3 years ago

Rumor: Microsoft to buy Skype for $7 Billion


If Google was hoping to control all the hallway chatter at this year's Google IO, well, it looks like they've lost that bid. Perhaps, in fact, they've lost two, as the WSJ is reporting that Microsoft is about to close a deal to acquire Skype for a cool seven billion dollars. The deal apparently isn't quite finalized yet, but if it goes through it's going to leave more questions than answers for the Voice Over IP software.

Six months after Skype freed itself from the confines of Verizon exclusivity for mobile phones in the US, it's become a fairly popular platform for Android. Will Microsoft allow it to continue on Android or any of the myriad other platforms Skype supports? We're hoping and assuming yes - but the news itself is crazy enough that more craziness could well ensue. Stay tuned for what's sure to be a wild ride.

Update: Looks like it is a done deal, as reported by All Things D. Press release suggested for tomorrow morning.

Source: WSJ; via TiPb

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3 years ago

LG and Wikitude team up to launch 3D augmented reality browser


The announcements surrounding the LG Optimus 3D keep coming, LG has just issued a press release letting everyone know they have now teamed up with Wikitude to make available the World’s first three dimensional augmented reality browser. From the press release:

“AR technology has been praised for its potential to replace the ‘abstract’ realities of standard mobile browsers with ‘actual’ reality streamed through the camera of the smartphone,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO and President of LG Mobile Communications Company. “LG’s cutting-edge hardware and 3D API software technology now pushes this reality a step further.”

Although augmented reality isn't really anything new, 3D augmented reality takes things to whole new level. Wikitude has gathered information on over 100 million locations around the world, with contributions from more than 1,000 content providers adding the 3D element found within the LG Optimus 3D is looking to be the natural next step in augmented reality evolution and LG couldn't be happier to bring it to the masses. Read on past the break for the full press release.

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3 years ago

T-Mobile prepares for battle with E3 contest


Consider yourself a hardcore gamer? If so, listen up -- T-Mobile today has introduced their "Battle for E3" contest and are inviting you all to participate. In order to win, you'll need to upload a video (15 seconds or less) on T-Mobile’s Facebook page demonstrating how you are the ultimate gamer and ideal E3 “correspondent” for T-Mobile. 

The videos will be ranked by fans on the T-Mobile page and the top 10 entrants will each win a prize. Two entrants, will also win a T-Mobile G2X and a trip to the E3 Expo in Los Angeles on June 7-9. Head on over to the T-Mobile Facebook fanpage for the full contest details.

Source: T-Mobile USA Facebook

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3 years ago

Google IO Podcast Episode 1


Audio-only stream below

It's the eve of the Google IO developer conference. Jerry and Phil are in San Francisco, and it's time for some predictions! (Plus, we make up a little bit for skipping the podcast last week.) Listen in!

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3 years ago

Droid Incredible 2 review


Why mess with a good thing, right? Verizon struck smartphone gold a year ago with the Droid Incredible, a version of the European HTC Desire tweaked for the U.S. market. And so not a whole lot has changed with the follow-up, the Droid Incredible 2.

It actually was an interesting turn of events -- a U.S.-only phone (and one with Verizon's exclusive "Droid" branding at that) -- took its name and design back overseas and was unveiled at Mobile World Congress as the Incredible S. Needless to say, it was a welcome sight for those looking for something a little different from HTC. (Even if it is still a black slab.)

So what's new in the Incredible 2? And is it enough to warrant a purchase? Or does last year's model still have what it takes? Let's find out, after the break.

Droid Incredible 2 Specs | Droid Incredible 2 Forums | Droid Incredible 2 Accessories

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3 years ago

Android Central at Google IO 2011!


Android Central is live and on the the ground at Google IO 2011. What will we see this year? Here's to hoping for music in the cloud, a new version of Android in our phones, and Honeycomb-compatible apps on our tablets. You can bookmark this very post to see a full list of everything leading up to Google IO, all the live blogs and announcements during, and all the post-show analysis we'll be bringing this year. Stick around, friends!

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3 years ago

Google Goggles update enables users to "suggest a better result"


Google Goggles has been updated to version 1.4 with multiple improvements in tow. Google says that they’ve enhanced the search history, allowing you to make notations on results that can then be shared with friends or filed for future reference. In addition, the business card reader has been improved with faster response time and the ability to save the information straight to your contacts.

Most exciting, though, is the new “suggest a better result” feature, which enables users to tag a portion of the image and-- you guessed it-- suggest a better result, which Google promises to take into consideration for future searches. Hit the link after the break to grab the update from the Android Market.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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3 years ago

WatchESPN app hits the market, only available to select cable customers


ESPN has finally released an Android version of their WatchESPN app, which allows users to watch ESPN on their mobile device wherever they are.

The app allows consumers to watch content from ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3 and ESPN U. In order to use the app, you must download the latest version of Adobe Air.

This is perfect for the  ultimate sports fan that must have access to ESPN all the time. There is a caveat however: this app is completely dependent on the approval of the cable companies.

Here is a list of cable companies who have approved it thus far:

  • Bright House Networks
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Verizon FIOS
  • Verizon High Speed Internet (If you only buy Internet from Verizon and not the entire package, you will only have access to ESPN3)

Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of consumers in the dust and out of luck. Hopefully either the rest of the cable companies will be quick to approve it or ESPN will just release it universally. For those who have the above providers, the app link and press release is after the break.

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3 years ago

Kingdom ROM and Sense 3.0 on EVO 4G, Desire HD users don't feel special anymore


Flashaholics and Sense-lovers take notice: that leaked Kingdom ROM (and Sense 3.0!) floating around has successfully been ported to the EVO 4G. It's in it's first release, so there's definitely some bugs to be worked out, but for the most part, all the important bits are working.

And when I say the important bits, I mean things like 3G/4G data, hardware acceleration, cameras, Bluetooth, GPS, wifi... well, the list goes on. Yes, the devs are aware that the weather app is broken (but the widget is suspiciously not broken) and that the video recorder force closes.

If you can live without those little things, however, fire this ROM up and let us know how it runs. The devs are looking for feedback, and I think there's no people better equipped than the Android Central community to get 'em what they need.

Source: XDA Developers, thanks deltatko!

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S II source code now available



Samsung has just released the source code for its new dual-core flagship phone, the Galaxy S II. Developers wanting to use this newly-released code to get started on custom firmware development can hit the source link and download GT-I9100_Opensource.zip to begin. The Galaxy S II is a beastly piece of kit, and we're looking forward to seeing what Android developers can do with the hardware in the weeks and months ahead.

Source: Samsung Open Source Site

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