7 hours ago

Announcing the 'Weekly Photo Contest: Focus and Blur' winner!


Riding on the release of Google Camera into the Play Store and new camera features from the Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, we decided to set up this week's photo contest looking for the best sharp-focused and selectively-blurred pictures. With the combination of great hardware and new innovative software, it's getting easier to apply realistic blurring effects to already excellent photos — all within the phone.

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8 hours ago

Watch the Motorola 'Celebrating 50 software launches' hangout


Motorola's Punit Soni is talking up the company's software strategy. Let's listen in.

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8 hours ago

Google ships XE16.11 for Glass after units bricked


A quick heads up for those of you whose Google Glass might have gone south with the XE16.1 update: Google's on it, help is on the way, and we recommend you head on into the private Google Glass forums for more. Some of ours updated just fine, others didn't. So if you're down, you know where to go. And for everyone else, look for XE16.11 now. Hey, we're Explorers, after all.

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8 hours ago

eBay for Android updated with a new look, actionable notifications and more


eBay's Android app has had a significant update which includes, including active notifications that offer one-touch bids, and adaptive tablet support for 7-inch and 10-inch devices. There are a handful of other notable improvements, such as easier relisting and pricing options for sellers, sorting and readability improvements to messages, and charity support through eBay's Giving Works programs.

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9 hours ago

Trident Aegis Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Trident Aegis Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Next up in our parade of Galaxy S5 cases is the Trident Aegis Case. This is one of those two-for-one deals (three, really) that provides a lot of protection for your phone.

Start with the layer of shock-absorbing silicone — rubber, really — that fits around your phone. Presumably it'll help against dust and moisture, too, though the Galaxy S5 is already pretty good at that on its own thanks to its IP68 rating. On top of that rubber skin goes a hard plastic shell — let's just call it an exoskeleton, 'cause it sounds cooler — that not provides even more protection. Some of the rubber skin is exposed, giving you some nice grip points.

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11 hours ago

AT&T shows off the PadFone X once again, but still no release date


AT&T has continued teasing the Asus PadFone X with a video, despite the conspicuous absence of an actual release date. They're highlighting the screen mirroring capabilities of the tablet/phone pair, as well as the smartphone's high-speed, low-light-sensitive 13 megapixel camera.

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11 hours ago

Motorola Solutions makes investment in Recon Instruments


Motorola Solutions invests in heads-up glasses start up Recon Instruments Motorola Solutions (no, not that Motorola — the other one) has given a bag of cash to heads-up glasses maker Recon Instruments. Recon, whose Recon Jet HUD glasses we've been looking forward to for some time, didn't disclose the amount of the investment, but that it was enough to warrant a press release tells us it was at least marginally substantial to their bottom line. The investment will be "used to accelerate product development and to ramp up global marketing and distribution."

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12 hours ago

Xiaomi will soon sell smartphones in 10 more countries


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has announced plans to expand their sales into 10 more countries. Though they currently sell very well in China — 7% of sales in a market with well over a billion customers, as well as being available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and most recently Singapore, the company understandably thirsts for the opportunity to sell their wares in other lucrative markets. Xiamoi's smartphones tend to be well built and decently specced with competitive prices, which will serve them well in their expansion plans.

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12 hours ago

Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 update squashes bugs and drops Google from S Finder


Sprint has issued a software update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a few tweaks and fixes, but the most notable one is that it makes it so S Finder doesn't offer up Google search results anymore. The update also intends to fix resonsiveness with the S View Cover, let you take pictures during a voice call, and squash a few alarm and e-mail bugs.

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13 hours ago

Nokia X Review

Nokia X

Nokia is taking itself down a new path in the lower end of the market with the Nokia X, but is it any good?

Back on Feb. 24 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the press – including us – were gathered around the Nokia booth to listen to what Stephen Elop was about to introduce. What came after that was the Nokia X. (And its siblings, the better-spec'd Nokia X+, and the larger and better Nokia XL.) At long last, a Nokia smartphone powered by Android. Only, not quite.

Sure, it's Android running on the Nokia X. But it's Android in a form unlike any other we've seen before. What Nokia introduced that day was its own take on how an Android smartphone should look and feel. The short version; a Windows Phone-inspired homescreen and absolutely no Google anywhere to be found. And not since the Moto G did a low-end handset create such discussion.

Elop emphasized during the presentation that the Nokia X was for Microsoft's cloud, not Google's. It's all about getting folks into Microsoft's services. So this isn't an Android phone like most that cross our paths, but it's still a potentially important device. So we've tracked one down and spent a little time getting to know it. Head on past the break and take a look.

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