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T-Mobile's new plan accommodates larger families


T-Mobile already has a special promotional 4-line family plan with unlimited text and talk along with 10 GB of data total, and now it seems that the un-carrier network is launching an even larger family plan to accommodate groups of up to 6. The 6-line plan is similar to the 4-line plan and will cost $120 per month.

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3 days ago

AC editors' apps of the week: Lettrs, Sky Force 2014, VSCO Cam and more!

AC editors' apps picks

These are the apps we love, and we think you'll love them, too

Everyone loves apps. With a million or so available in Google Play, finding the good ones can be hard. Allow us to help a little bit.

We spend all day digging through apps and end up trying most of them. It's a tough job (really) sorting out the best, but we love doing it. Here are the ones that tickle our collective fancy this week. Have a look, try them, and let us know which ones you love, too.

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3 days ago

Moto 360 shows up on Best Buy's website for $250


The Moto 360 has made an appearance on Best Buy's website, complete with a price and specs. According to the retailer, Motorola's Android Wear-powered device will retail for $249.99. While this could be the final price, there's also a decent chance that it's merely a placeholder.

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3 days ago

Head to Headphones: Samsung Level Over vs. Beats Studio Wireless

Samsung Level Overs versus Beats Studio Wireless

Comparing the high-end cans from the names you know

I have a weird fetish for headphones. I have a handful of sets of my own, ranging from ones I spent too much money on to ones that were cheap but sound surprisingly good. Recently, Samsung sent me a sampling of their new Level Audio gear, and I just knew we had to compare the top-of-the-line Level Over headphones to a set from another company familiar to everyone interested in mobile — Apple's Beats Studio Wireless.

While neither of these headphones are going to suit the serious audiophile (or anyone who likes to play one on the Internet), I can't lie and say either is a bad purchase. Yes, if you came to knock either or both brands and are looking for someone to validate that, you didn't find the right place. Both companies have built headphones designed to be driven by something small — like a smartphone — and they each have their own unique sound. There's a very good chance that you'll really enjoy the sound from either of these headphones, so let's take a look and put them head to head in the categories that matter.

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3 days ago

Understanding Google's Android location tracking

Location reporting

Is Google following your phone everywhere it goes? Sure — but only if you let it.

Every now and again a story hits the blogosphere reporting how Google is automatically tracking your location on your Android phone (or your iPhone), and how you can see proof of this by visiting a certain website and viewing the minutiae of your daily movements.

So is Google really keeping tabs where you go with your smartphone? Well, that depends on whether you gave it permission to do so. And if you're not comfortable with all your location data being stored by Google, it's easy to opt out.

Read on for a FUD-free explanation of location tracking in Google services.

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3 days ago

From the Editor's Desk: Think of the children ...

Phil and Mia

Wherein I struggle with the issue of online protection versus education

My kids are starting back to school this week — one in third grade, the other in pre-K. And as crazy as it seems, apparently 8 years old is where we start having the serious cell phone and Internet discussions.

Now Mia, my eldest, has used an iPhone 3G has a makeshift iPod for some time. It's not hooked up to Wifi, however, so it's basically been music and a bunch of blurry, grainy pictures of who knows what. (I'm actually a little afraid to look.) More and more, though, she's asking about "getting Internet on my phone." And despite my job being what it is and my knowledge of mobile and the Internet and the good and bad that come with both, my wife and I really don't know yet what we want to do there.

Does an 8-year-old need unfettered access to the Internet, in the palm of her hand, at all hours of the day? Probably not. Do I want my kid to learn about all the great stuff that's out there, and grow up with this technology in a mature, responsible way? Of course. And do I want her to be able to use all these great toys that I'm extremely fortunate to play with for my job? You better believe it. Being a nerd is fun.

But I struggle with the practicalities, too.

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3 days ago

Google and the cloud: all your things in one place

One Account, All of Google

One Account. All of Google.

I love that phrase. "The cloud." It's something we all see, some of us everyday, and yet we don't quite grasp the full meaning of those words. And that meaning is important. It's a very large part of Google's strategy and it is tantamount to understanding several of the 'grievances' that many users seem to have with Google and its services.

But above all, it's about Google's cloud and what it does for you, your data, and Android.

Let's take a look at what it really means.

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3 days ago

Best Android games of the week: Surgeon Simulator, Unpossible, and more!

Surgeon Simulator

It was a great week for Android games with lots solid ports from iOS. We've got some strategy releases, a twitchy action title, and a little something for the casual gamers out there.

If you're looking for something other than games, be sure to take a look at our favorite new Android app releases this week. Otherwise, forge on to our top five new Android games.

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3 days ago

Xiaomi introduces flatter, more colorful MIUI 6


Xiaomi has announced MIUI 6, the latest version of their Android-based smartphone UI, which features a major design refresh, better security, and more. The overall look of the UI is flattened, and color plays a more prominent role. While the update is in beta at the moment, it is expected to make its way to Xiaomi's devices soon.

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3 days ago

LG G3 Cat. 6 video walkthrough

LG G3 Cat 6

The beastly LG G3 Cat. 6 might not be officially launching outside of South Korea, but that hasn't stopped us checking out this turbo-charged, Snapdragon 805-powered version of LG's flagship smartphone. Alongside our full review, you'll also want to take a look at our video walkthrough of the G3 Cat. 6, which you can find after the break!

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