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Major Google Play sale sees savings as much as 85 percent off


Google is having a huge sale on select Google Play app titles with savings as much as 85 percent applying to purchases of apps as well as in-app purchases. Final Fantasy V, Paper Camera, and Weather Pro are among some of the titles included in the sales.

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3 hours ago

Microsoft claims Samsung isn't paying up on patent licenses for running Android

Microsoft logo

Microsoft has filed legal action against Samsung today in New York on the basis that Samsung has stopped paying to license intellectual property from Microsoft for its Android devices.

Since 2011 Microsoft and Samsung have held a cross-licensing agreement that has shared the rights of intellectual property between the two companies, with fees associated to using that IP on Android devices. But according to Microsoft's legal team, Samsung stopped making payments in late 2013 for the technology.

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Daily Deals: HTC One M8 Double Dip Case and Galaxy Note 3 Feather Case

Daily Deals!

Happy Friday, folks! Today at ShopAndroid.com we're offering some sweet discounts on both the HTC Double Dip Hard Case for the One (M8) and Incipio Feather Case for Galaxy Note 3. There are plenty of colors to choose from for each model and they're in stock-ready to ship.

If these aren't the savings you were hoping for, don't forget we're offering you 20% off all accessories at ShopAndroid.com right now during our Boss is Away Sale!


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Ballistic Every1 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Ballistic Every1 Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Ballistic Every1 Case turns the Samsung Galaxy S4 into something different. Something ... dangerous. OK, maybe not dangerous. But it certainly turns it into something that's a little less prone to danger.

The case comprises two parts: There's a front cover that includes a plastic protector for the display, and holes for the front-facing camera, speaker and various sensors. It fastens onto the back shell via some pretty sturdy grommets. You're going to want to mind the instructions on the inside of the box, and even then I needed a little extra help to pry them open. (And once fastened, I've had no concerns about them coming loose.)

There are cutouts for the secondary microphones, and flaps over the microUSB and 3.5mm ports. The front home button also is sealed in rubber, as are the power and volume buttons, but all are still perfectly functional.

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4 hours ago

Google Photos' rumored divorce from Google+ could help increase photo sharing


Google is rumored to reorganize its Google+ social networking service, which could potentially result in Google separating the photos feature of Google+ into its own standalone service. The move may help Google increase photo sharing and uploading and compete with services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr.

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5 hours ago

Google Now Launcher now available on most Android devices


The Google Now launcher is now available on any Android device running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher. The launcher places Google Now just a swipe to the right away on your home page. Additionally, when you're on the home page all you have to do is say "Ok Google" to trigger voice controls (the default setting is only from the launcher or when in Google Search, although you can set it to be from any screen or even the lock screen, so long as the device is turned on). The Google Now Launcher is meant to make it even faster to get into Google's services, with just a swipe, a tap, or a work to get things rolling.

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5 hours ago

Flappy Bird is back, but only on Amazon Fire TV


The apparently-too-addictive Flappy Bird has made its triumphant return, but it's only on the Amazon Fire TV. Oh, and it's now Flappy Birds Family. The new version of the flash-in-the-pan smash hit game was promised to return this month, and indeed it has, just not in a form we were expecting.

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6 hours ago

Unlock your phone legally starting today


President Obama will today sign a bill into law that will allow American citizens to legally unlock their phones in order to take them to another cellular carrier, either in the United States or abroad. The President announced his intent to sign the bill last week. The new law is only a temporary measure, and is only valid until 2015.

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7 hours ago

Android Central 196: Podcast to the Danger Zone


Audio-only stream below

Andrew is dodging the Blue Angels as they get ready for Seafair in Seattle, and we're podcasting in the Danger Zone anyway, going a day early and without any real preparation. So you know this one's going to be fun! Join us for more on Android Wear, where Motorola's at these days, Android L and the rumored "Shamu" Nexus device, HTC and Windows Phone 8 (yes, really), and loads more of your questions!

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8 hours ago

Transport Empire review

Transport Empire for Android EVGA Tegra Note 7

Russian publisher Game Insight knows a thing or two about city building games. We've covered several of the publisher's genre entries in the past. Each one distinguishes itself by setting and premise most of all, with The Tribez & Castlez having a cheerful fantasy setting and 2020: My Country delving into light science fiction.

Game Insight's latest free to play city builder for Android takes place in the best setting yet, the steampunk era! Players will build a commercial empire spanning across a Victorian land, shipping goods back and forth via train, steamboat, and airship. Watching your trains zoom from city to city proves quite enjoyable, and high quality artwork brings it all to life. Read on for our full impressions with video!

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