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This is Android One

Android One

Pure Android in a Google-backed $100 smartphone

This year's Google IO developer conference wasn't just about the upcoming Android L release and the design changes coming with that version. One of the keynote's most important announcements was packed into a two-minute segment at the start of the event. Android One, as Android chief Sundar Pichai explained, was designed to level the playing field for smartphones in developing markets, making it easier for smaller phone makers in these countries to ship relatively high-quality stuff at relatively low price points.

Three months later we're seeing the first fruits from this endeavor, as Android One arrives in India. We've got our hands on the Micromax Canvas A1, one of the first Android One phones to go on sale. And what we've found is a surprisingly speedy vanilla Android handset with a few tweaks for the Indian market.

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Android 4.4.4 factory image for Nexus 7 LTE now available from Google


Better late than never, Google has just posted the latest Android 4.4.4 (KTU84P) factory image for the Nexus 7 LTE. Up until today the best you could get was Android 4.4.3, even though other Nexus devices had 4.4.4 available back in June. If you're not familiar with factory images, they're files provided by Google that can be used to update or completely wipe your device back to a factory state with the latest software.

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Get this reinforced skin case for your Galaxy S5 Active for 40% off today!

Sport a 3 dimensional look and brushed aluminum finish with the Rise Case from Body Glove. This durable gel case features reinforced corners for excellent impact protection, a horizontal raised pattern of the back which enhances grip and leaves access to your camera and ports.

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Dropbox updates Android app to allow users to export files to SD card


Dropbox is updating its Android app today, giving users of its cloud storage server a new way to export files directly to an SD card, which is a nice feature for folks who want to move files around without the need of a wireless connection.

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Keep up with the things you care about with Pushbullet's channels


Pushbullet has announced the arrival of channels. Channels notify you when something you care about happens, whether thats the latest update to your favorite webcomic, or your go-to Android news site publishes a new story in a specific topic.

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The best Android Wear smartwatch

The best Android Wear smartwatches

Our continuously updated list of the best Android Wear watch you can wear

We're now three devices into the Android Wear era — the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360. More are coming. The LG G Watch R will be available in the coming months, as will the ASUS Zen Watch. We're still expecting devices from HTC and Fossil at some point.

But even just three devices in, we're now able to confidently declare that there is one Android Wear smartwatch that stands out above the rest, despite its imperfections. There's one that turns heads more than the others while mostly mirroring performance.

And that watch, unsurprisingly, is ...

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Acer Chromebook 13 review

Acer Chromebook 13

A step in the right direction for ARM Chromebooks, and one we can actually recommend

I've made it no secret that I'm not a fan of ARM-powered Chromebooks. With their low performance and compromised battery life, ARM Chromebooks from a variety of manufacturers have never lived up to what Intel-powered models can offer. Acer and NVIDIA have teamed up to challenge that preconceived notion with the Chromebook 13 — the fourth distinct Chromebook model from Acer and the first in its class to run the new Tegra K1 processor.

But this machine isn't just about the processor. The Acer Chromebook 13 also offers a sleek design, good trackpad and a few different models with wallet-friendly prices that present a pretty solid value as well. Read along into my full review as I break down the details of the Acer Chromebook 13 and how it fares versus the competition.

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Top Android device, accessory, and app deals for October 1


We've dug up some solid deals on apps, accessories, smartphones, and tablets. If there's something you've been wanting to get your hands on, check out the list below. As always, if you find any sales out out there that aren't listed, let us know in the comments!

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Sony Xperia Z3 heading to Canada starting on October 31


Sony has today announced plans to launch the Xperia Z3 in Canada on October 31, with support from Bell, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, TELUS and WIND Mobile. Should folk wish to purchase the new flagship smartphone without heading down to their local carrier store, Sony stores will also be stocking the same device for purchase on launch day.

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Sprint doubles data on high-end plans for families and businesses


Sprint has announced that, starting today, they are offering "double the data" on high-end data plans compared to AT&T and Verizon. Sprint's 32GB, 40GB, and 60GB Family Share Pack plans will now offer 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB at no extra cost. Customers must sign up by October 31 in order to take advantage of the offer. Existing customers can take advantage of the promotion by visiting a Sprint retail store or call Sprint customer support.

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Samsung sheds more light on when the Galaxy Note 4 is launching in your country


After announcing its intentions to launch the Galaxy Note 4 in over 140 countries by the end of October, Samsung is offering up more details on when the device will be available in countries across the globe.

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Pebble and Pebble Steel now available for purchase in the UK


The popular smartwatch has skimmed its way to UK shores. Both the Pebble and Pebble Steel are now available for purchase without having to pay out to cover import fees (thanks to stock shipping from within the EU). Consumers are able to pick up their own Pebble from participating retailers.

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LG brings LTE to the budget segment with the F60


Budget handsets are miles better from what they used to be thanks to devices like the Moto G, although one factor they can do better is in terms of connectivity. LG is looking to remedy that with the launch of the F60, an LTE-enabled smartphone for budget conscious buyers.

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Moto X 2014 available in the UK, limited supply shipping from Unlocked Mobiles


Unlocked Mobiles has confirmed with us today that the UK retailer has the Moto X 2014 currently in stock, but supply is limited. Should you be looking to get your hands on an unlocked version of the new smartphone, this may well be your opportunity to grab one for £395.

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Vodafone makes the Smart 4 turbo and Smart 4 power more affordable


Vodafone has cut the pricing for both the Smart 4 power (pictured above) and Smart 4 turbo, placing both smartphones on more affordable plans. You can now pick up the former on plans from £18 a month (was £22.50) and the Smart 4 turbo starts from £14 (was £18.50).

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