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Poll: Do you let your kids play with your phone or tablet?


Oops. Somebody's inadvertently gone and started a rational discussion on Google+, about whether kids should be allowed to play with our expensive toys. There's no right or wrong answer (until the inevitable happens, we suppose) -- to each his (or her) own.

So, let's hear it. We know you love your Android smartphone or tablet. Do you love your kids enough to let them play with several hundred dollars worth of hardware?

Do you let your kids play with your Android phone or tablet?

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3 years ago

A blurry LG Prada K2 spied on a desk


Not sure we'd really call this an "in the wild" video, but here's a very short, blurry look at the LG Prada K2 sitting on a desk. And that's about all you get. But a previous leak peg it at having a 4.3-inch NOVA display (that's the 1,000-nit thing that's also in the LG Optimus Black). It's got an 8MP rear camera and 1.3MP shooter up front, plus 21Mbps data.

Source: Pocketnow

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3 years ago

Android Game Review: Switch


Youtube link for mobile viewing

This one's dizzingly addictive. Switch is an Android racing game that's about distance, speed and trying to send you running for a barf bag, while trying to do an impression of Tap Tap Revenge at the same time.

You've got a little triangular racing thing, which goes speeding down a four-lane track. The idea is to miss things that are coming at you.. The game starts out pretty slow. But once it speeds up, it throws a wrench into things by going all sideways. It's an interesting mix of simple gameplay and visual tricks, and keeps things exciting.

Switch is free, and we've got download links after the break.

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3 years ago

Gingerbread update for the HTC Inspire 4G now ready


It has been quite a wait for HTC Inspire 4G owners but now the time has finally arrived. Right now, you can check for system updates or head on over to the HTC support site and find the Inspire Gingerbread update readily available for download.

HTC Inspire™ 4G for AT&T Gingerbread ROM Update | 08.08.2011

Starting August 4th 2011, HTC will be rolling out a system update for the HTC Inspire 4G.

This update will only be available for AT&T HTC Inspire 4G Customers and will be sent to the device over the air. Once the release is ready, HTC Inspire 4G users will receive a notification on their device advising them of this update and provide instructions to receive and install it. Users can proactively check for this update by going to Home>Menu>Settings> AT&T Software Update > HTC Wi-Fi software update > Check now. The system update can also be downloaded below and manually applied to the device.

If you decide to update your device manually, make sure you have a back up in place. The update will delete all user information stored on the device and you'll not be able to get it back. If you need some help -- by all means, jump into the Android Central forums and ask away.

Source: HTC; via: Android Central Forums
Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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3 years ago

Meet the Android Central developers group


Here at Android Central we're about more than just bringing you the latest Android news, we have the best damn Android forums on the Internet!  (Notice the capital I in Internet. We're serious.)  Being the best, and staying the best, means we're always looking for ways to offer more, and this one is pure awesomesauce direct from AC forums admin Cory Streater's laboratory -- the Android Central developers group. 

We're kicking things off with a group of fellows who have taken the Sprint Optimus S and the Virgin Mobile Optimus V and changed them from great mid level phones into something that's downright spectacular with their endless late night coding sessions and dedication.  What these gentlemen have done is amazing, and if you have a phone that they work with, you probably already know it.  Jonathan, Drew, Justin, and Nick -- we raise our glass to you.

This is only the beginning folks.  The fellas and their Optimii have helped us draw up a plan and get the ball rolling, while still pumping out great work for the little phones that could, but we're ready to blow the doors off this bad boy.  While you're taking a few moments to read about the current devs in the developer group, have a peek at the basic requirements for the program as well.  If this sounds like we're talking about you, give us a shout -- Uncle Lloyd wants you.  There's perks, and we're not afraid to tackle issues that arise and keep the BS to a minimum so you can focus on your work.  There's about a half million members with over 1.1 million posts ready to have a look at your labors of love, and that's a lot of eyeballs.

Meet the Developers of Android Central

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3 years ago

Android Kids App: Bord Chalkboard


Here's a nice little Honeycomb-optimized chalkboard called, appropriately enough, Bord. As far as virtual chalkboards go, Bord works quite nicely. You've got six colors and three sizes from which to choose, and you can have either a green board or black board. There's a sponge for, erm, sponging, and you can load and save your drawings, and even play them back in real time. Or, you can share over e-mail or Facebook. Cleanup's simple -- just shake the board.

Best part is that it's free, though the in-app ad is pretty annoying, at least visually. Bord is definitely worth taking a look at, though. We've got download links after the break.

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: Color Confusion


I'm not sure how to explain Color Confusion. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm just not sure how to describe the frustration you'll feel as you realize learning the basic colors (red, yellow, blue) won't help you at all in this game. Oh, well.

Color Confusion has a simple idea: mix cans of paint to create the colors that need to be made. Easy description, mind-blowingly difficult concept (at times).

You get a limited number of "mixes" per level, and if you run out of mixes before you've discovered how to make all the colors, you lose. Fortunately, you can then choose to be shown what colors at your disposal you needed to mix, and (one would assume) learn.

If you find yourself not liking the colors you were dealt, the bottom right-hand corner of the screen has a "remix" button. We're not talking dance party, dubstep remix, just a "have some new colors" remix. As far as I can tell, you get unlimited remixes, so don't be afraid to grab some colors you know how to create.

You're timed on how fast you complete a level, so there's some incentive to not completely lollygag. As you advance through the levels, more and more colors need to be mixed at a time, but the game compensates by upping your mix count to balance things out.

Overall, Color Confusion is definitely for those who want a serious challenge, but not for the faint of heart. There's both a free version and a paid version on the Market, but the paid version only sets you back one greenback (standard fare 'round these parts), so don't hesitate to show your support if it's something you enjoy.

Download links are after the break.

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3 years ago

Honeycomb Tip: Silencing all notifications

3 years ago

More pictures of the HTC Ruby show a sleek device coming to T-Mobile


A couple of weeks ago, we saw a photo of part of the rumored HTC Ruby that displayed T-Mobile branding and evidence of the Android camera app. Now a picture has surfaced of the front of the device, which looks pretty slick.

Specs have yet to leak out, but this phone could be a slightly lesser version of the popular HTC Sensation, which could appeal to a lot of people. A cheaper phone perhaps that offers solid specs would be widely adopted in my opinion. Of course nothing is official or even leaked out at this point, so we'll have to be content with the photo. When something does pop up about the Ruby though, we'll make sure to let you know as soon as it does.

Source: Pocketnow

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3 years ago

HTCdev.com goes online: One-stop shopping for OpenSense SDK, kernel source and (soon) bootloader unlocking


If you're the serious tinkering type (as opposed to the rest of us who just like to occasionally break things), it's time to check out HTCdev.com. Two-thirds of the site, announced at the beginning of June, are now live. The OpenSense SDK gives developers easy access to take advantage of all of the HTC Sense APIs and add-ons. (For example, the tablet pen for the HTC Flyer.)

Then there's HTC's kernel source repository. HTC's been putting out kernel source for quite some time, and now it's got a new home.

And, finally, there's the much-anticipated bootloader unlock web tool. It's not live yet, but should be later this month as HTC updates the Sensation then the EVO 3D to allow for unlocked bootloaders.

More: HTCdev.com

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