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Worth another read: Smartphones and Sex — your answers

Smartphones and Sex

Earlier this year we asked about how your smartphone affects your sex life. For some, it's a natural progression in the digital world. For others, it's a nonstarter. But it's also very much in the news this week in light of the exploitation of a number of celebrities (to say nothing of the countless pictures that get uploaded every day, with permission or otherwise).

It's worth taking another look at your answers. (Ours, really — we took the survey right along with you.) And, perhaps, it's worth taking another look in the mirror, and taking a pause before potentially taking that pic.

Also: Check out 10 ways you can help protect your device itself

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Upcoming Android smartphone will be just 5.15 mm thick


The quest to make smartphones as thin as possible will take a new leap later this month when the Ginoee Elife S5.1 is released in China. A "coming soon" listing on a retail website shows that the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean device will be just 5.15 mm thick.

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Deal of the Day: Amzer Shellster with Kickstand for LG Nexus 5

This high quality polycarbonate combo gives you protection against scratches and impacts while enhancing the grip on your Nexus 5 thanks to its unique texture. The included holster rotates 180-degrees and even folds into a kickstand, great for watching movies or browsing the web.

The Amzer Shellster with Kickstand is available for just $9.95; that's 50% off today only! Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping.


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10 Best Ways to Secure Your Smartphone

You have lots of ways to secure your phone. Use some of them!

Lock your smartphone

We've said a million times, and we'll say it till we're blue in the face. Lock your smartphone. Lock your smartphone! We were also slightly dismayed (though not exactly surprised) to hear in our recent poll that a good third of our readers do not lock their phones. And we say unto you, there is absolutely no excuse not to, especially considering the vast array of options we have to do it now. Actually, you can wait a few minutes and pick from this list at the end. But right after. Not after a few rounds of Duet. Not after watching Netflix. Right then.

Now, you can lock (and unlock) your smartphone many, many ways, and they all have their benefits and their drawbacks, but somewhere, some mixture of method will work for you. So, let's get to it, shall we?

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ASUS CEO says ZenWatch will cost under $199 and will be out in October


ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has reportedly stated that its upcoming ZenWatch device will be priced under $199 and that it will be released sometime in October. Shen made these statements well ahead of the company's official reveal of the device at IFA 2014 in Berlin on Wednesday.

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Microsoft begins to drop 2GB file size limit for OneDrive


Microsoft is prepping to drop the 2GB file size limit for OneDrive. Right now a small number of users can upload files larger than 2GB in size to OneDrive. Users on Reddit were the first to notice a change, with Microsoft sharing a statement to The Next Web to confirm the file size limit changes.

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MOTA SmartRing promises to offer Android app alerts on your finger


The smartwatch or smartband is apparently old hat to a company called MOTA, which announced today an upcoming product called the MOTA SmartRing, which it says will provide mobile app notifications on a device that can fit on a finger.

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Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to Berlin we go


And we can't forget the cheddarwurst

As I sit writing this weeks column I'm actually on a train bound for London. More specifically, I'm bound for Berlin, Germany, where the Android Central team – of Alex Dobie, Derek Kessler and myself – are headed for the big event of the fall, IFA 2014. It's always a busy event, lots of ground to cover, lots of press events to attend and lots of new devices to play with. This will be my third year and I'm more excited heading into it than the previous couple of times.

IFA this year is set to be huge. We've written up an extensive preview and we've each written up a "what's in our gear bag" post to walk you through what it takes for us to go and cover these shows. There's so much to cover in such a short space of time it's tough to pack it all in. On a personal level, here's what I'm looking forward to most this week.

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Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case for HTC One M8

Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case for HTC One (M8)

Simple protection and some added grip for your M8 in a variety of great color options

When you're looking for just the right case for your phone, there's no shortage of options with crazy bells and whistles out there. From multi-layer systems to belt clips and integrated screen protectors, there's a lot of cruft you can strap onto your phone. The Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case for the HTC One M8 doesn't offer any of that, but it does have a good bit of protection for your phone in a slim form factor that's easy to wrap your hand around.

If you're just looking for a basic case that doesn't add bulk or complication to your HTC One M8, and will keep it safe through the few bumps and drops in life, read along and learn a bit more about the Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case.

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Bio Inc medical strategy simulator arrives for Android


Game developer DryGin Studios has released the Android version of its acclaimed, and fairly controversial, iOS medical strategy simulator Bio Inc, where the objective is to kill a virtual patient by creating diseases before other doctors can save the patient.

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