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Moto G successor spotted on Indian import database


Motorola is set to unveil the successor to the Moto G, dubbed the Moto G2, at an event later this week. It looks like India will be one of the first countries where the new Moto G will launch, with Motorola set to announce the device in the country on September 5th. According to a listing on Indian import export database Zauba, Motorola has imported 70,200 units of the device in the country. While the device is listed as Moto G, the model number XT1068 has been leaked as the model number of the upcoming Moto G2, which may be called the new Moto G, following on from another leak which alleges that the Moto X successor will be called the new Moto X.

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HTC Desire 510 mini-review

HTC Desire 510

How does the HTC smartphone experience of 2014 translate into an entry-level device?

While most of our attention here at Android Central goes to exciting new high-end devices, the entry and mid-range market has become ever more interesting over the past year, as manufacturers work to bring decent specs and user experiences to millions of new smartphone owners. Most notably, Motorola's Moto G and Moto E have shaken things up in the budget space in the past 12 months with some of the best cheap Android hardware we've seen.

HTC has renewed its focus on less expensive smartphones in 2014 too, fielding lower-cost handsets like the Desire 816 and Desire 610. And now it's time for the Taiwanese manufacturer's own super-low-cost option. The HTC Desire 510 is a budget-centric smartphone with 4G LTE connectivity, and the first to use an all-new CPU from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 410.

Read on to see how things shape up.

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How to set 'Do not track' in Chrome

Don't track me, bro

You can request for websites to not keep track of your activity when using Chrome

When you browse the Internet, the sites you visit pick up bits of information about you and your online habits. Some information, like websites you've visited, may be shared with third parties. Those third parties may use the information for advertising or gathering reporting statistics. You can request for that information to not be be tracked, and therefore not shared. However, as we discuss below, a website may or may not honor that request. Keep in mind that we're not trying to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt; we're just trying to let you know what your options are.

Chrome isn't the only browser that gives you the "Do not track" option. For example, Firefox has been doing it for a while, too.

We'll be talking about how to set "Do not track" when using Chrome on your Android device.

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AC editors' apps of the week: Star Wars Tiny Death Star, Yo, Fenix and more

AC editors' apps of the week

See the apps that we're all using this week

Apps are what make these extremely powerful devices we all carry really sing. They offer up functionality and entertainment at our fingertips, and each week we like to point out the few that have stayed installed on our own devices. Some are new, some not-so-new, but in any case if we have them installed and in-use on a regular basis, they must be doing something right. Read through our picks this week and see if you can find a couple that appeal to you as well.

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The best sports news apps for Android

Best sports news apps

Sports nuts will feel right at home with these great apps

If you're a sports fan you're well catered for on Android. For most of the major sports you'll find official apps, unofficial apps, news apps and team apps. It's easy to fill up your phone with a whole bunch of different apps for different sports, but what about if you want something to cover off multiple sports in one go. Well, there's a bunch of good ones for that, too.

So without further ado, here's some of what we consider to be the best sports apps for Android.

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Best Buy offers $50 discount on LG G Watch ahead of G Watch R's release


In light of LG's pre-IFA announcement of the circular G Watch R, Best Buy is now offering a $50 sale on both the white and black editions of the original G Watch. With the savings, either model will cost customers $179, which could help spur sales of the square form factor Android Wear wristwatch as consumer interest seems to be skewing towards a more classical circular watch shape.

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The best new Android apps of August 2014

Fragment for Android

If you're itching for some fresh downloads this Labor Day weekend, we've gathered together the five best app releases this month in the Google Play Store. This go-around we've got a bit of photography, some productivity, and a little something from HTC and Google.

Be sure to check out our round up of the best Android games released this month if you're hankering for more.

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Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition coming to Android later in 2014


Beamdog Studios, who previously released an enhanced version of the classic PC Dungeons and Dragons RPGs Baldur's Gate for Android devices, is doing it again with another D&D-based game, Icewind Dale, which will be launched later in 2014.

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AC on the road: What's in Derek's gear bag in 2014

This is what's in Derek's bag

It's time to see what's in Derek's bag when there's a show to cover

So, I'm heading over to Germany for IFA next week with Alex and Richard, while Phil and Andrew are going to Vegas the following week for CTIA. It's going to be a busy show with a lot to cover, so I'll be bringing a lot of the gear to make sure we can cover everything as best as we can. It's a pretty full load-out, but I like to be prepared for whatever might happen.

So what's in Derek's bag? It's time to find out.

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From the Editor's Desk: Strap in, folks


We've reached that point of the year at which I'm required once again to remind you of the following: Shit's gonna get crazy.

Let's recap the next couple of weeks: This week we've got the IFA conference in Berlin. I'm sitting it out this year, but Alex and Richard have it covered, with an able hand from the one and only Derek Kessler. They'll be on hand for Samsung's Unpacked event there in Germany, and Andrew and I will be at the New York event. Liveblogging and intravenous caffeine injections start at 9 a.m. EDT.

Then it's off to the airport for Andrew and myself, as we head to Chicago for Motorola's big throwdown on Thursday. New phones, new wearables, and probably a few other things. Then home for the weekend before heading off to Las Vegas for the CTIA Super Mobility Week conference. No rest for the wicked.

And this, again, is the point at which I remind you that the live event coverage is just the start of things to come. As I spelled out in this space some six months ago, the live news coverage is just a small part of what we do. We're going to crawl inside every nook and cranny of these devices. We're going to help everyone learn to use them, whether they're your first devices, or your 200th. Some of these tutorials will be far too elementary for many of you. And that's OK. You have my permission to skip them. And I strongly encourage us all to respect those who are just starting out and need the extra help. We're here for everyone. And we're here to help.

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