PAX this weekend, we're still wondering: Where are all the good games at? Photos after the break.

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3 years ago

Sony Ericsson expects Japan disaster to disrupt supply chain


Sony Ericsson has issued a press release today about the horrible disaster in Japan.  They express sympathy for the people of Japan, show concern for the 1100 Sony Ericsson employees in Japan, and let us know that the situation is likely to disrupt their supply chain for components.

Northern Japan manufactures a large portion of the worlds electronic components, so this news is not unexpected.  Whether other companies come forward with similar press releases or not, this will effect most manufacturers of consumer electronic goods. 

It's important to remember that factories and engineering offices can be rebuilt, but the human factor is the most important issue.  We here at Android Central want to express our deepest sympathy for the people of Japan, and wish the nation and it's citizens a most speedy recovery.  Sony Ericsson's full, but brief, press release is after the break. [Sony Ericsson]

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3 years ago

Has Apple lost it with their latest marketing campaign?



If you have yet to catch Apple's latest marketing attempts,"If you don't have an iPhone...", you have missed a series of humorous videos, in which they clearly have caught a case of amnesia. In Apple's latest videos they have hinted at being the only platform which contains an AppStore which contains all the best applications, but have they forgotten a lot of them are available on Android now in the ever growing Market. Must we remind them of Read It Later, Words with Friends and Angry Birds, which are dual platform now. Also, they have hinted about iBooks being the only way to read books on a mobile platform, but what about the Nook application as well as Google Books, and many others? Come on Apple, we know you are scared by the numbers, but let's not forget others are doing it, and arguably better. Another video after the break. [Youtube via TiPb]

Update: Let's try this again.  Shout out to thisisliving93 at Youtube for re-posting the first video.  Seems like Apple didn't like the Internet watching it.

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3 years ago

HTC Thunderbolt Hands-On and Speed Test; Updated with video


Now that the HTC Thunderbolt is officially available and in stores (though we suggest calling ahead - a few stores in some cities are already sold out), we naturally had to pick up the latest  big-screened Android phone and start putting it through its paces. The Thunderbolt's specs, if you don't recall, include the now-nearly-standard 4.3" WVGA screen and 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8mp camera with 720p HD video on the back with a VGA camera on the front, and finally a capacious 32g microSD card.

Oh yeah, one more spec: Verizon's wicked-fast 4G LTE network.

So far in our testing in Miami that network is pulling down a very solid 3 megabits per second and uploading so fast that the Speedtest.net app can't really even provide accurate numbers. The device itself also shows remarkably little lag or stutter - even while Android is dutifully pulling down a very large number of apps and profile information we haven't experienced any notable delay.

Hardware-wise, we're a little tempted to say HTC phoned this one in. It's solid and hefty, no doubt, but a little uninspired and definitely a descendant of the EVO 4G. However, there are a lot of nice little touches throughout - including a soft-touch paint that's a pleasure to hold and a large kickstand that cleverly sits atop the Thunderbolt's large rear-speaker. Not so clever: the microUSB charging port sits on the side of the phone that's on your desk when the kickstand is out, so you literally can't charge the Thunderbolt while it's resting on the kickstand.

We'll have much much more on the Thunderbolt very soon. In the meantime check out some photos after the break. Update: Video after the break!

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