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How to clear your browsing data in Chrome

Chrome history

You can protect your privacy and cover your tracks by clearing your browsing data in Chrome for Android

 ChromeWe've all been here: A friend asks to borrow your phone (or just steals it), and you start to sweat, fully aware of what's lurking there in your browser history.

What if they see that you're secretly addicted to looking up random cat facts? What if they discover whatever other guilty pleasure you may have? Don't worry. With just a simple preventative measure, we can keep all those things secret. With Chrome on Android, we can clear our browsing data, or the browsing history.

Here's how:

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Join us at 4 p.m. EDT today for Android Central Podcast Episode 200!


And just like that, we've reached Episode No. 200 of the Greatest Android Podcast in the World. How's about that. On tap today: We'll take a look ahead at next week, which is going to be a wee bit insane, what with the Samsung Unpacked event and the IFA conference in general, plus Motorola's event in Chicago for a new phone and the launch of the Moto 360, plus the Apple event in California. (And that's just the start of September Insanity — the CTIA Super Mobility Week is the week after.)

And as if that wasn't enough, we'll be announcing the winner of our HTC One M8 Phunk Studio Edition contest (the voting is pretty tight at the moment), and answering your questions live.

So join us at 4 p.m. EDT — that's 9 p.m. in London — at this link as it all goes down. If you can't make it to the live show, be sure to subscribe to the show so you don't miss a single thing. And thanks for being a part of this milestone, and all the shows to come!

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Deal of the Day: LLOYD Anti-Glare Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy S3

These screen protectors are custom designed to shield your Galaxy S3's display while reducing annoying glare at the same time. Durable and scratch resistant, the TruTouch sensitivity provides a more natural feel on your touchscreen.

The LLOYD Anti-Glare Screen Protectors are available for just $2.95; that's 85% off today only! Includes 3 per package.


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HTC One E8 makes US debut on Sprint


If the HTC One M8 is too rich for your blood on Sprint, its plastic-bodied sibling with half the storage is now available from the pin drop network. Meant for Asia and Eastern Europe, the HTC One E8 is now available in the USA, but just through Sprint. The E8 brings nearly the same specs and experience as the M8, though in a less expensive form.

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AT&T handing out $100 on new line activations


AT&T has announced a new promotion, offering a $100 bill credit to customers when they activate a live with a smartphone on AT&T Next. The offer has been run before, and is extended to both new and current customers. The promotion runs through September 30, 2014.

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Top Android app, device and accessory deals for August 29, 2014


Looking for deals on apps, accessories, smartphones, and tablets? We've found a bunch of limited-time offers of which you may want to take advantage.

Give us a shout in the comments if you find any other sales floating around the web and we'll be sure to share 'em!

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Optivent ORA-1 Android-powered headset takes to Kickstarter, isn't for the style-conscious


Yet another Google Glass challenger has taken to Kickstarter; this time it's the Optivent ORA-1. The company, which is seeking to raise at least $100,000, stakes their claim to fame on running Android 4.2.2 (with a promised upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat and a "Flip-Vu" display that pivots up in front of the wearer's eyes or drops down out of the way (kind of not really).

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Waterproofing needs to be standard on every phone

Galaxy S5

Having a waterproof phone just makes sense, and the tradeoffs just aren't as big as they used to be

I went camping over the weekend, and after four days in the "wilderness" (or as wild as I'll get involved with) I realized it's really awesome to be carrying a smartphone that's waterproof. And now that the compromises of having a waterproof phone don't amount to thick rubber housings, rugged styling or even flaps over ports in many cases, I'm wondering why nearly every phone released today isn't in some way resistant to liquids.

I chose to carry a Galaxy S5 in my pocket over the weekend, and not because of its software, camera or any other feature — I primarily chose to use it because it's the one waterproof phone that I have. I brought my Nexus 5 along (how often do I not have two phones on me?) as well, but it was tucked safely in a backpack for the times I needed it. The phone that got used was the one that would survive the inevitable spills, bumps and moist encounters a phone is often faced with when you're camping.

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Nike+ Running transforms the Samsung Gear S into a fitness tracker


Samsung and Nike have teamed up to bring Nike+ Running to Samsung's new Gear S smartwatch. The app uses the GPS and 3G wireless in the Gear S to view their progress, send out real-time stats, and maps their runs, all without the need for a smartphone. Nike+ Running will track distance, pace, allow you to play music, and also share you run live with your friends though social networks.

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Samsung's latest ad sees New York choose between Galaxy Tab S and iPad Air


Samsung took to the streets of New York City to see who favors the Samsung Galaxy Tab S over Apple's iPad Air. Since this is an advertisement from Samsung, for Samsung, it comes as no surprise that everyone in New York appears to be a huge Galaxy Tab S fan. But one can't help but think Samsung fell short with its latest attempt to draw consumers aware from Apple's stronghold.

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