4 years ago

Android-powered Barnes & Noble Nook gets browser, games, 'Read in Store'


Barnes & Noble's Nook Android-powered e-reader just got itself another update. Here's what's new in version 1.3:

  • Read in Store: Just like it sounds, it gives you access to entire books while you're at a Barnes & Noble store.
  • Sudoku and chess.
  • The Daily: Kind of a daily BN news hub, letting you know about new content.
  • Browser: Still in beta, but it gives you basic web access (sans Flash and Java).
  • Better WiFi hotspot access.

A decent update, indeed. Check out more at Barnes & Noble, as well as manual download instructions. [Barnes & Noble]

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4 years ago

WiFi 802.11n kinda sorta working on the Nexus One


mentioned on Twitter yesterday that uber-cookers extraordinaire Cyanogen and Kmobs had gotten the 802.11n version of WiFi (think the fastest you can get right now) up and running on the Google Nexus One -- notable because 802.11n initially was listed as a spec on the N1 but was later redacted. Above you see Kmobs' blurry video proof, and we've done some testing on our own and can confirm. Let's hope we see this in a new CyanogenMod build soonest (and hope that our battery life doesn't take a huge hit because of it).

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4 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 9


Audio-only stream below

We're back to our regularly scheduled podcast (already in progress), just in time for some major Dell leakage and a whole bunch of your e-mails. Listen in!

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4 years ago

Quick App - Sobees twitter client


Twitter, like Android, is exploding.  The latest entry into the Android twitterverse is from sobees.  Many of you might already be familiar with Sobees desktop and web apps, but their application for Android is all new. 

Follow after the break for a video and my impressions of the new Sobees twitter application.

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4 years ago

HTC-Palm deal off the table, and is HTC still planning to build own OS?


Bloomberg reports that HTC is looking into developing their own mobile operating system. According to HTC CFO, Cheng Hui-ming:

“We continue to assess, but that requires a few conditions to justify"

An HTC device that combines their typically excellent hardware with HTC developed software seems like the logical endgame for HTC. Heck, they've already put their own Sense UI on top of many Android phones and have even tinkered Sense to fit Windows Mobile. On those devices, the HTC Sense experience shines as much as the original operating system. Building a true smartphone operating system (we're not counting that dumbphone) could be taken as another step in a direction they were already heading.

However, given HTC's strong relationship with both Google and Microsoft and the increasingly competitive smartphone market, this is far from a sure thing. HTC has proven itself successful with its current business model and the company has become the talk of the town. Unless they're really unhappy with the state of Android and Windows Mobile, we just can't see it happening. Or they can just buy Palm. Or not, apparently, as Reuters says today that the deal is off.

And though it's an exciting proposition if HTC does decide to go head-on in software, we don't want them to ever leave Android. Don't do it HTC.

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4 years ago

Archos 7 Home Tablet available for pre-order in the U.S., semi-cheap


As reported before, the Android-powered Archos 7 Home Tablet isn't the most powerful device in its category, however, it's shaping up as a great value for what it can offer.  I suppose Dell, HTC and Google are talking about the devices you want but Archos isn't like them, oh no, they are allowing you to pre-order this tablet for the budget friendly price of $199.99 over at Amazon.  I wouldn't get upset over the reported spec of 13-plus-pounds, the last time I checked this guy was sitting pretty at under a pound.  If you're itching for some 720p HD playback in a sweet Android package, this guy is a fair steal. [Amazon via Pocketables.net]

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4 years ago

European Hero Eclair update scheduled for ... June?


Don't kill the messenger.  The Unwired reports that during a Google event in Europe today, HTC announced that the Android 2.1/Eclair update for European Hero will be released "later this summer".  Supposedly starting sometime in June, Hero owners will receive a preparatory update, followed shortly by the full on 2.1 update.  Details are a bit sketchy, but one thing is certain -- the long awaited Eclair update is still scheduled to be released.  But is it too late?

I'll agree the shift from 1.5 to 2.1 is a big one indeed, and it's possible that the speed at which Android is evolving might have left the Hero and other G2 class devices in the dust.  Let's just hope that when it finally comes, it was worth waiting for.  No word from Sprint or any of
the other CDMA carriers if this will affect their proposed update window, but I'm guessing the news won't be good.  [via The Unwired]

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4 years ago

Sprint giving away ten Evo 4Gs


Hey, all you Sprint Premiere customers out there: Your favorite carrier's looking to give away 10 -- count 'em, 10! -- Evo 4G phones, four tips to either Maui, Chicago, Las Vegas or Houston (coincidentally, four cities with 4G), and $4,000 in cash. And it's all in the name of launching the biggest Android phone yet, as well as the first one sporting WiMax. You have to already be a premiere customer, so common folk need not apply, apparently. Be sure to check out all the official rules and what-not. [Sprint] Thanks, everyone, for sending this in.

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4 years ago

Have a T-Mobile Nexus One? You're on your own for further 3G fixes


Good news, for those of you with the T-Mobile version of the Google Nexus One: Google's found the problem with spotty 3G coverage. And the problem is ... you. In an update this week in the Google help forums, Googler Ry Guy drops a bit of a bombshell (and dispels a recent rumor about an over-the-air update that might or might not be on the way):

Hey guys,

I've seen some recent speculation on this thread about an OTA to improve 3G connectivity and I want to give you an update on the situation.

While we are continuing to monitor user feedback regarding the 3G performance on the Nexus One, we are no longer investigating further engineering improvements at this time.

If you are still experiencing 3G issues, we recommend that you try changing your location or even the orientation of your phone, as this may help in areas with weaker coverage.

-Ry Guy

So, it looks like it's not something that could be fixed by another software update. If anybody has some creative tinfoil-antenna fixes, be sure to let us know. [Google] Thanks, everybody, for sending this in.

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4 years ago

Droid owners, have you lost your messages?


Open your text messages application on your Droid, and notice it's, well, empty? Apparently a new known issue that has been plaguing a group of Droids is this rather random deletion of your SMS and MMS messages from your device. This means that all of those lovey dovey texts you sent your significant other, all the pictures of your friends drinking at the bar while your working, or the video of the guy walking into the street sign are now gone, vanished into thin air. Unfortunately there is no simple way to just back these up so they are able to be restored, unless your all fancy and keep current nandroid backups of your device (if you happen to know what that is), or if you, say, used Google Voice. Well, in all seriousness, if you have seen this issue, or happen to know any magic fixes, please, share your experience with us in the forums. [code.google.com via Consumerist]

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