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Sega's Humble Bundle saves you money and benefits charities


Sega is joining the Humble Bundle by bringing some of its top games to the collection, allowing you to name your price for the titles as well as select how you want the profits divvied up between developers and noteworthy charities. Sega has added a few of its individual titles allowing you to pay what you want for each of the title, and if you pay more than the average price, you'll also get a few extra titles included in the price.

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54 min ago

Incipio Feather SHINE Ultra Thin Shell for the Nexus 5

Incipio Feather SHINE Ultra Thin Shell with Aluminum Finish for LG Nexus 5

Sometimes, you just want to keep the back of your expensive new phone from getting scratched up without putting on some thick case designed to survive the next world war. If you've got a Nexus 5, the Incipio Feather SHINE case for the Nexus 5 is a great way to do it.

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Deal of the Day: Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case for HTC One (M8)

The NGP case blends the perfect mixture of plastic and silicone into one streamlined design. These cases wrap all the way around your device for a snug, sure fit. The skin itself is completely stretch and tear resistant, yet the exterior's smooth matte finish almost feels like a hard case.

The Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case is available for just $12.95; that's 35% off today only! Colors include black, turquoise, mercury and pink.


1 hour ago

How to use Dual Window on the LG G3


The LG G3 is packed with useful features, and with Dual Window you can interact with not one, but two apps at the same time. LG isn't the first phone maker to implement such a feature, but with the 5.5-inches of screen real estate to play with it can be extremely useful.

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2 hours ago

A quick look at the Verizon HTC One Remix

HTC One Remix on Verizon

It's deja vu all over again as Verizon picks up HTC's One Mini 2

Here is where we bring you a very brief look at the HTC One Remix on Verizon — aka the HTC One Mini 2 everywhere else. We've already taken a pretty deep look at the Mini 2, so we're not going to go too far into the nooks and crannies, as the Remix is the exact same thing, only on Verizon, with Verizon's preloaded software.

And there is quite a bit of that. Preloaded software, that is. Some of it you might want. Some you might not.

Let's take a quick look.

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2 hours ago

MediaFire for Android now automatically backs up your photos and videos


The MediaFire cloud storage service now has a new version of its Android app available to download from Google Play that has a number of new features, including automatic photo and video backup.

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3 hours ago

Huawei's IFA teaser features fingerprint security, automotive integration, math, and… cats


Huawei's teasing us with whatever they're planning for IFA 2014, and it's quite the tease. There are a few things we can infer: whatever they're planning to announce will feature a fingerprint reader with some sort of security (a vault with a fingerprint on it) and some sort of automotive integration (that is a transmission shifter, though apparently Huawei doesn't believe in reverse, park, or neutral).

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3 hours ago

Uber offers developer API to integrate car service in third party apps


Uber has just announced a developer API, allowing developers to integrate the car service into their own Android apps. Apps will be able to do things like send an address to Uber's own app, as well as display pickup times, provide fare estimates, and more.

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3 hours ago

Skype relief is finally coming with notifications only on the device you're currently using


Skype will soon be doing more to curb notification noise on your devices. The company has announced a new feature, known as "active endpoint" that will contain chat notifications to the device that you're using, rather than alerting every single device. For instance, if you're chatting using Skype on your phone, your computer and tablet will remain silent.

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4 hours ago

Minuum keyboard app updated with floating and compact modes


The team behind the popular Minuum keyboard app for Android devices are rolling out a new update today on Google Play, which offers some new features such as floating and compact modes, among others.

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