2 years ago

Engadget Distro arrives for Honeycomb tablets


Our pals at Engadget (hey, pals!) have their sweet little Engadget Distro, which curates its content in magazine-like fashion. And it's now available on Android. It was previously released only for iOS, so it's great to see an Android version. If you're a fan of Engadget or tech news in general, you'll want to check this app out. It looks great on Honeycomb tablets.

The app features are:

  • Weekly, curated content from Engadget, the definitive source and final word for news on gadgets and technology
  • Share Engadget Distro content via Twitter, Facebook, and email
  • Download Engadget Distro Issues and read them offline
  • Navigate between Engadget Distro articles via swipe or in the convenient Article Viewer
  • Find specific Engadget Distro pages via the Issue Page Viewer
  • Browse Engadget Distro Issues via the Bookshelf or Cover View

Engadget Distro is a free app from the Android Market that is available for tablet devices running Android 3.0+. Please find links to the Market after the break. Engadget has even included the .apk for devices that claim to not support it, so you can find that here as well:

Engadget Distro APK

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2 years ago

Samsung's Korean blog explains why the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab didn't make the ICS cut


And so begins the long list of Android devices that won't officially be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung's "Samsung Tomorrow" blog, in Korean, has explained why two of 2010's top devices, the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, won't be getting official updates to ICS. The short version: older hardware and a slew of customizations, including Samsung's own TouchWiz.

This shouldn't come as a surprise, folks, seeing as how Samsung just announced its initial round of ICS updates, and neither the Galaxy S nor the Galaxy Tab were on it. And neither device made our list of ICS update predictions, either. It sucks, but not every phone will receive and official update.

Your best bet will be the custom ROM route, and we guarantee you, you will see them.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (translated)

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2 years ago

Dropbox v2.0 with Ice Cream Sandwich optimizations goes live in the Android Market


Having previously slipped a preview of the Dropbox update with optimizations for Ice Cream Sandwich, we all knew it was coming but we didn't know when, exactly. As it turns out, the latest update for Dropbox is now available in the Android Market and ready to be downloaded. Aside from the new UI and Ice Cream Sandwich optimizations, Dropbox has a few other tricks built in:

  • Favorites: quick offline access to files
  • Bulk upload photos and videos
  • Rename files and folders
  • Single-tap access to all file and folder actions
  • Improved gallery view
  • Upload from and export to local storage
  • Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements

Whether you're a hardcore Dropbox user or just a casual user, this update is one not to skip over. You'll find some more screenshots and the download link past the break for you all.

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2 years ago

Critiquing the Critique: 'ICS Paper Cuts'


Operating systems need to be critiqued. They're meant to be. It helps us all understand more about them, and it gives perspective to those who created it. But Android is not a simple operating system. Even the most savvy Android user can learn something new. And that means that critiquing Android can be even more difficult for someone who doesn't know the OS inside and out. That brings us to the ICS Paper Cuts Tumblr by Grant Paul. He's a "big deal" in the iOS jailbreak community, and rightfully so. This doesn't mean much to normal, non-smartphone-geeks, but it made me read read Paul's critique instead of dismissing it offhand, and I expect it has the same effect on other folks as well. Since he took the time to share what's wrong with something he didn't have any hand in creating, it's my turn to do the same. And I'm going to, after the break.

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2 years ago

Shadowgun THD optimized for Tegra 3 devices


The good news: NVIDIA's shouting from the rooftops that the game Shadowgun (read our review) has been updated and optimized for Tegra 3 devices. And, the bad news: There's only one Tegra 3 device available today, and it's pretty hard to come by. But if you're lucky enough to actually have an ASUS Transformer Prime (again, check out our full review), you've gotta check this one out.

We've got some Tegra 3 Shadowgun demo video after the break. Check it.

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2 years ago

Sideload books on Kindle Fire, ICS on Nexus S thoughts [From the Forums]


Although Christmas is only a few days away now, the news hasn't really slowed down all that much. Seems as though everyone is pushing out an update or getting a new app out there in time for the holidays, so if you happened to miss out on anything from this week thus far, get caught up here on the blogs and in the Android Central forums.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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2 years ago

US Cellular gets the Huawei Ascend II, free after rebate


US Cellular today announced it's carrying the Huawei Ascend II. The phone's decidedly mid-level, but the price is right -- free after $100 mail-in rebate.

Full specs include:

  • 3.5-inch display at HVGA resolution
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Qualcomm MSM 7627 processor at 600 MHz
  • 5MP camera
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • 2GB microSD
  • 1400 mAh battery
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces

More: US Cellular

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2 years ago

The one where reptiles and amphibians play Ant Crusher on Android


Youtube link for mobile viewing

The only thing better than that video is the name of the user who uploaded it -- "KoreanFrongMania."

And after the break, the far more subdued bearded dragon.

Thanks to everyone who sent these in.

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2 years ago

EVO View 4G Honeycomb update officially official, and easy instructions to unbrick now available


Sprint has made the EVO View 4G update we told you about earlier official, with a press announcement that gives a bit more detail about what to expect.  Besides the normal Honeycomb features, and the disabling of the capacitive buttons, the 3.2 update for the View also supports system-wide support for HTC Scribe -- including document signature capture from ActSoft.  We've got the press release after the break.

And do note that your home screens will be reset. Bummer, but so's not having Honeycomb.

What if you failed to heed the warnings and tried to update your rooted S-Off EVO View and now have a lovely brick?  Our forum developers once again have the situation covered with a short post explaining how to get out of the bootloop, get recovery back up and running, and restore an older back-up.  Much better than panicking at 2AM and waiting for the battery to die.  Hit the link to have a look.

[Guide] How to fix soft brick after OTA

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2 years ago

FYI: Podcast's taking one more week off


Think you guys can go one more week without a new episode of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World? Hope so, 'cause we're going to take one more week off leading into the Christmas holiday, hoping to get some last-minute work done. In other words, no show tonight.

But don't despair: We'll be back next week for sure. In the meantime, hit up our old shows, and maybe try watching the podcast on your new Google TV! See you next week!

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