15 hours ago

Oculus to make 'VR Quest' dungeon crawler game for Samsung Gear VR


Oculus VR, the company behind the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, announced today they will release a game, with the working title "VR Quest", for Samsung's upcoming Gear VR device.

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17 hours ago

What is an APN, and how do I change it?

APN settings

Having the right mobile network settings makes a difference

Two or three years ago, any smartphone fan in the U.S. would have called you crazy if you were to predict how the telecom networks have changed. Verizon and Sprint have phones that can run on AT&T or T-Mobile, cheap pre-paid plans give you as much or more than any of the big four for less money, and people are starting to move away from the multi-year carrier contract model. Our pals in Europe can laugh at us, but these are all new ideas on this side of the pond.

Because we're swapping SIM cards (and networks) more than ever, we're exposed to the APN settings on our phones. And a lot of us have some questions.

We have answers.

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Deal of the Day: Amzer Pudding TPU Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Made from multiple thermoacrylics, this Galaxy S5 skin case is highly elastic and resistant to oils. Say goodbye to annoying fingerprints! The back features a matte finish with a glossy edging that enhances the grip around your device.

The Amzer Pudding TPU Case is available for just $4.95; 67% off today only. Colors include black, white and clear.


20 hours ago

Best Android apps and games of the week: Goat Simulator and more!


We've got another batch of the best new Android games and apps to have launched in the last week for y'all. Goat Simulator is by far the most recognizable launch this week, but we've got a few apps for businessy types, too. Hop into the Google Play Store and check out our picks, and as always, drop a comment for your favorite new releases.

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20 hours ago

How to change the new Moto G Shells

Moto G (2014) shells

Changing up the color of your new Moto G is cheap and done in a snap

Due to cost constraints the Moto G doesn't get the full Moto Maker treatment like the Moto X, but the new version still has the ability to swap out the outer casing for a new one. Motorola is again offering its "Shell" system on the new Moto G, letting you replace the entire back cover with a new one.

Although it's gotten rid of the Grip Shell, there are still standard Shells and Flip Shells available to spice up your phone with a new color, new functionality or both. They're pretty cheap to pick up and can give your Moto G a fresh face — read along and let us walk you through the finer points of Motorola Shells on the new Moto G.

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23 hours ago

Your public Google+ images might now show in Google Maps

Google+ images now in Google Maps

You absolutely still have control over your own stuff, but now's a good time to check what you've been sharing

Google recently started making some photos that you've posted publicly to Google+ visible in Google Maps as well, as evidenced by the notification we all got in Google+. That's not in and of itself a bad thing, nor is it an invasion of privacy. In order for an image to appear automatically in Google Maps, it has to meet four criteria as set by Google and enacted by you:

  • A photo must be public
  • A photo must have a location associated with it
  • A photo must be in a public album on your Google+, with the "Show location" setting checked
  • A photo must adhere to Google's content policies

So Google Maps is only getting pics that you shared publicly in the first place, with location attached. Not evil, even if it does raise eyebrows for at least a few seconds.

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1 day ago

Don't want to create a Google+ profile for your new Gmail account? Now you don't have to


After introducing mandatory signups for Google+ with every new Gmail account back in 2012, Google has eased its stance, and will now let users choose whether they want to create a Google+ profile when they sign up for a new email address.

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1 day ago

Weekly sidebar poll results: Leather or links?

360 watch bands

AC readers have spoken - and we love us some metal

We're having a hard time deciding which Moto 360 look we like best — the leather strap or the metal bracelet. Both have their merits, both have their drawbacks. Get hot and sweaty, or pull the hair on your arm every time you reach for something. Yeah, yeah — first world problems for sure.

Seeing the Pebble Steel band on the 360 makes the situation even more debatable, because it looks good and is cheap. Like $60 cheaper than Motorola's offering will be.

To help fix out indecisiveness, we asked everyone out there what they think. Clearly, we, the readers of Android Central, love us some metal.

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1 day ago

Android Central 203: Moto Moto Moto!


Audio-only stream below

We've got most of the gang back together to round up our reviews of the best of Motorola's new lineup. Plus what we're expecting in the weeks ahead, and we answer a slew of your questions live on air.

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1 day ago

Accessibility features on the LG G3

Accessibility on the LG G3

LG's additions to Android's accessibility settings are notable and helpful

Modern smartphones, like the LG G3, are built for everyone in mind. That means folks who get up every morning, strap on their FitBit and go for a run, as well as those who just need a bit of help holding something small and slippery like a smartphone in their hands. We're not all built the same or can perform the same functions, and a good smart device knows this and allows for some fine-tuning to suit almost everyone. The G3 does an excellent job at this!

There are plenty of accessibility features built right into Android itself, but like most other things, the people who makes the phones we buy and love can (and have) added plenty of their own touches in this critical area. You should have a look here and see the basic Accessibility settings available from Android, then read down and see how LG has added to this list and made it better.

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1 day ago

Samsung introduces My KNOX app for better business security on Galaxy S5 and Note 4


Samsung has just launched a new app as part of its enterprise and business themed KNOX mobile security division called My KNOX, designed to offer better protection for employees who use their own smartphones for work.

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1 day ago

Moto G (2014) review

Moto G

Things didn't change much in the last year, but they improved enough to keep the Moto G a go-to inexpensive choice

Since Motorola was purchased by Google the Moto X has been the headline grabber for the company. But in the background, it's the lower-end Moto G that has been pushing Motorola back into relevance in several countries around the world. India and Brazil, in particular, have been the huge growth markets for Motorola primarily because of the fantastic value that the Moto G represents. A year after the release of the original Moto G that saw so much success, Motorola isn't messing with a good thing.

The new Moto G, as it's called, is nearly identical to the original with just a few key improvements in areas that Motorola's customers said they wanted to see changes. The result is a phone that sticks to the same wonderful $179 unlocked price, but with a larger screen, improved camera, new front-facing speakers and an SD card slot that comes standard.

It all comes back to the idea of riding the momentum from the original G, and that's certainly what Motorola has done here. It's taken a winning recipe that has propelled the company back into the minds of consumers in at least one price bracket, and the new Moto G is set to continue on that path. Read along for our full review of the second generation Moto G.

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1 day ago

How to change how Wifi networks are sorted on the LG G3

WiFi Sorting

A few taps in the settings can make it much easier to see available Wifi networks

ACU WiFiWith Wifi being all around us, it can sometimes be tough to sort through the dozens of available networks out there in order to find the right one. Some people resort to odd names for their networks, or just go ahead and add them manually. Thankfully on at least a few different phones you have the option in your settings to choose how to sort available networks when you're scanning through them.

It's a quick toggle to hit, but it can make switching between networks all that much easier if you're in an area dense with networks. Let us show you how to do it.

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1 day ago

We're podcasting live today at 4 p.m. EDT!


We're gonna have the gang back together for this one. We'll wrap up our reviews of the Moto 360, Moto G and Moto X, check in on the latest with the Galaxy Note 4, see if there's any movement on the Nexus front, and of course we'll answer your questions live on air.

Join us at this link at 4 p.m. EDT — that's 9 p.m. in London — as we get it done. See you then!

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1 day ago

You can also pre-order a Galaxy Note 4 in the UK from today

Galaxy Note 4

In addition to a the U.S. market, today marks the official start date for Galaxy Note 4 pre-orders in the UK. Per the company's announcement a couple of days ago, eager Note 4 buyers can now pre-order the device from Samsung's ten retail stores across the country before general sales begin on Oct. 10.

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