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Samsung asks if you're 'Ready to Note' in latest Note 4 teaser ad


Samsung's gone ahead and released yet another Galaxy Note 4 event teaser ad, this time choosing to go full-on promotional with the "Note" name but not actually explaining anything about what the phone does. You see lots of people having fun, listening to music, going to parties, eating ice cream and driving cars, but there's nary a shot of the Note 4 or any of its features.

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3 hours ago

Motorola apologizes with another Yo promo to win the Moto 360


After complaints about the misleading Yo promotion to win one of 20 Moto 360 smartwatches, Motorola is trying to make amends with users by running another contest for another chance at winning.

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Deal of the Day: Incipio FREQUENCY Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Offering full wrap-around protection, the FREQUENCY case by Incipio is crafted with shock-absorbing polymer and a transparent deco pattern. This music influenced case offers a smooth, unique and protective design for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

The Incipio FREQUENCY Case is available for just $14.95; that's 40% off today only! Colors include black, purple, pink and mercury.


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HTC halts Android 4.4.3 update for AT&T HTC One M8

HTC One M8

Update: HTC has confirmed to us that it's halted the Android 4.4.3 update for the AT&T HTC One M8 after a number of people have reported severe battery drain post-update.

If you've yet to update, well, sit tight. If you're one of the ones experiences issues, we've got a forum thread on it here.

Original post follows:

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Google's secret Project Wing drones could give speed to Google Shopping Express deliveries


Though your next Nexus smartphone may not be delivered by Google via its delivery drones, or Amazon's drones for that matter, Google has been actively and secretly flight testing drones in Australia for some time now. Dubbed Project Wing, after two years of testing and development of this ambitious endeavor, Google's research team has concluded that the task can be achieved and that future deliveries could be made by these self flying vehicles.

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Chrome Beta has a new account switcher and 'Guest Mode' on Windows, Mac and Linux


The Beta channel of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux has just been updated to include a refreshed style of account switcher and a brand new Guest Mode. Chrome Beta 38 refreshes the look entirely of switching users, making it easier to share a computer using Chrome. You'll now get a quick drop-down menu from the system bar that lets you see who's signed in, quickly switch users or open an incognito window.

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AT&T Galaxy S5 receiving 142MB update with security fixes, interface improvements


If you have a Galaxy S5 on AT&T, today's the day you start checking your phone for an update. The carrier has started pushing out a 142.8MB update to phones today that fixes a whole bunch of things, including security patches, app install enhancements and UX fixes for the email app.

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Google Play Music kicks off Labor Day with free Katy Perry 'Prism' album download


Looking for some tunes to accompany your Labor Day party? Google has you covered and Google Play Music is now offering everyone a chance to download Katy Perry's Prism album featuring 13 tracks for free. The pop album was released in October 2013 and so far has amassed quite a number of positive reviews.

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Motorola's 'Yo' Moto 360 contest is over, and it didn't end well

Moto 360

Motorola ran a contest yesterday on the questionably-useful "Yo" messaging app, with intentions to give away a Moto 360 to 20 winners. The contest has closed today and it seems that Motorola has picked winners... a lot of winners, many of whom actually haven't won anything. According to screenshots heading out on Twitter and Google+, folks are receiving messages from Motorola on Yo indicating that they have won the contest, and when they accept to redeem they're then told there are no more Moto 360s available to give away.

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7 hours ago

NVIDIA Shield Tablet's first firmware update brings big improvements


A new firmware update is being pushed out NVIDIA's Shield Tablet that should greatly improve connectivity and performance. The firmware update could be downloaded over the air and brings the version up to 1.1.

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