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Nexus 9 hands-on and first impressions

Nexus 9

HTC splits the previous Nexus tablets with an 8.9-incher, while adding a premium feel and internals

It's been 15 months since the Nexus 7 (2013) was unveiled, and now we have our hands on its successor the Nexus 9. Built by HTC rather than ASUS, the Nexus 9 takes the sleek and modern design we saw on the last round of Nexuses and scales it up to house an 8.9-inch display, while integrating an aluminum frame and improved internals. It also brings an interesting new aspect ratio that is supposed to be better for getting work done.

While you can't go out and buy one just yet — it's available for preorder now and should ship by Nov. 3 — we've had the opportunity to use the Nexus 9 for a little bit so we can give you our first impressions of it. Stick with us after the break for hands-on pictures, video and our first impressions of the Nexus 9.

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Amazon posts $544 million operating loss in Q3, takes $170 million write-down on Fire Phone


Amazon just announced its Q3 2014 earnings, showing the largest operating loss in company history of $544 million for the quarter. That's dramatically higher than the $25 million operating loss of Q3 2013, despite the fact that net sales were up 20 percent to $20.58 billion this quarter. Operating cash flow was also up for the quarter at $5.71 billion, but that still is in the shadow of such a large loss.

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Don't freak out, but HTC One M8 Dot View Cases are 50% off today!

This custom HTC One (M8) flip case has an interactive front panel that allows you to respond to calls, access your calendar, alarms and even view notifications without even opening the case! This makes the Dot View Case significantly safer against scratches since your display is protected more often. Get yours in black, blue, maroon or orange today for just $24.95!


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Popular Japanese physics RPG Monster Strike now available in English


Monster Strike has enjoyed over 5 million downloads on the Japanese Google Play Store alone, and now players in North America and elsewhere can see what all the fuss is about.

Monster Strike is effectively a marble-flicking game about hitting and eliminating targets that incorporates a lot of RPG elements. Up to four buddies can get cooperatively involved to take on exclusive bosses and and earn shared rewards.

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T-Mobile wants better coverage inside your home and it's asking the FCC for help


T-Mobile wants its phones, tablets, and devices to work better in your homes and buildings, and to do so it is petitioning the FCC to make that happen. The Un-carrier wants to be able to buy more low-band spectrum to improve in-building coverage in the next FCC auction, and T-Mobile wants the FCC to alter a few rules to help it succeed.

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Ingress celebrates two year birthday with new monthly event 'First Saturdays'


Real-world adventure game Ingress will be celebrating its second birthday this year, and it's doing so in style. Google's Niantic Labs, which runs the game, will be kicking off the celebration with a new monthly event series called "First Saturdays" which will serve to bring new Ingress "agents" into the fold. The events will run simultaneously in 120 cities across the world, and will be entirely player-driven.

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Leaked LG F490L Liger could launch as LG G3 Screen in South Korea


It looks like we have some leaked photos of the LG F490L smartphone in the wild, a device that also goes by its code name of Liger. With similar styling to LG's flagship G3 smartphone, the Liger is said to sport a 5.9-inch display with a resolution of 1080p rather than the G3's pixel-popping QHD.

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Lag on the Moto 360 appears to be all but gone after update


We're still messing around with the new features found in the most recent update to the Moto 360, but this one deserves a brief mention on its own.

The animation lag we'd experienced since we first got the smartwatch is all but gone. We're still seeing the occasional hiccup, but overall the animations are much improved, a drastic change from the past couple months.

Update: We've also received the Android Wear 4.4W2 update on our LG G Watch R review unit, and the update has eliminated almost all of the lag we were seeing on that device too, while adding a couple of new watch faces.

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Race into the future with Anki Drive


It's something you may have seen during your travels on the internet or a trip to the mall. Anki Drive is one of the coolest connected toys on the market today. It takes the classic action of slot cars and brings it into the future with power-ups, weapons, battle mode and more.

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Republique review - avoid big brother in this gorgeous stealth game

Republique for Android

A dystopian thriller with powerful story and great graphics

Republique is a fantastic stealth adventure game that was borne of a Kickstarter campaign back in 2012. The Android port was officially released this week, and there's a lot to say about it.

The core gameplay of avoiding guards, gathering clues, and employing an array of hacking abilities is paired up wonderfully with a strong storyline, original voice acting, and graphics with cinema-quality motion capture. That's a lot of hype to live up to, but there are some compromises to make with the episodic nature of the game.

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LG G Watch R hits Europe in early November


LG has announced that their G Watch R will be available in several European countries at the beginning of November. France, Italy, Spain, and the UK will all be included in the initial rollout. The G Watch R will come to North America, Asia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States shortly thereafter. Purchase of the G Watch R through the Google Play Store will come to some terretories in the coming weeks.

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Sony Smartwatch 3 (with GPS and Android Wear) on sale now at Verizon

Sony Smartwatch 3

Android Wear update coming to other smartwatches as well

It's been more than a month since we got our first look at the Sony Smartwatch 3 — the company's first try at Android Wear — and today the wearable is available for preorder, but perhaps not from the place you'd expect. Verizon's got first dibs on this smartwatch, which will cost you $249 up front (plus tax and shipping and stuff). It'll ship by Oct. 30, Verizon says.

The big deal about this watch, in addition to being the Android Wear device from Sony, is that it's the first to support offline music and full-on GPS — the idea being that you can use it without having to have a phone attached, which is a plus when you're exercising. So you'll be able to listen to music with the watch serving up tunes to a Bluetooth headset directly, and be able to track your runs without lugging around an ever-bigger smartphone.

Google says the Smartwatch 3 also will be available from Google Play at some point.

Google today also is reiterating the offline music update (along with other features) is headed to current Android Wear devices as well. The LG G Watch and Moto 360 already have started to benefit from the update.

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Google now shows developers app stats based on tablet size


Here's a fun little addition to the Android Developer Console. Devs can now view statistics based on tablet sizes — 7 inches to 9 inches, and for tablets 10 inches and larger.

For what it's worth, we're seeing slightly more 7- to 10-inch tablets than 10 inches and above for the Android Central app. We'll have to see if that shifts further in that direction once the Nexus 9 is available.

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SwiftKey Android app joins the Material Design trend with two new themes


The Android version of the SwiftKey virtual keyboard now has two more themes to purchase that are inspired by the Material Design guidelines set up by Google for its new Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.

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LG G Watch R: In pictures

G Watch R

Almost two months after we first laid eyes on it at IFA 2013, the LG G Watch R is finally ready to go on sale. LG's second-generation smartwatch sports the look of a more traditional timepiece, along with an improved, brighter P-OLED display and a greater focus on design. This thing actually looks like a watch, and though the feel of this wearable doesn't match up to that of a high-end wristwatch, it's a substantial improvement on LG's earlier efforts.

We've been using the LG G Watch R for the past several days, ahead of its global launch, and we'll have a full review for you to read here on Android Central very soon. In the meantime we've collected a photo gallery showing the device from just about every angle imaginable, both indoors and outdoors.

Head on past the break to take a look!

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