16 hours ago

Backed-up mobile shots can now be attached in Gmail


Gmail on the web has added a handy new feature which lets you quickly attach images that are already in Google+ through Android’s photo auto-backup feature. This is a really great addition, considering how easy it is to start writing an e-mail on your computer, find out you need a photo from your phone, and then have to crack open Google+ in a new tab to start rifling around to find the right shot.

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18 hours ago

Samsung patent shows headphones concept with a heads-up display


If you thought Google were the only ones having fun combining wearable head gear with heads-up display technology, think again as Samsung is set to join in the fun with a new patent. The filing shows us a sweet concept – headphones with heads-up displays. Think Google Glass, but with the added benefit of being headphones for media playback.

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19 hours ago

UK managing director Andrew Morley departs Motorola after Lenovo takeover


In light of Motorola's sale to Lenovo, the company's UK managing director Andrew Morley is set to leave after joining Motorola back in 2010. This departure follows CEO Dennis Woodside stepping down back in September, soon after Google sold its mobile company to Lenovo.

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1 day ago

Google Glass KitKat update coming this week, brings a big list of new features


Google has let loose a small teaser about the upcoming Google Glass update, and it looks to be a great one. For starters, the platform version is moving to KitKat, and away from the current Android 4.0.3 builds. This will bring better battery life, makes things easier to update, and open up a lot of new SDK features for developers. But that's not all we'll be seeing.

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1 day ago

Original HTC One to get Sense 6 by the end of May


HTC America President Jason Mackenzie has taken to Twitter to give a rough date about the HTC Sense 6 update for the original M7 model HTC One. According to Mackenzie, users in the U.S. and Canada should expect to have received the update by the end of May.

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1 day ago

Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign may finally be coming to an end


It appears that Microsoft is finished with the "Scroogled" ad campaign. Over the weekend, Derrick Connell — a Microsoft corporate VP, and head of the Bing Experiences team — answered a small Q&A at Yabbly and and had the following to say:

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1 day ago

Anyone can buy Google Glass tomorrow — so ... will you?


Tomorrow, for one day only, anyone can buy Google Glass. That is anyone who hasn't been able to score an "invite," which hasn't been all that hard anyway. And anyone who has $1,500 to drop on the pseudo-prototype. You'll be able to get them here. And, so, we ask: Are you buying?

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1 day ago

Samsung shows us how we should be using the Gear Fit in new commercial


Now that folks are able to get their hands on the new Samsung Gear Fit along with the Galaxy S5, Samsung has taken to YouTube to post a commercial showing us all how we should be using the device on a daily basis.

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1 day ago

Top tips for saving battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy S5 battery life

How to get the best battery life out of your Galaxy S5

One of the top questions we'll get this year regards Samsung Galaxy S5 battery life. Simply put, you just can't get enough. We hear you. In fact, there are those who will do anything and everything to eke out every last ounce of battery life from their Galaxy S5. Every last mAh. Every last minute. One more tweet. One last selfie.

We get you. Battery life is of top importance with your Galaxy S5.

Whether you're new to smartphones in general or the Galaxy S5 in particular, there are a few tips and tricks you can learn to get the best battery life from your GS5. Some of them are applicable to other smartphones. Some will be specific to the Samsung Galaxy S5. And all are worth reviewing.

So let's take a look at some of our favorite Galaxy S5 battery life tips and tricks. When you're done, be sure to swing by our Galaxy S5 forums and see how other folks are improving their battery life. And hit up this page for more Galaxy S5 help.

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1 day ago

Seidio Ledger Flip Case for Nexus 5

Seidio Ledger flip case for Nexus 5

Extra protection and functionality for your Nexus 5, as long as the extra bulk is worth it for you


I'm not sure when it happened, but there's a renewed sense of value in having a larger smartphone case that can provide more than simple coverage for the sides and back of the device. It's no longer unusual to have a flip-over folio style case for a phone (a function usually reserved for tablets), and with those screen covers also integrating slots of credit cards, IDs and business cards just like your wallet normally would.

Seidio has adapted one of its great hard plastic kickstand case designs to also include a folio-style flip cover for the front of your Nexus 5. And while the design ideas can seem a little disjointed at times on the Seidio Ledger Flip Case, it provides a different look and feel than you'll find on your standard case choices. Read along with us and see the merits of this functional Nexus 5 case.

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