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Motorola offering 10% off their accessories just because


Motorola is offering a 10% discount on most of the accessories sold through their online store using the checkout code JUSTBECAUSE10. You can apply this to anything that isn't already on clearance, and if you get $75-worth of gear, you get free shipping. That might be easy considering the Moto X is currently $125 off and Moto X cases are 50% off now too. The promo is running until the end of August, so you've got some time to take advantage.

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SwiftKey kicks off summer sale with new themes, price cuts


Third-party keyboard SwiftKey has been updated, adding new themes, as well as fixing bugs. Several exisiting themes for SwiftKey are also on sale for a limited time.

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Daily Deals: MYBAT Hard Shell for HTC One M8 and SURFACE Case for Nexus 5

Daily Deal July 29

You wanted more deals, and you got'em! Today we're slashing prices on popular cases for the HTC One M8 and LG Nexus 5.

Both covers have plenty of colors to choose from and do a great job at shielding your Android device from those unforeseen drops. And, now you can grab either one (or both) at an awesome discounted price!

These savings are only valid for today so grab them up while the gettin's good. Oh, and don't forget about our convenient 60-day return policy and fast shipping!


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How to keep your kids (or anyone else) from buying on your Google Play account

Google Play purchases

Passwords, passwords, passwords

Have we mentioned lately the importance of using a password? Whether it's on your device itself, or any of your accounts, you've got to keep things behind a password. And that goes for making purchases from Google Play as well.

Android Central University — SecurityA more recent bone of contention has been with keeping kids from racking up big bills on their parents' credit cards by haphazardly downloading anything and everything. That it's so easy to download apps and music and books is a good thing — but it also means it's easy to little ones to do so, ignorant of the cost — or the consequences.

But it's also pretty easy to protect your Google account so that there's a check in place before anyone else spends your money.

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How to set a reminder on Android Wear

Android Wear reminders

Google Now has supported reminders on Android and on the web for some time, but with the advent of Android Wear, making sure you don't forget important stuff is easier than ever. And there are a few different ways to go about setting a notification on Android Wear — including on the LG G Watch, Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear Live — which we'll dig into after the break.

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Nokia's last hurrah is a 4G version of the Nokia XL


The Nokia X family is destined for the chopping block, but that hasn't come in the way of Microsoft launching a 4G enabled version of the Nokia XL in China today. The device comes with upgraded hardware and Chinese D-LTE and TD-SCDMA LTE network compatibility.

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Top app, device and accessory sales for July 29, 2014


Looking to gear up for the summer? We've got some new sales on Android devices, accessories, and apps that you may be interested in...

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Outlook.com Android app gets offline access while OneNote beta begins


Microsoft has updated its Outlook.com app for Android, which finally adds a way for its users to check out their emails while offline. Also, the previously announced OneNote Android beta program has begun with its first release.

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NVIDIA Shield Tablet review

NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Wireless Controller

If you're willing to go all-in with some extra accessory purchases, you can have one of the most flexible and capable Android tablets out there today

NVIDIA has won over many consumers' hearts and minds in the desktop computer space with its high-performance graphics cards, and is looking (once again) to parlay that success into the consumer electronic space with the Shield Tablet. Drawing on intense brand recognition within the gamer community, NVIDIA wants to sell a device that's a great overall tablet, but with gaming features unmatched by the competition.

It's fighting an uphill battle outside of the most hardcore of potential gaming buyers, though. General consumers definitely don't think of NVIDIA when it comes to making their next tablet purchase, and even those who know the name may already have brand allegiances with Apple, Samsung, LG or Google when it comes to tablets.

Luckily NVIDIA has more than just brand recognition to work with. Read on as we break down the merits of NVIDIA's Shield device, the Tegra K1-powered Shield Tablet.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini starts shipping in the UK August 7


The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is set to begin shipping in the UK on August 7. The phone, announced earlier this month, is currently available for pre-order through Samsung's website, as well as retailers like Phones 4u. The Galaxy S5 Mini will cost around £389.95, and comes in gold, blue, black, and white.

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