6 min ago

Earth View from Google Maps for Chrome


The Chrome browser is an ever-changing window into the internet, but the browser itself can look kind of… well… bland, sometimes. Lots of white. Well, Google seems to have noticed, or at least the Google Maps team has, and they released an extension to help mix it up a little.

Enter Earth View from Google Maps.

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16 min ago

Mario Queiroz waxes poetic on the future of Chromecast


Remember that FCC filing for a new Chromecast? If that wasn't enough evidence for you, a second iteration of the device was just hinted at by Google's VP of product management, Mario Queiroz.

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Enjoy 49% off today on these LG Nexus 5 hard cases with kickstands!

The SURFACE Case is the perfect LG Nexus 5 hard case; combining a super-slim design, protective outer shell and a magnetic kickstand for convenient viewing. The exterior features a custom soft coating that provides additional grip to help prevent drops, too. Available in 7 different colors, get yours for just $17.95 today!


36 min ago

We're raising money for kids hospitals with NVIDIA and Gameloft, and you could win a Shield tablet!

Extra Life

This weekend I'm participating in Extra Life, a fundraiser by avid gamers to raise money for local children's hospitals. It's a bit of a marathon, whereby participants play games (board games, video games - whatever you're into) for 24 hours straight. Last time I did this, I hauled my PC gaming rig to our group's headquarters for the event, but this year I'm traveling light and playing mobile games exclusively. We've partnered up with Gameloft and NVIDIA for the event, so I'll be playing titles like Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 5, and Order & Chaos on the Shield Tablet for the whole event. If you're one of our top ten contributors, you'll have a chance to win a SHIELD portable with carrying case, or a SHIELD tablet with controller and cover. As a cherry on top, both come with a $15 Google Play Store Gift Card.

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2 hours ago

The first 5 things to do with your new Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Shiny things! Wait, let's get the basics out of the way first

So you went out and bought a Galaxy Note 4, and now you've got a brand new toy to play with. There's a lot going on here, and a ton to take in the moment you take it out of the box that can make you lose focus and forget a few of the basics. We've all been there, and eventually you'll get around to handling "the basics" after you check out all the headline features of the new phone.

To help get you started in the right foot, these are the first five things you absolutely need to do with your new Note 4 — at least before you get too carried away using this great phone. Read along for our full list of recommendations.

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2 hours ago

FotoSwipe makes sharing photos between Android and iOS devices incredibly easy


Officially released today, FotoSwipe makes it incredibly easy to share photos between Android and iOS devices. The app lets you share photos by swiping your finger from one device to the other (both devices must have FotoSwipe installed). I've successfully tested it out across the various Android and iOS devices I have laying around my office, and in all cases it works seamlessly. Simply open the app on both devices, tap and hold a photo, swipe to the device you'd like to send the photo to... and you're done. Easy. The app doesn't require users to register, and you don't need to be on Wi-Fi.

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2 hours ago

Oppo breaks out camera tech in new N3 teaser, possible fingerprint sensor


Looks like Oppo is still all about the teasers. On its Facebook page today, the company gave us a new look at the optics on the Oppo N3. The teaser reads "Precision Optics," and features a blown-out view of the N3's camera and sensors.

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3 hours ago

Inside car mode on the Samsung Galaxy S5


We're all aware of the dangers of using a smartphone behind the wheel, but as they're ever more the center of our connected lifestyles there are several things it can do for you. Music, navigation, hands-free communication, for example.

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4 hours ago

Connectedly: Here's why I implanted an NFC chip in my hand

NFC implant

I've recently taken a deeper step into the connected world. A step that some will describe as being interesting, and that some will describe as being crazy. To be honest, as happy as I am since I have taken this step, I have to admit that I fall on both the interesting and crazy sides myself. Before getting any further, I should mention that the "step" I took was implanting an NFC chip in my hand.

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5 hours ago

Google Play Music integrates Songza in Material Design update

<img src="/sites/androidcentral.com/files/styles/large_wm_brw/public/article_images/2014/10/google-play-music-md-songza.jpg?itok=gv9ChWW_" alt="Google Play Music Songza update"  class="image-large_wm_brw aligncenter image-large" />  ##Music based on activities and moods has arrived with redesigned app and in web playback  [Google Play Music](/google-play-music) today not only looks better thanks to an incoming update to Material Design, it's about to sound better, too. Google has announced that it's adding

Music based on activities and moods has arrived with redesigned app and in web playback

Google Play Music today not only looks better thanks to an incoming update to Material Design, it's about to sound better, too. Google has announced that it's adding in curation from Songza, which it acquired earlier this year. Songza's claim to fame has been its wealth of curation, which offers up playlists based on activities — from "ballroom dancing" to "getting lucky" to "yoga' — and moods — "aggressive," "earthy," "visceral" and the like — to custom fit what you're listening to.

When All Access subscribers open the updated Google Play Music app, Google says today in a blog post, they'll see that Songza integration and be asked if they want music for a particular time of day, mood or activity.

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5 hours ago

Our pals at WPCentral are now our pals at Windows Central!


Fun fact: Android Central (along with CrackBerry) is one of two Mobile Nations sites that still has its original name. It's also one of the two sites that I've properly worked for. The other, of course, is our all-things-Microsoft site — formerly WMExperts and WPCentral — which today has been reborn as Windows Central.

All the Windows (Phone) news you've come to know and love, with an extra helping of tablets and laptops and the like. Go give 'em a new look, and let 'em know Android Central sent ya!

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5 hours ago

Google steps up web security with USB Security Key


Google is stepping up security for its services on the web, adding a new physical key method of verifying your identity with the Security Key. Security Key is a USB drive that allows you to verify your login in Google services like Gmail or Google Drive as you would with standard 2-step verification, but without the need to enter a code.

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6 hours ago

Top Android device, accessory, and app deals for October 21


Anybody shopping for Android apps, accessories, smartphones, or tablets will want to take a skim through these sales we've scrounged up from around the web. Every day, we comb through these sales to make sure they're fresh and accurate, and try to find a few more. Latest additions will be at the top of each list. For apps, Google Play stuff is at the top, and Amazon App Store sales are at the bottom.

As always, if you find any sales out out there that aren't listed, let us know in the comments!

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6 hours ago

#CESlive 2015 is going to be bigger and more amazing than ever!


At CES 2014 we at Mobile Nations teamed up with our friends at Geek Beat to bring you #CESlive, a unique live broadcast running every day from the show floor at CES 2014 — and CES 2015 is going to be even bigger than before. For #CESlive 2015 you can add Tom's Guide to the mix, with Editor-in-Chief Mark Spoonauer joining Geek Beat's Cali Lewis and John Pozadzides and iMore's Rene Ritchie in hosting more than 80 interviews direct from the Las Vegas Convention Center. It's going to be bigger and better than ever!

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8 hours ago

Nokia's HERE beta makes its way to even more devices


After launching HERE maps service in beta form for Samsung's Galaxy smartphones earlier this month, Nokia has announced that the app now works on a wider selection of Android handsets.

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