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Review: Mobi Products skin case for the Sprint Evo 4G


The Mobi Products skin case for the Sprint Evo 4G protects your Evo from bumps and scratches and feels great in the hand while doing it.  Made of some secret variety of rubber, it feels like silicon without the slipperiness.  It wraps your phone completely, leaving only the touchscreen, capacitive buttons, and the speaker grille (including LED and prox/light sensors) uncovered for ease of use and maximum protection.  The skin has cutouts for all the ports and microphone, as well as the kickstand, camera/flash and rear speaker.  Most importantly for the Evo 4G, the skin is thick enough so that laying the phone on it's back still keep the camera lens from making contact with whatever surface it's laying on.  This alone makes the Mobi skin a perfect case for your Evo.

The material is also coated in a special anti-dust and anti-slip coating, and this is one time that a product lives up to it's billing.  I live on a dirt road, and everything in the office collects dust -- everything but this case that is.  It will grab a little pocket lint, but a quick shake (after taking your phone out of course!) and a flick of the finger will send that lint straight to oblivion.

The fit is great, tight enough to stay on while slipping in and out of your pocket, but easy to put on by stretching it around the four corners of your phone.  The sides wrap completely around the bezel, and should offer great protection from an occasional bump on the corners.  The Mobi Products skin case is available in several colors at the Android Central Store for $9.95.  There's a slew of other pics after the break, check em out.

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HTC adds SLCD displays to its Desire, Nexus One lines


HTC has announced it will introduce SLCD screens to its manufacturing of the Nexus One and Desire later this summer.

The Desire and Nexus One originally have been manufactured with AMOLED screens, which have been in short supply of late, leading to a pretty major backorder on the Droid Incredible on Verizon. HTC previously said it was augmenting Droid Incredible production with SLCD screens.

That said, the Nexus One remains unavailable for purchase in the United States but is still for sale in Europe, so those of you stateside shouldn't get your hopes up over that. Full presser after the break.

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3 years ago

BIOS-style boot animation for your Android phone


Who doesn't like for their Android smartphone to boot up in style? While many people are going after the ultra flashy, image filled boot animations some folks over at XDA Developers have been hard at work at quite the opposite. They have brought back the old-school BIOS look in their custom boot animation. This has been available for a while to some devices, but they have gone ahead and ported to just about every main device available, so check it out for yourself! [via XDA]

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HTC Vision pops up with T-Mobile branding, may be called the G1 Blaze


This isn't the first time we've seen the fabled (and unannounced) HTC Vision, but this one looks a little more finished, and with T-Mobile branding to boot, and the tipster who sent it to Engadget notes that it may well be called the G1 Blaze when all is said and done. One big question still hanging over the phone's head is whether we're talking T-Mobile Europe or T-Mobile U.S. (And if it's the latter, will this be the rumored HSPA+ device?) Rumored specs are largely what you'd expected -- 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen and 1GHz processor. And with that, we wait. [Engadget]

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PlayStation emulator released onto Android Market


Being a former N64 fanboy, this may not excite me as much as some PS1 die-hards out there, but the PlayStation has just been added to Android's already-impressive list of game console emulators. The app that makes this all possible is called "psx4droid" and will run you $5.99. 

Here is a quick rundown of the app's features:

  • WiiMote support
  • Multiple save states
  • Support for several different file types
  • Trackball used as d-pad

This is still version 1.0 software, so there seems to be a couple bugs that users on AppBrain have mentioned. However, no doubt the developer will be releasing patches to address those issues. Still, this app looks to be the easiest way to play those PS1 classics on the go. Just remember it is illegal to download a ROM for a game you don't already own, ok?

For now, it seems this app might require Android 2.x, but if someone gets it working on 1.5 or 1.6 let us know! As always, links and a QR code are after the break. Thanks to James for the tip! 

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3 years ago

aHome beta 4 for Android leaked


You know both your smartphone platform and its applications have hit the big time when you start seeing leaks of beta versions -- enter aHome 4 for Android.  With the onslaught of new home replacements, some of the old standbys have been all but forgotten.  The folks over at mAPPn are about to charge back in a very big way with aHome 4.  It's chock full o' features, and takes eye candy to the next level, and if you jump past the break you can have a look, we have a handful of pics.  No word on when aHome 4 will be available, but keep an eye out for it.  Thanks J!

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Taking screenshots

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Sprint Motorola i1 PTT Android phone now available


The Motorola i1 -- the first Android smartphone with Nextel's Direct Connect (aka push-to-talk) service -- is now available at Sprint for $149.99 after two-year contract and $50 rebate. [Watch our hands-on demo.] It's available online, business sales and telesales only for now, and it'll be available in stores come Aug. 8.

What do you get? A fairly rugged smartphone sporting Android 1.5, a 5-megapixel camera, the Xora Time Track system which includes barcode scanning and signature capture, TeleNavTrack, which uses barcode scanning to track inventory, and Sprint Mobile locator, which can help track workers. [Sprint]

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