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You can now control your Tesla Model S using an Android Wear app


If you happen to be the lucky owner of a Tesla Model S and have been holding out hope for an Android Wear app to control it, you'll certainly want to check out the Tesla Command app for Android Wear. Android Developer Matthew Patience has come up with the app and while it only allows for some basic functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, opening and closing the sunroof and honking the horn, there's more features already planned.

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1 hour ago

Using the LG Health app on the LG G3

LG Health

LG is helping you track your daily exertions on the G3, if you know where to look, that is

You'd be forgiven for not realizing, but on the LG G3 you can track your daily activities with the built in LG Health application. It's actually a pretty nice application to have around to track your daily steps, runs, or map your favorite routes.

You'll not find it in the app drawer, though, so the first thing we need to do is get to it.

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Deal of the Day: Seidio SURFACE Case for HTC One (M8)

This cover is the ultimate low-profile HTC One (M8) hard case; combining a super-slim design with a protective outer shell. The exterior features a custom soft coating that provides additional grip to help prevent accidental drops.

The Seidio SURFACE Case is available for just $16.95; that's 43% off the list price! Colors include black, blue, red, purple and gold.


2 hours ago

Samsung Level In headphones review

Samsung Level In Headphones

These are nice headphones, but there are other really nice headphones out there that don't cost $149

Samsung is finally getting in on the premium audio game with its "Level" series of headphones and speakers, which were recently announced for the U.S. It's offering offering up four models in the series — Over, On, In and Box — that bring high prices and presumably high quality to those who have an affinity for the Samsung brand and some disposable income.

I managed to pick up a pair of the Level In earbuds, which retail for an extremely hefty $149.99 in the U.S., and use them for my daily headphones for the past few weeks. Samsung is definitely making a step in the right direction with these high-quality earbuds from both a design and material perspective, but the Level In headphones are still a luxury purchase for a limited audience — read along for the full review.

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3 hours ago

Verizon to put some limits on unlimited data


If you've managed to stay on an unlimited data plan on Verizon, you might soon notice that your speeds beginning to slow down if your using a lot of data . A limited set of customers will fall under the umbrella of Verizon's so-called "Network Optimization" policy, which Verizon says is not throttling. The shift impacts customers in a very specific set of circumstances, according to Verizon:

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The HUGE savings continue on HTC One M8 Dot View Cases!

Get it for $29.95 - Save 40%!

In case you missed our announcement earlier this week, we reduced the prices on the popular HTC One M8 Dot View Cases for a limited time.

The original plan was to end the sale today, but since we've seen soooo many HTC One M8 owners scoop these semi-transparent flip cases up we decided to extend the sale a few more days. If you haven't grabbed one yet, do it this weekend while the sale is still on!

Our store team made sure to bring in more Dot View cases, so we're stocked up on every color including warm black, imperial blue, baton rouge and orange popsicle. Be sure to grab the one that suits you best and enjoy the 40% discount while it lasts. Or heck, get one in every color. At this price, you can't go wrong!

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The Android Central Podcast is live today at 4 p.m. EDT!

Android Central Podcast

We're podcasting live today, at our usual time. This means the stars have aligned or that nobody is on a plane headed somewhere. We love it when that happens. On today's show, expect to hear a little about Amazon's Fire Phone, A little about NVIDIA's latest, and all manner of discussion and analysis of recent events. Also, we'll be joined by Russell Holly, so there will be so much awesome our buckets won't be able to contain it!

So join us here at 4 p.m. EDT — that's 9 p.m. in London, or 11 p.m. in Helsinki. You don't want to miss it!

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4 hours ago

HTC Desire 610 now available from AT&T


The HTC Desire 610 is now available from AT&T. The Desire 610 is available for just $0.99 on a two-year contract, while customers paying the full price up front will shell out $199.99. The Desire 610 follows the same design is similar to the recent HTC One M8, though the Desire 610 has a plastic body, rather than metal.

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5 hours ago

Google Play now offers section for games that can be played offline


Google has now set up a section of its Google Play Store devoted to games that can be played offline, in an apparent attempt to give Android device owners a choice between those types of games and others that require an online connection.

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6 hours ago

Amazon giving away $2,500 in gift cards to one winner in new contest


Amazon will make one of its US-based customers extremely happy, thanks to a new "Beat the Heat" sweepstakes where the lucky winner will get $2,500 in Amazon gift cards.

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