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Chromebooks just don't get the hardware they deserve

ASUS C300 Chromebook

The economics may not work out in a way that we'll get great high-end Chromebooks

As I've spent an increasing amount of time using Chromebooks over the course of the last year, reviewing several personally, I'm starting to get worried about the state of the Chromebook market. While there are plenty of very capable Chromebook options out there that represent a fantastic value to price-conscious consumers, I'm wondering if there will ever be a time when we see a selection of higher-end devices for those who want (or frankly need) more.

The "Chromebooks are just the new netbooks" argument has been thrown around quite liberally in the past two years, but I've always been optimistic that we would eventually see a range of Chromebooks that aren't just cheap machines meant to undercut the competition. But as we enter a new generation of Chromebooks hitting the market with low-cost and low-power Intel and ARM processors, the cheapest possible display components, limited memory and uninspired designs, I'm losing some of my confidence.

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3 hours ago

'Moto X+1' leaks again ahead of Motorola event on Sept. 4th


With Motorola scheduled to host an event on September 4th in Chicago, we were kind of expecting to see a bit more of the long awaited and already plenty leaked 'Moto X+1' and it seems our thoughts on that weren't far off.

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Deal of the Day: ZENS Wireless Single Charger

The underlying induction technology of this wireless charger ensures foolproof charging every time your Qi compatible device is placed on the pad. Grab one for the office and at home to take full advantage of your new wireless lifestyle!

The ZENS Wireless Single Charger is available for just $39.95; that's 39% off today only! Take your pick of either a black or white pad while supplies last.


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Ouya turns to Xiaomi for expansion into Asia


Ouya may be taking its games to China if a deal with Xiaomi could be made. The two companies are said to be in talks ironing out the details where Xiaomi would make Ouya's gaming service available on its set-top boxes and smart TVs.

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4 hours ago

How to save data when using Google Chrome

How to save bandwidth in Google Chrome hero image

You can use Chrome to save data, and this is how you get that going

Unfortunately, I am on a limited data plan with my carrier. I know that most of you are probably in the same boat. And on limited data plans, data saved is data earned. Many popular music streaming apps have made it possible to save data by storing music on our devices. Google also makes it possible for us to save data using its Chrome web browser. That's definitely something I can get behind. Data savings are made possible by compression from Google's servers.

So how do you go about it on an Android device? Let's find out! It's not too painful of a process.

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5 hours ago

Swing Copters shows Google Play still has a copycat problem

Swing Copters

Flappy Bird wasn't the first game to spawn an entire ecosystem of me-too clones, nor will it be the last. And now that the developer of the insanely difficult but addicting game has released the even more insanely difficult and even more addicting (is that even possible?) Swing Copters, well, we're seeing it again.

But who's at fault here? Google Play for allowing pretty much anything to be published? Or the developer who's trying to make a quick buck? Or the user who's not paying close enough attention — or even knows who the true dev of Swing Copters is, for that matter — to install the right one? Or is this even an issue?


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5 hours ago

Google Search on Android can now understand multiple spoken languages at once


Google has announced that its Search app on Android devices can now handle a number of different spoken languages at once, in an effort to help people who speak more than one language.

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5 hours ago

Pebble scores a win with ESPN and the latest scores on your wrist


ESPN app for Pebble now brings the latest sports scores from your favorite teams to your wrist. Whenever a score is updated, your Pebble smartwatch will buzz and you'll see updates on your watch where the ESPN app will serve as a "wrist-top SportsCenter."

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5 hours ago

Did your LG G3 recommend you delete the Downloads app? Here's how to get it back


LG's smart clean might see an accidental deletion of the downloads app, here's how you get it back

We've already looked at how Smart Clean on the LG G3 can help you reclaim some of your storage space, but did you know that it's also quite easy to delete the Downloads application from the phone with it, too? If this happens to you you'll still be able to get to everything in your downloads folder through File Manager, but fret not, because getting the Downloads app back is easy. So long as you know where to look for it.

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6 hours ago

Another Android 'fragmentation' report misses the point


Today Open Signal, which among other things crowdsources how well a particular operator works in the real world (and is a very cool thing to see), released a report on Android "fragmentation" based on the users of its app.

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