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Start your week with the Greatest Android Podcast in the World!

Android Central Podcast

What'd you miss on the most recent Android Central Podcast? No spoilers, but something about a petulant young king, a mother of dragons and a young girl seeking to avenge her family. Plus, a leading astrophysicist walks us through the ends and outs of the cosmos, explaining how the smallest bits of our universe can be of the utmost importance.

Wait. We were thinking of something else. So what really went down on Episode 181 of the Android Central Podcast? Only one way to find out. OK, there are actually 13 different ways to find out. But start here.

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How to turn on and off autocorrect on the Samsung Galaxy S5


While autocorrect always has the best intentions, it doesn't always play nice with everyone. The Galaxy S5 is no exception. Whether you want to simply disable it permanently or just while typing something that may contain a lot of words it doesn't recognize, you can do so on any keyboard you have pulled up in just a few taps. Here's how:

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Deal of the Day: Amzer Shellster with Kickstand for LG Nexus 5

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Domino's Pizza will now let you pay with Google Wallet, give you free chicken


Domino's pizza has been a vanguard of mobile pizza ordering, what with their Android app that lets you order on the go — and now they're going even more mobile with Google Wallet support. Announced this morning, the app has been updated to support payment via Google Wallet.

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3 hours ago

A word of caution on using the Google Now Launcher on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

Largely all is well, until you enter ultra power saving mode

Here's a quick word of caution to anyone sideloading the Google Now Launcher onto their new Samsung Galaxy S5. Largely Google's own KitKat launcher works faultlessly on Samsung's latest Android handset. It's smooth, it's snappy, and it's a great option even if the Galaxy S5 isn't officially supported. But you do run into some issues when you switch in and out of ultra power saving mode.

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5 hours ago

GPe HTC One M8 for India mistakenly mentioned in local press release


Update: Looks like the Google Play edition HTC One M8 won't be making its way outside of the U.S. just yet. In a statement issued to BGR India, HTC India says the Google Play edition M8 was "incorrectly" mentioned in its press release for today's Indian M8 launch. Instead it seems the Sense version of the phone will be the only one available in that country.

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14 hours ago

WSJ: Exclusive games latest battleground for Google, Amazon, Apple


Are the best games on Android or are the best games on iPhone? That's a question that's becoming increasingly important to both Apple and Google, and they're reportedly willing to help developers get massive marketing pushes in exchange for periods of exclusivity for hot new games. This will come as a surprise to precisely no one familiar with the console market, or the basics of running any store, real-world or virtual.

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15 hours ago

Facebook reportedly ready to launch mobile ad network


Facebook, the world's most popular social network, is reportedly looking to get into the lucrative mobile ad game, perhaps as early as their F8 developers conference set to kick off in San Francisco on April 30, 2014. Facebook has been serving their own ads for a long time now, but this would be a way for developers to integrate Facebook ads into their own apps and services, and it would bring Facebook into direct competition with Google's AdMob, Apple's iAd, among others.

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19 hours ago

Android 4.4.3 tipped by one of Google's apps

Google Devices for Edu

Android 4.4.3 still hasn't been officially announced or anything, but it's still officially pinging our servers, and not in a way that suggests it's just kids playing with their build.prop file. And on April 16 the Google Edu Device Setup app — an official app straight from Google that helps set up tablets purchased through Google Apps for Education — was updated for Android 4.4.3 support.

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22 hours ago

How to set a lock screen password or fingerprint scan on the Samsung Galaxy S5

By default, the Samsung Galaxy S5 just needs a little swipe to wake up from the lock screen, but anyone with even a tiny sense of security will want something more. The S5 offers a bunch of different ways to keep your device locked when not in use

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