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Nokia X Review

Nokia X

Nokia is taking itself down a new path in the lower end of the market with the Nokia X, but is it any good?

Back on Feb. 24 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the press – including us – were gathered around the Nokia booth to listen to what Stephen Elop was about to introduce. What came after that was the Nokia X. (And its siblings, the better-spec'd Nokia X+, and the larger and better Nokia XL.) At long last, a Nokia smartphone powered by Android. Only, not quite.

Sure, it's Android running on the Nokia X. But it's Android in a form unlike any other we've seen before. What Nokia introduced that day was its own take on how an Android smartphone should look and feel. The short version; a Windows Phone-inspired homescreen and absolutely no Google anywhere to be found. And not since the Moto G did a low-end handset create such discussion.

Elop emphasized during the presentation that the Nokia X was for Microsoft's cloud, not Google's. It's all about getting folks into Microsoft's services. So this isn't an Android phone like most that cross our paths, but it's still a potentially important device. So we've tracked one down and spent a little time getting to know it. Head on past the break and take a look.

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How to use your Samsung Galaxy S5 as a mobile hotspot

Turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot can save you from painfully slow public WiFi or the crappy free internet your hotel provides. With a battery that can last hours, the Galaxy S5 is the perfect companion for times when you need your own dedicated wireless connection. Here's how to use the mobile hotspot feature:

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Sony makes its Xperia background defocus app available in Google Play


Continuing its recent trend of releasing its apps into the Google Play Store, Sony has now made the background defocus camera app available to download, too. Of course, you'll still need a Sony Xperia phone to use it – it plugs into the camera rather than being a standalone app – and you'll have to be on Android 4.2 and up.

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theScore sports app adds new Feed section


TheScore is a sports app for Android and is getting a beefy update today which adds a new section to My Score called Feed. The new section will have a continuous update of new items you care about in one spot: leagues, teams, players, final scores, video clips, and relevant news items. This way you can track multiple games at once, and drink from the firehose of sports news.

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The Zens Qi USB wireless charging pad


OK, OK. Wireless charging isn't really wireless charging. At some point you have to actually plug it into something. We get that. And the Zens Qi USB wireless charger — as you might have guessed — does things just a little differently. It's powered by a USB port.

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Take a trip to the past with Google Street View


Google Street View kicked things up a bit today, now adding the ability to travel back in time. Starting today, Street View in Google Maps on desktop allow you to view historical images dating back to 2007. That's seven years worth of history for you to explore — be it in your own hometown or around the world. You can view construction projects, past events or even just the changes in seasons.

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HBO Go coming to Amazon Fire TV, HBO shows to Amazon Prime Instant Video

Amazon Fire TV

HBO and Amazon have struck up a multi-year agreement which makes Instant Video the exclusive online-only subscription service for HBO's shows. As a part of the deal, the recently-launched Fire TV will get HBO Go by the end of the year.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 line hitting U.S. shelves on May 1


Samsung has today announced US availability for the Galaxy Tab 4 family of Android tablets. The Tab 4 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1 will be available on May 1st with pre-orders kicking off as early as tomorrow. If you're looking for rather decent hardware with some interesting features, the Tab 4 lineup is worth checking out.

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Samsung explains what makes the Galaxy S5 display so good to look at


Samsung has run through some of the major features of the display on the Galaxy S5. These include some subtle things like contrast enhancement in bright conditions, which improves viewing in outdoor conditions, and being able to adapt saturation and sharpness to meet the color range of ambient conditions so, for example, the screen gets a bit more yellow under blue lighting. We can see both of these qualities demonstrated in the animated GIFs below. 

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